Overpopulation: too damned many humans

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Will Williams
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Re: Overpopulation: too damned many humans

Post by Will Williams » Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:36 pm

Will Williams wrote:Guess where earth's nastiest cities are and who lives in them...and who want to expand into your shrinking habitat, White Man, and succeed your kind?

Resist! Defending one's kin and their territory -- Blood & Soil -- is the most noble cause after all.

The World’s Most Polluted Cities

View slide show here: http://www.theactivetimes.com/moreslide ... k=1pVQfihN[/img]

REALITY: Spiking non-White world population; inching toward 8 billion

We can't emphasize this problem often enough or loudly enough. The world's human population has tripled in my lifetime and it's not the White population that is spiking.


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Re: Overpopulation: too damned many humans

Post by PhuBai68 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:24 pm

Makes you wonder "what" our children/grandchildren will have to deal with?
To think Will that when we were 13 back in 1960 the US population was 180.7 million and then with less consideration that a town would give to purchasing new park benches that Hart-Celler Act was pushed through changing this nation ethnically, culturally, racially and religiously.
Remember when growing up just about everyone was white?
There were the black sections, a few "Chinatowns" in some large cities and some native Americans (that I guess people near reservations would see).
There weren't any •Indians, Arabs, Pakis, Koreans, Samoans, Filipinos, Haitians, Africans, etc.
I can't remember "when" I saw my first •Indian but DAMN!, they're EVERYWHERE now.
The liberal Democrats destroyed this country in half a lifetime.
It's not diversity, it's displacement.

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