Foreigners For Immigration

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Foreigners For Immigration

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:22 pm

Douglas Mercer
March 4 2023

In his golden years the supposed "conservative" George W Bush put out his big coffee table book which was a paean to race flooding and White Genocide. The book paired Bush's paintings (or daubs) of "great" immigrants and little blurbs about what made them so great. In case you don't want to rifle through the remainder pile at the thrift store while it waits to be pulped the gist of the book is that it was immigrants who made America great, that America is (and always has been!) a nation of immigrants, that without immigration America would sink back to the antediluvian stone age, that without immigrants American could not put food on the table, the economy would sink like a stone, and that the meaning of the statue of liberty is that America should no longer be White.

Back in August 2000 this mind numbingly stupid cretin said that if you are in Miami or Los Angeles and you close your eyes and listen you might think you were in Mexico City or Santo Domingo. He said that some people fear the New America and others welcome it and the Republican Party showed (by choosing him as their candidate) that they were among those who welcome it.

The Republican Party has always been soft on borders, they've been pushed to be tougher but you can see the holdouts who are (really) the GOP ideal. If they had their way (absent the pressure of a nativist base) they'd let in immigrants by the hundreds of thousands, or much more, legally and orderly maybe but in nonetheless. You see the thing is the Democrats want to bring in immigrants because they hate America and the Republicans want to bring in immigrants because they love America. Caught in the crossfire a self-respecting White man can't win for losing.

The Democrats want immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador and Hait. The Republicans want immigrants from Cuba, Venezuela, and Hong Kong.

Same smell as the song says.


In a very instructive debate in 1980 between Ronald Reagan and George Bush both were asked a good question: should Texas public schools be forced to admit illegal alien children? The thing you need to know most is that neither of them said: hell no! No way they didn't. This was the last time that America had a chance to be saved and these two fools simply threw in the towel, gave mealy-mouthed answers, and the fuse of the invasion was lit like a funeral pyre.

Bush was full of humanity and seemed to bleed red blood for the plight of these poor illegal alien children. He said that he reluctantly (thanks!) believed that the illegal alien children should get everything their neighbors got (everything!). Well, there goes the neighborhood as the song says, you move in and you pay your property taxes and the community builds the school and then Juan and Hector wander in and sit right next to your kids. Bush then gave a paean to the Mexicans saying these are "good people, strong people, decent people, family loving people" which I don't believe because I was always told they were rapists. He then bled some of that red blood again and said he didn't want to see six or eight year old children being totally uneducated and being led to believe they are outside the law (but they are). Then he said that "part of my family is Mexican" a reference to the fact that one of his son's married a beaner. Most decent people would be deeply ashamed to admit that their son race-mixed but he's beaming like Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Just as a friendly reminder: that was a lot of verbiage and the correct answer was: hell no!

Regan was not better. The thing you need to know about Ronald Reagan is that he was a liberal and he was so besotted by a pie in the sky love of American "exceptionalism" that he had completely lost his mind. It was he who resurrected from oblivion the Jesus Christ/John Winthrop phrase "city on a hill" and slapped the label on America. Where we had always thought of it as an upright White nation now it was a beacon to the world's swarthy hordes. And the idea of millions of brown slugs wanting to trudge to the great White North filled his heart with pride. They love us! They love us! Reagan said that we need to be mindful of our power, but not that we should use that power to shut off all of the invasion. No! He said our White neighborhoods should act as a safety valve for Mexico's poor because communism. He said we should not build a fence but bring them in to work and open the borders both ways. Regan was the one who in 1986 supercharged the invasion by getting snookered and amnestying the millions. At least is was legal, eh? So much for him.

And to reprise for those in the back the correct answer was: no fucking way!


The positions of Reagan and Bush are the true center of the Republican Party, they have their vocal restrictionist stalwarts (in rhetoric at least) but the vast majority want America to be the big tent of the world. You think in his heart Kevin McCarthy ever met an immigrant he didn't love? Of course not. He comes from that agriculture sector and he would love to please his bosses there it's just that right now the White population sees a mass exodus to their doorstep so he has had to lay low with his true feelings.

"More than half of the residents in the slice of Miami that includes Little Havana were born abroad. And when Republican U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar ran for reelection last year, she won by 15 percentage points."

This Maria Salazer is a real piece of work. Born in a Cuban satellite and colony (Miami's Little Havana which is not so little) and raised in Puerto Rico she's no more American than the darkest person in Haiti (though that person is signing his paper to be "American" right now). She's one of those children of immigrants who contracted the "patriotic bug" and she can tell you how great and noble the American founding was as quickly as any pie-eyed White conservative. She thinks slavery was a sin and the removal of Indians "unfortunate" and that Jim Crow meant that we did not live up to our ideals. She of course has no idea (or deeply dislikes the fact) that the founding of America was on the White basis, was by and for White people. No, to her America was that great in gathering of peoples under the banner of liberty and opportunity. That is she's a foreigner who is for the immigration of other foreigners, a brown skinned enemy who wants more of the brown skin rabble to join her in reaping the benefits of the system set up by John Locke, Adam Smith, and that guy from Monticello. She probably gets teary eyed just thinking that in America soon Europeans will be an absolute minority. That way it can live up the colorblind idea. Which of course is the way that James Madison envisioned it.

"The GOP's dominance of Florida's 27th congressional district is emblematic of the party's inroads with Latino voters in recent years in much of the U.S. and especially in Florida. Those gains helped Gov. Ron DeSantis decisively win reelection last year and contributed to the GOP taking back control of the U.S. House."

The overblown hype and tripe of the "great brown hope," it's fool's gold but the GOP will always fall for it. It's the moral equivalent of Lucy and the football and like Chalie Brown they will always forget the past and naively run to kick it and end up swinging and missing and ending up on their backsides. It's too much for them to resist, this lure of the great brown pot of gold, those little brown brothers in Christ are Catholic and hate abortion after all and (the real reason) it will prove they are not racist.

"That strong showing, however, is leading to some tension as the newly emboldened Republicans in Washington aim to launch an aggressive agenda, particularly around immigration policy. Salazar is among a handful of Republicans pushing back against a sweeping proposal being considered in the House that would restrict asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border."

Well, it's a start. Of course this tepid agenda is like covering over dry rot with a rug while the problem is cancer in your face. It's all to the good to restrict where you can but make no mistake about it, it's the moral equivalent of putting a bucket under the faucet when the house is flooded. Asylum? Restrict? How about getting out of that international boondoggle known as asylum law? We have to give them a hearing? Said who? Oh some international body which wants nothing more than to wreck this nation. Pull out of it. You say back in your favela they don't like the gays? Well you paid your money and you took your chances Paco, you're on your own. And it wouldn't kill you to straighten up and fly right.

"Understand that immigrants want to come and live in the promised land, Salazar said in a recent interview. Orderly legal immigration is good for the country and good for District 27."

The Promised Land! Milk and Honey! Even Moses did not make it in but little Jose can! The promised land! It is the promised land indeed, the deed was promised to White people, our country was founded on the White basis, was made by and for White people. That's what the bit about "our posterity" was about, it was the land of milk and honey for White people to live and prosper in for perpetuity. Exclusively White people. But America today is a promised land? Perhaps she had not looked out her window recently, or maybe she lives in a gilded community, but America is on a downward slide and resembles a dystopian pit, not a land of infinite promise. And if Salzar has her way it will get worse and worse.

"Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, a Mexican American Republican whose district covers a long portion of the U.S-Mexico border from El Paso to San Antonio, has been even bolder, calling the legislation anti-immigrant."

This dusky squish is being censured by the Texas GOP due to breaking with the party on same-sex marriage, gun control, and (you some it coming) immigration. Strong, decent, hardworking people my foot, he's for taking your guns, letting in his brown brothers, and he's pro sodomy. How's that for the natural born Hispanic conservative? Pro family? He wants to decimate yours one law at a time.

"The dissent highlights a challenge for the GOP. The party's future may well depend on broadening its appeal beyond an aging, predominantly white base of support. There's a risk that the GOP could repel persuadable Latinos by moving too far to the right on the issue."

The shimmering oases in the desert, the chimera on the horizon, they dangle it in front of the White man like a dirt farmer dangles a carrot in front of a mule. Don't fall for it White man, don't listen. They want you to sell your birthright for a mess of pottage, or in this case a mess of brown children sneezing and wheezing in the waiting room of the hospital. And at any rate there are plenty of untapped White people sitting on their hands not voting because all the GOP promises them is low taxes and an aggressive foreign policy, and jobs out the door. Give them deportations, a wall, no services fo illegals, and let the door hit them on the way out, and the promise of a future and they will come out in droves and you can ignore the brown tide with impunity.

"The immigration bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, would require U.S. officials to automatically ban or detain asylum seekers while their claims are being considered. Right now, asylum seekers can be released with notices to appear in court and fight for asylum. The bill would also allow U.S. immigration officials to ban all migrants from entering if there is no operational control at the U.S.-Mexico border."

No operational control of the U.S.-Mexican Border? Are they kidding? If? There hasn't been operational control of this border in many decades and it's certainly not on the horizon. If that were the rule (and it should be) we could set up machine gun nests, patrol it with the army, build fortifications and make it Fortress America and do it yesterday too.

"Roy sent a letter to his GOP colleagues last week asking them to back the bill. In an interview, he said he found it absurd for Gonzales and Salazar to question the bill. A few of my Republican colleagues prefer to be fiddling while America burns, Roy said. Republicans are going to have to put their money where their mouth is.”

Fiddling while America burns is the job description of our leaders, in politics, the media, the universities; the lit the fuse of the funeral pyre and the tune they are playing sound like the swan song.

"Salazar has been vocal about both the need to secure the border and the need to push for an immigration overhaul that gives some status to those who are already in the country illegally. She said she and colleagues are simply working together to make sure the proposal does not violate any laws governing asylum."

By some status she means full blown citizenship so those people will be as American as me and you and as American as, say, George Washington. That will give them the right to say that America has always been the home of evil racism and continues to be so to this day. They will have the legal and moral standing to say that Wounded Knee was wrong, redlining was wrong, and segregation was wrong. So Salazar (far from being an actual American) plumps for her own people in the name of a ivory tower theory of America which dilutes the actual concept of nation and replaces it with thin gruel.

"The formula hasn’t changed, Salazar said. We want the Albert Einsteins of the world to come and work for us and continue to make this economy strong. Are we stupid? Come on. This country was based on good minds. Look at Albert Einstein. We gave him a piece of paper to come in."

First off the reputation of Einstein is vastly overblown, what he really was was a communist Jew who was an advocate for global federalism and world law. And at any rate it's quite safe to say that among those dark figures amassing at our border no theoretical physicists tread, they are not sending their best and even their best is very bad. But that's the problem with a nation that was founded one day by a piece of paper out of the blue, whose provenance was not shrouded in the mists of time: when you are born on a piece of paper soon enough you will die by a piece of paper when it's stamped with the granting of "citizenship," when it's stamped with the seal of your doom.

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