Jamie Dimon's Casino

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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Fri Dec 27, 2019 6:55 am

Jim Mathias wrote:
Fri Dec 27, 2019 12:39 am
To put Jamie Dimon in prison, or not to put Jamie Dimon in prison." That is the question. So far, Jamie Dimon isn't in prison--"behind the scenes," or otherwise!
I don't think Jamie is going to prison, at least as long as the US Government remains
in its present form - as we understand it today. I think the silver (and gold) scam will
continue on that basis, because of all the money he is bringing into JPMorgan's
coffers - because of that scam! Jamie is happy, JPMorgan shareholders are happy,
and the Jews that control the Central Bank are happy - because they all believe the
scam can continue indefinitely.

Since the beginning of the Reagan administration, I have seen the Federal debt rise
from $300 billion to where it is now...somewhere north of $23 TRILLION! Someday
this is going to end, and it is going to end badly. The apocalypse could begin over
this coming weekend, or it could continue on for many years....no one knows.
This much is certain. Hang onto your hats folks, because it is going to be a mighty
rough ride!
Economic Black Hole
Economic Black Hole
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Wade Hampton III
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:35 am

If you are a silver bull who has been saving silver or other
precious metals bullion products for the long term chances
are high you have heard about JP Morgan’s involvement with
the global day-to-day price discovery of physical precious
metals and especially silver bullion. Well today, we are
going to review some large verifiable facts regarding JP
Morgan’s silver saga from early 2008 up until today in
early 2020.


We also are going to look forward to this new decade the
2020s, with some perspective insights and questions over
what is to come for the world’s largest bank betting house
and those charged criminally who worked there for near a
decade or more of time.

Wade says, "Jamie stole it from YOU, fellow NA members and
supporters! I know some of you are out there. No need to
come forward on this site. We are all in this together.
My own opinion is that Jamie is going to continue to sit
pretty...that is...until the Central Government in Jew-
Controlled DC...begins its epoch-making change. How soon
will that be? I cannot address that, but my gut instincts
tell me that is will be soon..naysayers aside... At any rate,
author TW Chittum in 'Civil War II - The Coming Break-Up
of America' called the year 2020 for the apocalypse
to occur. Don't look now boys and girls, but guess what
year this is? OBTW, Chittum is nobody's fool. Ponder
at your own risk."
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The Ultimate Shabboz Goy
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:57 pm

JP Morgan has come to master both the
physical and paper markets in gold and

....by Ted Butler via Silver Seek.

Yesterday, JPMorgan Chase, the largest
bank in the US, reported record earnings
of $8.5 billion for the fourth quarter
and roughly $35 billion for the full year.
These are net profits, after all expenses
and costs are subtracted from gross
revenues. It is no understatement to
call JPMorgan a profit-generating machine.

https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold ... irculation

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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:00 am

More of Jamie's shenanigans revealed here:

Silver has a long history of being manipulated through
booms and busts. Because silver is a monetary metal it
is considered a strategic asset. If gold and silver
were to spike it would potentially signal distress in
the financial system and the dollar. The (Jew controlled)
federal reserve and governments want to avoid this so
they have an incentive to manage the price lower. Gold
is also repressed lower, but there are a few key

There are more gold reserves in the world than silver.
Depending on the valuation it is estimated that there are
more than $6 trillion in gold reserves. On the other hand
there are only about 1 billion ounces of physical silver
reserves, which would currently have a valuation of only
$16 billion. Because the market is so small, its very easy
to move the price. It’s profitable. A small handful of
commercial banks can trade the small leveraged paper
market to set a price. They drop their bids, create a
wall of selling, and cascade the price lower by shorting.
Leveraged speculators get margin called and sell into the
price fall creating a crash. The banks are then able to
cover their initial short positions and capture a gain in
the price move.

The key reason why this works, is that the vast majority of
silver, gold, and other commodities to all trade on paper
contracts and are settled in cash the majority of the time.
Physical delivery is rare. If the market ever moves higher,
banks can always sell unlimited amounts of paper contracts
into the market to make it crash back to the level that
they want it at. The only way to stop contract manipulation
is for buyers to demand physical delivery. However, it is
believed that (Jew?) regulators would not allow this,
at least from a large investor. In 1997 Warren Buffett
purchased 130 million ounces of silver, however it is
believed that he was forced to sell it by (Jew?) regulators
and the silver was moved to the SLV ETF managed by
(Jamie Dimon's) JP Morgan.

If the price of silver remains below the cost of production,
miners will eventually shutter production, creating a deficit
of supply. This is considered similar to holding a balloon
under water, where it constantly needs to be held down or
it will rise to the surface.
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Wheelin' & Dealin'
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