Camp of the Saints

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Camp of the Saints

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France today:

Some Amazon reviews of Jean Raspail's 1970 prophetic novel Camp of the Saints:

The Prophet as Leper July 31, 2000
By Lloyd A. Conway

This book is so politically incorrect that I admire for actually carrying it. Written in the early 1970s, this book looks beyond the cold war to a North-South confrontation in which European civilization is unilaterally morally disarmed. The thesis is simple: suppose a million starving people from the Ganges actually took Western rhetoric of compassion, explotiation, etc., to heart, and comandeered, en masse, shipping, with the intention of moving to the shores of France? (Raspail, of course, is French.) Would anyone stop them? The imagery employed is interesting. The title comes from Revelation, Chapter 20, and refers to the forces of evil laying seige to the camp of the saints, here meant to be the nations of the West. "The thousand years are over..." is chanted from Third World lips, harking to the millenial reign of Christ, as well as to the millenial domination of Europe over the globe. Raspail has the Vatican, World Council of Churches, and other organs of what he saw as Western liberal compassion try to feed the Armada, as it sails around the Cape. The bodies of their would-be benefactors are cast into the sea. The characters who oppose, with violence, the Armada are named with names like Constantine Drasages and Luke Notaras, namesakes of the last Byzantine Emperor and Admiral. They are portrayed as villans in the media; one of the more thoughtful leftists, fashionably in support of opening up France's shores, but cynical enough to see the potential results, reflects on the parallels between Byzantium's fate and that of the West. The author's point is that any who dare to say that 'white' civilization has a right to exist are branded racists and cast out of the pale of polite society. The narrative is set up as a flashback. Read more ›

A Courageous and Prophetic Polemic of a Novel August 7, 2002
By Jamie MacTavish

Jean Raspail was already a distinguished travel writer and novelist when he put his reputation on the line with this one - He had a lot to lose. To his credit, Raspail pulls no punches and manages to say just about everything there is to say about the threat that Third World immigration poses to Western Civilization.
I had heard about this book, but decided to read it for the first time only after boat loads of Kurds landed on France's Mediterranean beaches a couple of years ago. The sight of hundreds of ragged Kurds running through the streets of Cannes could have been a scene from the film version of this novel.
The story is about an invasion of France by boat loads of East Indians, and the small group of Frenchman who defend against them. But as Raspail notes in the Introduction, the story is a parable - A parable of the destructive Third World immigration in the West that has been going on since the latter part of the 20th Century, and the West's lack of will to resist it.
Immigration negatively impacts the environment, the economy, crime, and national security. This novel posits that it further threatens to destroy the relatively democratic, tolerant and civilized cultures of the West and the essential commonalities of the Western peoples. According to Raspail, the West "has no soul left" and "it is always the soul that wins the decisive battles."
To call the novel "racist" is unfair. Raspail includes an East Indian among the "Saints" who defend France, and portrays many White Frenchmen who welcome the invaders as their equals. The novel clearly states that being a Westerner is NOT a matter of race, but a "state of mind."

Most Important Literary Work This Century August 1, 1999
By Cleve Blakemore

In simple prose and shockingly honest frank descriptions of his characters, Jean Raspail travels in the company of writers as great as Dostoyevsky and Chekov concerning a subject matter so sensitive it is forbidden to even discuss in public today. I feel the book makes an eloquent case for a conclusion so obvious that few of us can afford to ignore it like the Emperor's Clothes for much longer : given differentials in birth rates and immigration, the complete elimination of whites as a race is inevitable within a single century from now. Reading the book will make you understand why white people are treated as different by all the other races of the world and why they are considered as too dangerous to be permitted to develop the same racial cohesion and consciousness that is taken for granted by everyone else. Forget about political correctness ... this book will curl your toes inside of the first three chapters with startling insights and you'll recognize a lot of the personalities caricatured in the book in both the mainstream media and in the entertainment industries. At the turn of the century, white people were a mere 22% of the world population. Today, they are 8% and rapidly declining. For those interested in protecting endangered species, look no further than this astonishing literary classic, excellently translated from the original french by Norman Shapiro. If you read one book this year, make it "The Camp of the Saints."

Chillingly Depressing -- It Is Coming to Pass June 16, 2004
By A Customer

This book is disturbing in the extreme. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the predictions Raspail made back in 1973 are now coming true. Consider that he told us that in 20 years, Arabs would be 30% of France's population -- look at today's demographics and you'll see that it has come to pass just as he predicted.
To those nay-sayers and biological flat-earthers who denigrate this book because of what they perceive to be Raspail's prejudices coming through in the characters, I must say this:

It is not necessarily that Raspail is letting his own prejudices come through in the characters, it is that Raspail is allowing the characters to exhibit the TRUE feelings of most Westerners when they consider the prospect of the imminent Third World invasion. People ascribe these views to Raspail himself simply because, since it's not possible for White people to speak openly about their feelings in this day and age, such views are never brought up in "polite company."

Don't fool yourself into thinking that this book is not an accurate portrayal of the White man's struggle against envy and hatred, for it most surely is.

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"Our civilization is disappearing"

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Jean Raspail, author of Camp of the Saints: "Our civilisation is disappearing"
26 October 2013
by Cheradenine Zakalwe

I've written before about Camp of the Saints, the 1970s novel by Jean Raspail that eerily prefigured our current predicament. In it, hordes of third-world savages hop into boats, come to Europe as uninvited guests, and simply invade and occupy our continent.

The current issue of the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles has an interview with Jean Raspail.

What do you feel about the current situation?

You know, I've no wish to join the big group of intellectuals who spend their time debating immigration… I have the impression that these talks serve no purpose. The people already know it all, intuitively: that France, as our ancestors fashioned it centuries ago, is disappearing. And that we keep the gallery amused by talking ceaselessly of immigration without ever saying the final truth. A truth that is moreover unsayable, as my friend Jean Cau noted, because whoever says it is immediately hounded, condemned then rejected. Richard Millet came close to it, look what happened to him! [See here for more on this]

Is the seriousness of the problem being kept from the French people?

Yes. Starting with the politicians in charge first of all! Publicly "everything's going well, Madame Marquessa". But behind closed doors, they acknowledge that "yes, you're right: there is a real problem". I have several edifying letters on this subject from prominent leftist politicians, from those on the right too, to whom I sent the Camp of the Saints. "But you understand: we can't say it ..." These people have a double language, a double conscience. I don't know how they do it! I think the distress comes from there: the people know that things are being hidden from them. Today, tens of millions of people don't buy into the official discourse on immigration. Not one of them believes that it is an opportunity for France "une chance pour la France". Because reality imposes itself on them, every day. All of these ideas boil in their heads and don't come out.

You don't believe it's possible to assimilate the foreigners welcomed into France?

No. The model of integration isn't working. Even if a few more illegals are escorted to the border and we succeed in integrating foreigners a bit more than today, their numbers will not stop growing and that will change nothing in the fundamental problem: the progressive invasion of France and Europe by a numberless third-world. I'm not a prophet, but you see clearly the fragility of these countries, where an unbearable poverty is established and grows ceaselessly alongside indecent wealth. Those people don't turn to their governments to protest. They expect nothing of them.

They turn to us and arrive in Europe in boats, ever more numerous, today in Lampedusa, tomorrow elsewhere. Nothing discourages them. And thanks to the demography game, by the 2050s, there will be as many young indigenous French as there are young foreigners in France.

Many will be naturalised.

Which doesn't mean they'll have become French. I don't say these are bad people, but "naturalisations on paper" aren't naturalisations of the heart. I cannot consider them my compatriots. We need to drastically toughen the law, as a matter of urgency.

How can Europe deal with these migrations?

There are only two solutions. Either we accommodate them and France - its culture, its civilisation — will be erased without even a funeral. In my view, that's what's going to happen. Or we don't accommodate them at all - that means stop sacralising the Other and rediscover your neighbour, that means those next to you. Which means that we stop giving a damn sometime about these "Christian ideas gone mad", as Chesterton said, or these depraved human rights, and that we take the indispensable measures to distance ourselves, without appeal, to avoid the dissolution of our country into a general métissage [literally race-mixing but used as a sort of equivalent of the English diversity]. I don't see any other solution. I travelled a lot in my youth. All peoples are fascinating but when you mix them too much, it is much more animosity that develops than sympathy. Métissage is never peaceful. It is a dangerous utopia. Look at South Africa!

At the point where we are now, the measures we would have to take would necessarily be very coercive. I don't believe it will happen and I don't see anyone who has the courage to do it. They would need to put their soul in the balance, but who is ready for that? That said, I don't believe for an instant that the supporters of immigration are more charitable than me: there probably isn't a single one of them who intends to welcome one of these unfortunates into his home... all of that's just an emotional pretence, an irresponsible maelstrom that will engulf us.

Is there therefore no solution other than submission or coercion?

There could perhaps be one, but it will only have one chance: isolates where a population that is ethnically and culturally threatened by other communitarianisms could find refuge. Besides, it's already happening: we can see already that the French "de souche" [indigenous] are fleeing the so-called "sensitive" districts. The demonstrations against homosexual marriage are also a form of communitarianism: they testify to the rejection by millions of French people to the "change of civilisations" promised by the Left and by Christiane Taubira. Today, everyone condemns communitarianism, but it could be a solution, at least temporarily. These opposed communitarianisms will reinforce themselves mutually by the animosity they will convey and that will end, finally, in extremely severe confrontations. Even if we don't need to wish that adversity occurs.

You don't believe in a sudden new beginning, as has occurred many times in the history of France?

No. It would require an epic spirit, an appreciation of an elevated destiny for a sudden new beginning to be possible in France. It would require people to still believe in their country. I don't see many of them left. At least reforming from top to bottom the national education system and the audio-visual media, taking away the platform from the teachers and the journalists who are participating in the disinformation... We have desacralised the idea of the nation, the exercise of power, the past of the country. We have put cracks in the statue of France, we have disfigured it (expecially the Left!) to the point where nothing inspires respect any more. The power of the false ideas disseminated by the national education system and the media is boundless. But as for me, I have lived in France for 1500 years, I'm OK with what is mine, and I've no desire for it to change... ... aints.html

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Re: Camp of the Saints

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Welcome to America!


Life Imitating art... ... 5-18-22-42

Jun 5, 6:49 PM EDT


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Border Patrol agents could arrest as many as 90,000 children trying to illegally cross the Mexican border alone this year, more than three times the number of children apprehended in 2013, according to a draft internal Homeland Security memorandum reviewed by The Associated Press.

In the May 30 memo from Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ronald Vitiello to the National Security Council's transborder security directorate, Vitiello said Homeland Security's Office of Immigration Statistics estimates that by 2015 the number of children apprehended while traveling alone could grow to 142,000.

The government has previously estimated that more than 60,000 children could be apprehended along the border this year. All the estimates are for the government's fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. Children apprehended with their parents are not part of this count of illegal border crossings.

Most of the children caught crossing alone are from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and have been apprehended in the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley Sector in South Texas. That sector is the now the Border Patrol's busiest area along the Mexican border and has seen a significant increase in the number of border crossers from Central America.

Customs and Border Protection said the memo "appears to be an internal, incomplete working document."

The spike in children trying cross the border alone has forced DHS to divert resources away from other missions, including combating human and drug trafficking, Vitiello wrote in his four-page memo.

The increase in apprehensions has also led the government to fly some migrants who are from countries other than Mexico to other parts of the border, including Arizona, for processing by Border Patrol agents in less-busy sectors. Many families from countries other than Mexico have been released on their own recognizance in the U.S. while they await deportation proceedings in immigration court.

Releasing those people and taking other actions such as reuniting children caught alone at the border with parents or other relatives already in the U.S. serve as "incentives to additional individuals to follow the same path," Vitiello wrote.

The number of children found trying to cross the Mexican border without parents has spiked in recent years. Between 2008 and 2011, 6,000 to 7,500 children per year ended up in the custody of the Health and Human Services Department's Office of Refugee Resettlement. In 2012 border agents apprehended 13,625 unaccompanied children and that number surged to more than 24,000 last year.

Vitiello's memo was drafted just days before President Barack Obama declared the situation on the border an "urgent humanitarian situation" and appointed the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Craig Fugate, to manage the government's response. In a presidential memo issued Monday, Obama said the government would temporarily house some of the children at two military bases.

Last month the Office of Management and Budget said in a two-page letter to the chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee that the increase in the number of children crossing alone would likely cost the government at least $2.28 billion, about $1.4 billion more than the administration had initially asked lawmakers to budget for its "Unaccompanied Alien Children" program.

Rampant crime and poverty across Central America and a desire to reunite with parents or other relatives are thought to be driving many of the young immigrants.

Detained children are supposed to be transferred within 72 hours to HHS to be housed in shelters until they can be reunited with parents or guardians. Officials then begin searching for relatives or other potential guardians in the U.S.

The average stay for a child in a U.S. shelter last year was 45 days. Most are reunited with family to wait for their immigration cases to move forward. Migrant kids remain in removal proceedings even after they're reunited with their parents here, though many have been able to win permission from a judge to stay in the U.S.

David York

Re: Camp of the Saints

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I have a great solution that would work here and in France. Just implement a shoot on sight policy along the borders. That would solve the problem. :!: That sounds like a good book by the way, " The Camp of the Saints".

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Re: Camp of the Saints

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DanielOlj79 wrote:I have a great solution that would work here and in France. Just implement a shoot on sight policy along the borders. That would solve the problem. :!: That sounds like a good book by the way, " The Camp of the Saints".
I'm not much for reading fiction, but Camp of the Saints should be in every responsible White person's personal library. Prophetic. Written 40 + years ago we're seeing what Raspiel described back then coming true in our own nation today.

David York

Re: Camp of the Saints

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Reading the book will make you understand why white people are treated as different by all the other races of the world and why they are considered as too dangerous to be permitted to develop the same racial cohesion and consciousness that is taken for granted by everyone else. Forget about political correctness ... this book will curl your toes inside of the first three chapters with startling insights and you'll recognize a lot of the personalities caricatured in the book in both the mainstream media and in the entertainment industries.
Yeah I will definitely take a look at that book. I see you have a link up there to an online version of the book so I will probably try reading it online. Supposedly "the first three chapters will curl your toes" as it says in one of the reviews from your post above. I quoted the whole sentence where I saw that in and that description alone makes it an intriguing subject tor read on especially the first sentence which I made bold.

David York

Re: Camp of the Saints

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i was listening to this Internet radio show called Political Cesspool and someone called in the first hour and mentioned that book The Camp of the Saints, in reference to the current situation with the South American children crossing the American border illegally.

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Bottom line: they can't make White babies

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Yes, David, Camp of the Saints (COTS) immediately came to mind when I first heard of these tens of thousands of non-Whites currently swarming across our southern border, unchecked.


Dr. Pierce once said we could solve this problem in 24 hours. I'll see if I can find that when I have a little more time to search for it.

Pictures to be viewed to the tune of the Jew singer Neil Diamon's Coming to America:





Re: Camp of the Saints

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Unless We Cure Ourselves
ON AUGUST 25TH, 2014
The Camp of the Saints by Nick Camerota ... ourselves/


I BEGAN READING The Camp of the Saints after a long and tiring day. Although I promised myself only a few chapters before retiring, I remained in the grip of Jean Raspail’s forceful, apocalyptic narrative until dawn. I finished it in one sitting.

That was almost a month ago. Since then I’ve read several other books, all of which I could have reviewed with little or no difficulty. A few days ago I was drawn back to Raspail’s book and read it for the second time. Even now I am not confident I can review it properly. Nonetheless, something must be said about this book.

The Camp of the Saints first came to my attention a couple of years ago while I was traveling around Europe. Originally published in 1973, this work sent violent shock waves through France which later reverberated across the entire continent.

Raspail’s story, set in some unspecified period in the future, might, in fact, spring to life some time soon. Briefly, The Camp of the Saints is the chronicle of nearly a million starving beings from India who have boarded ships and headed west. France, terminally sick with liberalism, falls to their unarmed invasion.

The average person may feel more than a few tugs of doubt when considering Raspail’s vision of the future but still might wish to read his book as “entertaining” fiction. There are other readers who simply don’t care for fictional works and will pass it up for that reason. However, both categories of readers should bear in mind that this controversial novel wasn’t written without considerable risk to the career of the author, who, as the recipient of the Jean-Walther literary prize and a columnist for Le Figaro, was well known to literate Europeans long before the appearance of The Camp of the Saints.

Indeed, Raspail takes his task very seriously. In the preface he points out that the idea of an invasion by the Third World, or some part of it, “is no wild-eyed dream.” He explains, “Even if the specific action (i.e., the invasion), symbolic as it is, may seem far-fetched, the fact remains that we are inevitably headed for something of the sort.” Raspail reminds the reader that by the year 2,000 the planet will be populated by seven billion people. Of that number only 900 million will be White.

The dust jacket of the American edition of The Camp of the Saints (published this summer) contains an arresting quote from President Boumedienne of Algeria. In an interview given in 1974, nearly two years after Raspail wrote the book, Boumedienne expressed the belief that “billions of human beings” might someday “leave the poor, southern part of the world to erupt into the relatively accessible spaces of the rich, northern hemisphere, looking for survival.” The way Raspail depicts said eruption causes him what public-relations types prefer to call “image problems.”

The reaction of the French media to the publication of Raspail’s book shouldn’t surprise regular readers of ATTACK! With rare exceptions, both the book and the author were denounced in the strongest imaginable language. Raspail became a full-blown “racist,” a moral monster, a champion of everything ugly, sick, and evil.

The media’s sharp response is no doubt due to the way they are treated by Raspail in the novel. For him, they are among the chief inner enemies of the nation. It is as a result of their urgings that France is ultimately swamped by invaders. Marxists, anarchists, homosexuals, overexcited university students, hippies, radical clergymen, one-worlders, racial equalitarians, and neo-liberal members of government also take a drubbing in this book. Black and Arab “guest workers” emerge as sinister national allies of the alien swell of humanity battering down France’s door.

The most disturbing thing about Raspail’s treatment of these anti-national characters, however, is that he draws many of their statements from real life. He culled actual editorials, speeches, pastoral letters, laws; his sampling constitutes a veritable treasure trove of neo-liberal ravings.

Evidence of the inner attitude of the media masters toward Raspail is also given by their reaction to another writer on racial matters. When Negro Communist Frantz Fanon, a hater of all things Western (with a highly cultivated rancor for the French, in particular), packaged his undisguised loathing in book form, he had no difficulty finding a publisher in France. In his Les Damnes de la Terre (now almost 15 years old), Fanon wrote: “For if the last shall be first, this will only come to pass after a murderous and decisive struggle… (for) when the native hears a speech about Western culture he pulls out his knife — or at least makes sure it is within his reach.”

Fanon also observed that the overthrow of the Western world “will be carried out with the indispensable help of the European peoples” who have also decided the White man should be stamped out. Enter, stage left, the lubricous French “philosopher,” Jean Paul Sartre, with the introduction to Fanon’s book. “Read Fanon,” he cries. “You will learn how their impulse to murder is the expression of the natives’ collective unconscious.” We are also told, “Fanon is the first since Engels to bring the processes of history into the clear light of day.”

“Make no mistake about it,” Sartre pants, “by this mad fury, by this bitterness of spleen, by their ever-present desire to kill us, by the permanent tensing of powerful muscles which are afraid to relax, they have become men… hatred, blind hatred, which is yet an abstraction, is their only wealth.”

When Fanon’s book made its debut in France there were few jeers or catcalls from the media. Instead it was hailed as a masterpiece by the decadent French intelligentsia. The message spread. In New York, the Jewish-owned Evergreen Publishing Company (longtime specialists in the porno trade) published the book in English under the title The Wretched of the Earth. It received generally favorable reviews and even a plug from a former president of the United Nations General Assembly.

And at cocktail parties throughout the Western world sensitive intellectuals shivered with delight at the prospect of being humiliated — or, better yet, savagely punished — for their “racism.” Sartre had, after all, noted that even “our worthiest souls contain racial prejudice.” Masochism and self-hatred are now very much in style for Westerners.

Is it any wonder that Jean Raspail (or anyone, for that matter) should write a novel telling us that Western man is on the verge of extinction? That we have been softened and corrupted by a sick and unnatural social philosophy concocted by our inner enemies? That we are losing the will to survive?

The signs are all around us. As this review goes to press the European administrators of the Spanish Sahara are facing a mini-version of Raspail’s apocalypse, and they are reacting just as he predicts the French will react when their time comes.

And as the storm clouds continue to gather and Western man moves closer to the abyss, the media still howl at Raspail and others who underscore the danger. The American edition of The Camp of the Saints was greeted by insult, disgust, and opprobrium. “Preposterous,” snapped the New York Times. “Looney,” screamed the International Herald Tribune. “Trash,” brayed Time magazine.

Read Raspail’s book and then look into the morning headlines and editorial sections of our leading newspapers. It shouldn’t be difficult to determine who is the enemy.
* * *
From Attack! No. 41, 1975

Transcribed by Vanessa Neubauer from the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard,
edited by Kevin Alfred Strom

Camp of the Saints PDF

Camp of the Saints via

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