Raining On Parade

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Raining On Parade

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:23 pm

Douglas Mercer
March 2 2023

Leave it to the Jews to celebrate and consecrate a vile rapist-murderer and doing so by putting up musical numbers which show the "unlucky" Jew beset by berserker White men bearing torches who hang the poor fellow even though he didn't do nothing. That's right the Jews have resurrected the disgusting musical Parade to much fanfare, it's an ode to that Jew whom the Jews have invested colossal amounts of time and money to rehabilitate, and you can see why. A perverted Jews who preys on and rapes and kills a poor innocent White girl is not the kind of story they want told, thought it happens all the time. But a Jew who suffers a shameful wrongful conviction and lynching at the hands of racist White folks? Why, that's in their wheelhouse. That's a tall tale they can get behind. It was the negro who did it they say, and anyone who is a masochist or a Jew lover (the same thing) can watch it all go down in New York City accompanied by jaunty show tunes. By the time the show is over the patrons will be whistling lies all the way home to their exclusive high priced townhouses.

And then when some concerned citizens (ie, neo-Nazis in their parlance) picketed this outrage and travesty all hell broke loose. All the Jews from all over, and the black Mayor too, fell all over themselves to darkly warn that some White people with truth on their side is very dangerous indeed. You won't be surprised that the "rise of anti-Semitism" was mentioned every other sentence, and one and all expressed solidarity with the Jews in their hour of need, ie, floating insane lies about a case which was cut and dry: Frank did it. From the response you'd have thought those protestors had gone to the United States Holocaust museum and urinated freely on the shoes while singing the Horst Wessel Song, or gone to that new museum in Florida and asked one of the spectral survivors about the wooden doors. No, all of New York city closed ranks and said in one voice that Leo Frank was innocent as a new born babe, but America was racist so he had to hang.


The long and the short of what you need to know about Leo Frank is that he was guilty as sin. Tried to blame it on a black guy, wonder why that doesn't garner more attention these days. Oh right, this is the Ur-story of Jews and they have poured resources galore in to it so that a hundred years later the trained seals in the media will simply write: he was wrongfully convicted. Got that? He was wrongfully convicted. Any questions?

One potential juror on the scene at the time knew better

"I am glad they indicted the God damn Jew. They ought to take him out and lynch him. And if I get on that jury, I’ll hang that Jew for sure."

Those were the days.

After the licentious Jews was duly and rightly convicted the governor of Georgia commuted his sentence to life behind bars which is woefully inadequate to dealing with such menaces. The good folk of Georgia were not about to let something as wobbly as "law" get in the way of the final vindication of the real martyr Mary Phagan. Law changes and can be twisted and perverted by men. Law can be use to protect the criminal and not the community. They knew what to do to secure the future of their children.

"This country has nothing to fear from its rural communities. Lynch law is a good sign; it shows that a sense of justice lives among the people."

Those were the days when rough justice was real justice. Now everyone either lies or is lied to, the memory of poor Mary Phagan is desecrated and besmirched, a reasonable and decent protest on the side of justice is portrayed as the moral equivalent of the abomination of desolation, all the "right thinking" people join arms in the cause of the Jews and the cause of a rapist-murderer, and smug theater folk drive smugly home smugly thinking that the White man is a savage while humming a jaunty tune.


You thought the Jews loved protestors? You thought the Jew loved the citizens assembling and projecting their voice? You'd have thought so when they cheered on those who burnt down the cities. Why, the White man deserved it! It was the voice of the people speaking then. But when White men with racial pride peacefully (totally not mostly!) protest and on the streets of Jew run New York City of all places then all the devil are said to be loose. Quite literally they say. After all it was Broadway and show people are the best people and are right thinking always. And they deserve to put on their propaganda and lies without being reminded that they are the scum of the earth.

The story flooded the media, it was on the tip of the tongue of all the outlets, chemical death to White people in Ohio barely got a ripple, but some National Socialists in New York City pointing out that the evidence of Leo Frank's guilt was overwhelming, he lied at trial, he was up to his eyeballs in the murder, wading through blood, that was national news. The reason for it is that it goes to the heart of the Jewish lie, in some ways to the founding of the Jewish lie.

"Members of a neo-Nazi group rallied Tuesday night (February 21 2023) outside the Broadway theater that is hosting Parade, a play about the 1915 lynching of a Jewish man in Georgia. Flyers the group handed out included the logo of the Schutzstaffel, or the SS, a paramilitary group in Nazi Germany."

Irrespective of everything else who puts on a musical replete with show tunes about a rapist-murderer? What kind of people are this? Bottom of the barrel scum it turns out. A Jew took advantage of a young, naive, and innocent White girl, raped and murdered her, but let's get Steven Sondheim on the case. Let's get the songbook and the sets and the scenery rolling! That this is the depth of indecency goes without saying but then above all the Jews are an indecent people. The protestors were doing yeoman's work, the work of the Lord. The irony is that it is we who are speaking truth to power, you know that because we speak the truth and the power showers us with vitriol, poison, and opprobrium.

"The protesters, who identified with the National Socialist Movement a neo-Nazi group headquartered in Florida that has a swastika in its logo, carried a poster that accused Frank of being a pedophile, according to videos shared from the incident. That allegation is frequently made by neo-Nazis who reject the consensus that Frank was innocent of the crime. They see the advocacy on his behalf as evidence of Jewish control of the media."

In case you had any question about it consensus is the Yiddish word for lie. Notice how they walk gingerly around his guilt or innocence merely claiming consensus as if truth were some kind of democracy haggled over in faculty lounges. It is not. Just because book writers and magazine writers and scholars and opinions shapers think he was innocent what does that mean anyway? What do you think these liberal bottom feeders are going to say seeing as they swim in Jew waters and don't want to make the Jews angry. As for the popular masses they are just fine going along with the consensual hallucination, they certainly don't want any part of any "lynching." It's much too rich for their heavily deracinated blood.

"The Parade protesters also distributed antisemitic literature and criticized the ADL, according to videos shared on social media from the scene. The protesters held a white banner with red capital letters reading Leo frankly was a pedo shouted antisemitic and racist slurs.

The ADL was founded as a result of the Frank case which shows that it is illegitimate from the ground up. It is highly instructive that is dedicated to exclusively Jewish power by means of Jewish lies was created on a massive lie. American used to know it, or at least sense it. Back in 1949 Representative John Rankin of Mississippi introduced a bill in Congress which would have made membership in the ADL a punishable offense. Those guys saw clearly, just like the ones protesting--those were the days. But now the ADL gets referenced or quoted like the word of God itself--as a final arbiter and Court of appeal, as unimpeachable. Because Hitler don't' you know.


In a book called A World Without Jews (from that title to the gods' ears) the writer puts forth this preposterous claim about the National Socialists:

"German anti-Jewish beliefs were based on a fantasy. In persecuting the Jews they were waging a war on an imaginary enemy that had not belligerent intentions towards Germany and possessed no army, state, or government."

This is the preferred public image that the Jews like to project on the unwary (which is why you should be wary of them). That they have no power, that they are always innocent, that they intend no evil, and that they certainly have committed no civilizational crime. But in fact the opposite is true: they do have a state (quasi or otherwise) comprised of the tightly networked and coordinated efforts of Jews worldwide cutting across all ideological boundaries. And they do have an army comprised of the media and the universities which propagate their information warfare. And they most certainly have belligerent intentions--they are the definition of belligerents. This is no fantasy but the gods' truth.

When the protestors rained on parade the "star" of the show Ben Platt (a Jew) got on social media and whined and whinged. Here he had been the lead player in a vicious and wicked lie which was a slander on good White folk of time past (and present); which was the spitting on the grave of a young White girl murdered by the Jew; and then he goes on social media seemingly convinced that he is the victim in all this, and how horrible (and shocking!) the protests were. In fact he is a belligerent and the fighting back against him is fully legitimate and necessary; in fact he is a real enemy of ours: but he knows that right now more than enough people think that the attack on Jewry is based on fantasy; which is the very definition of power and means of waging their war.

“It was definitely very ugly and scary, but a wonderful reminder of why we’re telling this particular story and how special and powerful art — and particularly theater — can be. It just made me feel extra, extra grateful to be the one that gets to tell this particular story and carry on this legacy of Leo Frank."

The legacy of Leo Frank! What a thing to say. The legacy of Leo Fank is that of death and murder and blood and rape and lies. Imagine being proud of that, of celebrating this man and putting him up on a pedestal as the best of you and as the martyr number one in the martyr pantheon. In fact Frank is the Jew sine qua non: the embodiment of blood, death, murder, lies and rape. But you won't see a snappy tune to snap your fingers to about that in the show.

"Platt stars as Leo Frank, the Jewish manager of an Atlanta pencil factory who was accused of murdering a girl whose body was found there in 1913. Despite little evidence, Frank was found guilty of killing Mary Phagan, who had worked at the factory, and was sentenced to death. In 1915, when Frank’s sentence was commuted to life in prison, he was kidnapped by an armed mob and lynched. The case spurred both the creation of the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish civil rights group whose activities include monitoring neo-Nazi activity, and the revival of the Ku Klux Klan white supremacist hate group."

The evidence was in fact overwhelming; you could look it up.

"Parade would be a piece of art worth viewing and telling regardless of its contemporary relevance, But it’s just really rare to have a piece where you feel that, as an artist, you would do it no matter the context, but then as a human, it’s a story that’s important to tell, and there’s a real reason to do it now."

The "now" of course is due that pesky rise in anti-Semitism they talk about incessantly. The Jews are always attacking their hosts and when the hosts fight back they are always putting out books, plays, and art swooning over their own suffering. They didn't do nothing you see, it was an irrational outburst, at unexplainable atavistic upsurge you can't reason with. And as always the Jews convince enough people of their eternal innocence and eternal victimhood and of the predatory nature of the hosts; and then they use the worm in the apple (guilt) as leverage to further their nefarious aims and ends. Any people that fall for it will invariably fall.


They certainly do love a Parade---at least when it comes to the musical. Back in 1998 the public rejected the play outright but the tony elites loved it and why not? It was about Jewish suffering, the number one and most important topic in their circles. The musical was showered with awards (Best Book!) and was at the time hailed as an important document in the annals of White evil.

"The musical, which originally premiered in 1998, is a dramatization of the 1913 trial of Jewish American Leo Frank, who was accused and convicted of raping and murdering a 13-year-old employee named Mary Phagan — and who received a posthumous pardon decades later."

It was described back in 1998 as a "socially conscious musical" one which was not afraid to touch the issue of anti-Semitism. Now of course that anti-Semitism has hit the big time and is ready for its close up they call it perfect timing, a Jewishly conscious play for these Jewishly conscious times.

"This time around, the Ben Platt will lead a revival of Jason Robert Brown’s Tony Award-winning musical Parade based on the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish businessman in 1913 Georgia who was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit."

In every article about this travesty they sneak in that bit about the "crime he did not commit." It's like tic they can't control, when the Jews say hop they copy and paste.

"Parade tells the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish man in Georgia. Frank was a factory manager who was wrongly accused of raping and murdering 13-year-old worker Mary Phagan in 1913. Frank was consistent in proclaiming his innocence, and the prosecution focused its case on testimony of factory janitor, Jim Conley. (Historians widely believe Conley was the actual murderer, as he was seen washing blood off his shirt.) Frank's housekeeper placed him at home at the time of the murder."

The case did not only gave birth to the ADL, it gave birth to whole industry of Jew lies, is paradigmatic. Think about it. The Jew is a predator, rapes and murders, but then when the Jewish ideological laundering scheme cranks up to full blast then presto-change: the Jews is no longer the rapist-killer but the poor innocent victim of White racism and is vaulted to martyr status.

Someone ought to write a play about that.


The Jews are nothing if not drama queens, it's what happens when you are always skating on thin ice, you have to react hysterically every time someone points out your depredations. And in this case there was no dearth of banshee wailing and self-righteous maunderings, they snapped their fingers and the snarling dogs of their media dutifully recorded their "worries and concerns." The Jews are nothing if not the coldest of cold monsters.

"The theater world recoiled Wednesday after neo-Nazis held an antisemitic demonstration outside the first Broadway preview of a revival of Parade, a musical about an American Jew who was wrongfully convicted of murder and lynched a century ago."

Recoiled! Blood-libels on the White race, that they are fine with, it's the Jews after all, but some totally peaceful protestors fighting back? Why that's a bridge too far.

“Are you really doing the real work of an artist if you aren’t being protested by Neo Nazis? A cast member, Prentiss Mouton, posted on Instagram, over a clip of the incident. If I wasn’t proud enough to be a part of this production it was solidified today."

“We learned of this at half hour and in the same breath went on to celebrate our beautiful members making Broadway debuts. Somehow, our company was able to hold both. Massive celebration and raging disappointment. What a reminder of how important this story is. I can’t wait to tell it again and again.”

"If there is any remaining doubt out there about the urgency of telling this story in this moment in history, the vileness on display tonight should put it to rest. We stand by the valiant Broadway cast that brings this vital story to life each night,"

The irony should not be lost on anyone that these antisemitic extremists decided to protest a play that details the true story of the lynching of an innocent Jewish man by an antisemitic mob, and used it as an opportunity to spread conspiracy theories and hate.

“I couldn’t discern what they were about at first. They tried to pretend that they were against pedophiles, but then their rhetoric escalated and they started to go up to people in the line and say You paid so much for this, to advocate for a Jew. The moment I heard them say the word Jew, I realized what they were.”

“The intention for today is not to find a solution to the rise in antisemitism or even the solution to what happened yesterday. The intention is to be in a space and find community and gather as Jews, which is what we’ve been doing for thousands of years. To commiserate and talk and bear witness to how we’re feeling and how other people are feeling, to be seen and heard and held and valued and validated as an individual and as a member of a community."

Leave it to Jews to lie through their teeth, cry us a river and claim victim status when they are predators. Not to be outdone in Jew worship negro Mayor Eric Adams did his masters a good turn by showing up in person to the theater and took to the stage. The mayor addressed the sold-out audience the night after the protest.

“While I’m grateful that the NYPD was present last night, we’re not going to just be able to police ourselves out of this, Mayor Adams said in a statement. Hate has no place in New York City, and so we must do everything in our power to stop the growing pipeline leading to it.”

Jews don't have friends in high places: they have servants there.


Now of course this thoroughly rotten and fully evil musical will be the smash event of the season as all the liberal scum will want to go and be seen attending and showing solidarity with the Jews. Many more speeches will be given, some crocodile tears will flow, and they will remind themselves of the six millions, the millennia of suffering, and the fact that the next pogrom is right around the corner. If Parade doesn't win a whole slew of honors come award season they'll eat their tiny hats; or make some pointed phone calls to see who disobeyed. And you can be sure when they do reach to podium to accept the honors showered on them they will boo hoo that someone once tried to rain on their parade and remind everyone for the umpteenth time that anti-Semitism is on the rise. Never again they will say, never again. When really all it will take is one more time.

Back nearly forty years ago Georgia was trying to shake its reputation as an honorable Southern State, trying to show that they were too busy to hate and that hate had no home there. Now of course Georgia has a day for Ahmaud Arbery and has a Jew and a negro in the Senate.

"In 1986, the State of Georgia issued a posthumous pardon, but did not proclaim his innocence, writing, Without attempting to address the question of guilt or innocence, and in recognition of the State’s failure to protect the person of Leo M. Frank and thereby preserve his opportunity for continued legal appeal of his conviction, and in recognition of the State’s failure to bring his killers to justice, and as an effort to heal old wounds, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles, in compliance with its Constitutional and statutory authority, hereby grants to Leo M. Frank a Pardon."

And so Georgia was well on its way to proving its pro Jewish bona fides and groveling slavishly before the true center of power in the state. Lost in all of his bowing and all of this scaping was the true center of the case, the real martyr and the real victim. But then the Mary Phagans of this world have done distinctly out of fashion.

"Her body was found in the Pencil Company basement. Her undergarments were torn and ugly bruises stood out upon her neck, and the whole of her body was covered in ashes by the nearby incinerator."

It is Leo Frank who is now the patron saint of the Jews, their hero, a venerated figure, storied in their lore. Such a thing is distasteful and disgusting but a people who will tell a lie like the six million are not given to scruples or qualms. The fact is that Leo Frank lynching victim, and Leo Frank the subject of Southern Racism, and Leo Frank that good angel who was targeted for being a Jew serves their purpose. Why else decades after the fact would they put on a musical show that elevates him up on a pedestal as an object lesson, and object lesson on the wages of "hate." Safe to say that there is no dealing with such a race of people through conventional means. And the first step is to recognize the mortal threat they pose, for these Jews are not just political adversaries, or people with a different point of view, no, these Jews are an existential threat, not dry rot you can cover over with a rug--but cancer in the face.

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