Jewish Mindpoisoning

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Jewish Mindpoisoning

Post by uberheit » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:56 pm

Jewish Mind Poisoning:
Destructive influence manifests itself in many forms under the influence of a destoyer-they exist their essence which is a necessary manifestation given suitable environmental conditions -whether rich or poor the jew corrupts and his modality of existence is corruption. The golden palace of the Tsar serves as the environment in which the court jew money lender , physician or advisor(astrologer or chancellor) pours his delicate mind-poison into the mind of the head of state, driving it towards war and conquest and inevitable defeat or debauchery and opulence and inevitable abdication or extermination through the revolt of the peasantry or merchant clas or rivals to the thrown. From the position of the eagle the court jew crowns himself de facto ruler behind the scenes ala D'israeli and holds despotic sway over the mass-poised with iron talons to swoop down and carry off those members of the flock he deems the choicest morsel.
From the ivory tower of Bourgeois professions and Academia his mind poison spreads the seeds of revolution in the minds of the idle and pampered student body as well as those whose dimly glowing conciousness is barely receptive to the mendacious double talk of pulpit pied pipers.
Another mechanism of his decaying influence via corruption of the minds of youth putting them in harness to pull his opulent carriage decked out with the highflown banners of empty-phrase-mongers: "workers of the world unite"; "liberte, egalite, fraternite". Eagerly his mind intoxicated charges rush to the forefront of battle only to be engulfed by the flames of their own firebrands and the napalm and grapeshot of stronger forces. With a look of calculating cunning the jew has escaped from the carriage through the side door with the cash box seeking yet other prey in the neighbouring state-if he does not achieve victory through the revolution his mind posion has instigated.
These are the classic examples of the mental pollution brewed by the eternal jew in his desperate quest for despotism over the earth and its wealth counted foremost amongst which are the human souls he would gather to himself and enrich his power by demonic rituals of sacrifice: be it in secret in the synagogue with the innocence of youth in child ritual murder or on a grand scale through wars between or within nations. The harvest of souls is planted through the seed of his mendacity and reaped with the scyth of his god lucifer the destorying influence of chaos set in motion as an extrapolation of his group-mind/oversoul.
Myriad other examples could be cited spanning the gamut of social phenomena from the relationships between people and groups of people to the material poisons of socially acceptable drugs. "poisoning the well" of otherwise pristine water is the purpose of the jew. A normal male/female relationshjip is introduced as the thin end of the wedge of discord prying apart amity and concord and creating tension and seperation. "Faggotism", an ideology targeted towards men, a gazing into the mirror of vanity of extreme narcissim and egotism was a perfect lure to detract men from being men through the adoption of female behaviors of primping and self-worship and display. "Feminutism"{ the counter ideology marketed towards women has the opposite influence of the masculinization of the female-in both cases an inversion/preversion of the role of the sexes for the purpose of the destruction of the foundation of sociertty that being nature and the natural order, the roles of the sexes based upon anatomy, behaviour base upon biology "as within so without"/"spirit and matter are one". Attempting to make the concrete/real abstract/ideal and thereby to subvert the concret/real thorugh restructuring it on a noumenal level(in the minds/consciousness of those they wish to destroy) has always been the technique of the jew.
The Rahowa they have throughout history been the cause of through bringing alien groups into contact and creating inevitable tension leading to conflict of a violent sort is another example of their ordo ab chao black magic technology used as an instrument of the destruction of those who serve as an obstacle in their Totalitarian project of global dominion and of exploiting those more mealleable and naive groups to serve as their war engines and cats paws and once used to be pounded into ploughshares to till the fields for yet another harvest of material wealth-to be served up to the jew as ultimate parasite and cruel oriental despot over his satrap plantation style society. This protocol of the jew to create race war exploits and triggers so to speak the natural aversion and animosity had between racial groups that would serve as a natural buffer and maintainer of the balance of power and the stimulant of evolution on the earth plane through conquest and the sharpening of the weapons of war which are extrapolations of the mind/reason that is stimulated thorugh the conflict and dynamic tension inherent in the situation of rivalry over territory and power. The jew facilitates this situation beyond its natural tendancies and-through orchestration of the levers of power he has gotten hold of-artificially builds up the weaker parties and tears down the stronger through weakenining the whole and retarding human evolution/progress through equalization of the unequal and then a reduction ot the lowest common denominator over which he rules as master. This is his 'right' given his ' might' via deceit and cunning. It is still natural but a nature based upon a perverted feminine conciousness, a feinting possum-play, a spider's web of cunning. This is a lesson the Aryan must learn as life necessitates 'deadly force' to combat 'deadly force', even in , and perhaps most especially in) the most insidious forms of guile and oriental legerdemain. The antidote to jewish mind poison is brewed in the faculty of reason-refinement of the crudity of a more barbarous set of conditions into a more sophisticated and subtle environment wherein only the quick may-and only possibly- avoid becoming the dead in the spider's web of the jewish satrap.
Anything that creates destruction is the purview of the destroyer and it is the weapon used to facilitate the protocols the destroyer has formulated as a blueprint of chaos. Anything that creates a destructive addition is the most powerful of weapons as it need not be applied in one instance alone but can be simply given(if need be) free of charge and allowed to worm its way into the heart of the intended victim serving as his/her sole desire and apple of their eye in spite of the canker worm gnawing at its core. Such is the case with alcohol the popularization of which serves to mask the evil which it (de-)generates behind the facade of popularity and agreability-with weddings and good times, candle lit dinners and vacations in the sun-when the proper associations are vagrants lying in the ditch and domestic violence and criminality. False associations are one of the techniques the jew uses to confuse reality(conrete/real) with whatever perverted fantasy(abstract/ideal) they wish to introduce as a means of creating acceptance for their societal decay. Any natural tendacny or drive-when taken beyond the pale of order, ie. sustaining/resonating with the total sum total of the cosmos and homeostasis through the self-will lead to the destruction of the system. Hence the apparent and temporarily agreeable nature of the addictions the jews impose upon the herd of their 'goyim', the naive and ill-un-informed collective of non-jews who must suffer their prescence in their society. Its initially agreeable nature leads to a quick downward slope of ill-consequence into debilitation, the streets and to the grave. Alcohol/drugs with their concomitant 'high' are the perfect 'trap' or mechanism into which the victims fall; being weak-willed in entering in the first place they quickly succumb to the poison but not so quickly that they can't have their material wealth stolen by the jew prior to debilitation and death. It is not without reaons the jew monopolizes the drug/liquour trade and is in control of manufacture, distribution and sale while minimizing its consumption himself-if he has a sufficiently strong will, as many have fallen victim themselves to their own vicious product.
Sex addicitons and of the most perverted sort are also an eternal mendacity in the jews' arsenal of canker worms. His inserts this worm of vice into the apple of virtue and offers them for sale as so many gleaming and enticing treats. In contemporrary times this manifests in the forms of sex-trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, sodomy, bdsm, hypergamy and bestiality. The natural drive and tendancy of the 'Natural Men' is towards the baser drives which are exploited to the hilt by the pimp and panderer jew. The figure of Stromboli in the cartoon 'Pinocchio' serves as an archtype of the greasy jewish pimp.
How to avoid jewish mind poisoning: 1) develope willpower; 2) aquaint oneself with 'Natural Law' via reason and experience; 3) aquaint oneself with the jew and his inherent nature and know that it is based on biological drives that are inextricable and that no amount of education or environment can eradicate. No conversions to Christianity or 'religious philosophies' of 'peace, love and unity' will supercede the despotic totalitarianism of the jewish conciousness and its embodiment in behaviour of the most vicious sort; 4) understand the causal influence inherent in the cosmos and 'how to live in accordance with nature', thereby identifying the good and the bad(for oneself)-, ie. to become discriminating and not the gullible prey of a calculating psychopath bent upon destroying all but the self.
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Re: Jewish Mindpoisoning

Post by Will Williams » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:40 am

That's all well and good, Mr. uberheit, but WB is not here to promote groups other than our National Alliance. Is that what you are doing with the cartoons, Wotanism and RAHOWA! I asked you before if you drew the cartoons. Did you? Did you write the colorful text above? WM1 asked you to introduce yourself. Try to be responsive. We do not know you. Perhaps you do not want to be known. :?:

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Re: Jewish Mindpoisoning

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:48 am

Judaism is not a religion, it’s a crime scheme. It’s a disease whose ugly contagion
has spread throughout the world. A more detailed study of history will reveal that
the people today known as Jews created all the religions to guarantee a permanent
situation of strife because that provided them with the most opportunities to make
large amounts of money. This philosophy continues to prevail today.
Hiding In Plain Sight
Hiding In Plain Sight
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