Removing The Icons

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Douglas Mercer
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Removing The Icons

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:20 pm

Douglas Mercer
March 6 2023

Lately it seems like it's a clearing house or a box ticking exercise when it comes to removing statues of American White men. They must have an exhaustive list somewhere in the Mellon Monument Project basement and one by one they go after them and they come down. The District Of Columbia has been madly trying to let illegal aliens vote and their one black representative to the Congress is on the warpath again and she is wheeling out the big guns for the big names. First and foremost on her verboten list is that bogeyman of bogeymen Andrew Jackson and you can see why. Described as the first populist and a man of the people Jackson took on the banks and took on the Indians and beat them both. He was also a glorious White Supremacist who brooked no opposition from the zealot and the fanatics of the Abolition Party. That is he was one of those men who made America great in the first place as a White country. He has a statue standing right next to the White House and that must rankle them to no end. Hell, Barack Obama has to look at this guy for eight long years. And that wasn't right!

"Eleanor Norton Holmes, the District of Columbia’s delegate to the House of Representatives, is preparing a series of bills aimed at removing historical statutes as a way of marking Black History Month."

What better way to honor black history month than remove some statue of White men?

Eleanor Norton Holmes looks like a cancer victim but she's looked like that for a while so the only cancer she has is of the brain. She is that supernumerary congressperson known as the DC Delegate so she can't vote but that does not stop he from shooting her mouth off her big flat black mouth (America is racist just so you know). Early pictures show her looking rather conservative in High School in the fifties but America foolishly let her get a law degree from Yale in 1964 which apparently radicalized her. For soon she had sprouted the six inch 'fro and looked like the poor lady's Angela Davis. And wouldn't you know it she got mixed up in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and then went to Mississippi to mess with the White man's way of life. Why on earth do we harbor such snakes in our breast? Why do we educate them by giving them a knife to cut us? Which proves the old adage that no good can come from a black with a law degree. All the do is learn the White man's law and use toss it in our face.

"Norton proposed (on February 27 2023) a bill to remove the statue of former President Jackson on horseback, which sits at a federal park directly across from the White House. That is the same statue that protesters tried to unsuccessfully tear down in 2020 during a demonstration soon after the death of George Floyd."

That was one that got away, eh? No doubt when the near toppling occurred Trump was "monitoring" the situation. But you can see why this statue in particular gives them palpitations. First off it's an homage to a strong unreconstructed and unapologetic White man who jealously guarded the prerogatives of his race; second off it has him on horseback and the man on horseback taps in to their most primal fears--didn't those ICE agents who whipped those Haitians do so mounted?; and third off he is doffing his hat in what appears to be a very joyful mood, and we all know that the proper posture from the White man today is not supposed to be cavalier enjoyment but meek abasement; that is the statue betokens a time when the White man was in the saddle and riding high; and (safe to say) that will not do.

"This bill is part of a series of statue and memorial removal bills I am introducing during Black History Month, Norton said. She said the statue should come down because Jackson was a slave owner and is linked to America’s shameful treatment of Native Americans. Jackson was an enslaver and signed a law that forced Native Americans to move west of the Mississippi River, she said. During this forced expulsion by the federal government, roughly 4,000 Cherokee died in what is now known as the Trail of Tears."

The Trail Of Tears--boo hoo. What on earth was the White man to do? Turn tail and go home? Perhaps Columbus could have sailed back and told the Queen Of Spain sorry your majesty but that continent is already taken. The very notion is absurd on its face. What galls them the most is the aggressive and enthusiastic nature of Jackson's war, the brutal way he operated them, and the no holds barred tactics; and of course the resolute Victory. For victory is another thing the White man is supposed to be ashamed of. Indeed the moment a preponderance of White American felt guilty about their past rather than proud was the hinge of fate.

"This prominent location in the Nation's capital, right outside of the White House, should never have honored a man who was an unabashed racist, owned enslaved people and authorized the genocide of Native Americans she added. Norton’s bill would require the secretary of the interior to remove the statue from Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C., and donate it to a museum, which it can be considered with appropriate historical context."

First off who is this black lady to say who and what we can display where and when we want it? Oh, that's right she's a citizen, we granted the negros citizenship and social equality, and then gave her a law degree. Smart! And now they want to take our greatest hero and put him in the moral equivalent of a zoo and tell the White children: don't try this at home! Tell the White children that he was a bad man, the White project on this continent was bad thing, so don't even think about trying anything like that again. Instead of the ever victorious soldier who went from strength to strength he's now to be a captured slave paraded through the capitol in a triumph and placed in a cage for race aliens to gawk at.

"Jackson, who was bombarding the breastwork on the opposite side of the bend, began hearing small arms fire and seeing smoke rising from Tehopeka. Coffee’s men had served as the diversion Jackson needed. Without hesitation he ordered the 39th U.S. Infantry, his most elite unit, to initiate a bayonet charge. Colonel John Williams led the assault accompanied by a young Sam Houston, the future patriarch of Texas. As soon as the 39th scaled the fortification the violence turned from a battle into a slaughter. Women and children were not exempt from the carnage and more than 200 fleeing Red Stick warriors were killed while swimming across the Tallapoosa to safety."

Suffice it to say this is how it's done. But this style of manhood is out of fashion. In fact any kind of manhood is out of fashion. Unless we rectify things and right quick too the Andrew Jacksons of the world are not long for this world. For the world will be theirs.


Thanks Massa! That's what that negro depicted in that statue seems to be saying. Thanks Massa! Too bad they didn't go whole hog on it and give him a toothy grin and show him shuffling to the sound of a fiddle. That would have been appropriate. The thing you need to know about it is that (with the miniscule exceptions of some race mixing fanatics) even the abolitionists didn't like the negros, saw them as having bad odors, and thought they were distasteful and certainly not someone you would invite in to spend time in your parlors or (horrible thought!) date your white daughters. That's why the colonization society was so popular and that every Northern politician joined it. They simply wanted them gone. In the end they wanted to "free" the negros because they lost heart and got squeamish about human bondage; but they forgot the most important part about Jefferson saying that we have the wolf by the ears and you can't hold on and you can't let go: that the blacks were wolves.

Now this Holmes lady wants to take down a statue of Lincoln too. The Great Emancipator! Of course no Whtie man today should shed even one tear over Abraham Lincoln, he is the great enemy of the White race, waging war on his own kin and then unleashing a thousand Denmark Veseys, a thousand Nat Turners. No, in getting removed he will only have been hoist on its own petard as the revolution eats its father.

Lincoln was the man who was sanguine over the idea that if all the wealth piled up by the White man in 250 years was required to pay for the sin of slavery then---so be it. It was God's will after all.

They want to remove it because it shows the White man as paternalistic and the black man sitting at the foot of the White man taking largesse. In today's climate a meek and obsequious black man can't be tolerated.

"Last week, Norton proposed a bill that would remove the Emancipation Memorial from Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. That statue portrays former President Lincoln freeing a Black slave who is crouched on one knee before Lincoln."

What this statue really shows is how naive the abolitionists were. They thought that when they were freed the negros would be eternally grateful and sit in peace at the feet of their former masters and learn the rudiments of this new to them civilization. That they would be long suffering under our tutelage and would still always gaze up at us in awe as one superior. Didn't pan out.

"The statue fails to depict how enslaved African Americans pressed for their own emancipation, Norton said. At the time, they had only recently been liberated from slavery and were grateful for any recognition of their freedom."

In the event they were not grateful at all. That was what that parable of the wolf was all about. At least no one can say we were not warned.

"However, in his keynote address at the unveiling of the statue, Frederick Douglass pointedly did not praise the statue, and, indeed, in private remarks, went as far as to say, it showed the Negro on his knee when a more manly attitude would have been indicative of freedom."

Douglass is the mulatto who said he could and would not celebrate the Fourth Of July. He said it was not his freedom being celebrated, it was not his holiday. He was right about that. It was not the negro's holiday at all. American Freedom was never for them, was only for us. It's when the two things got mixed up that all the devils became loose.


Ultimately though these statues of men or events are small potatoes. When push comes to shove they will go for the gold--our gold.

"In January, House Republicans proposed a bill aimed protecting Mount Rushmore, by prohibiting the federal government from demolishing it or altering it in any way. Opponents of that monument say it disrespects Native Americans, as it was built in the Black Hills in South Dakota that was sacred to Native American tribe."

If it was so sacred they should have defended it better.

What a pass to have come to, what an idea that our Thermopylae would be Mount Rushmore. The man who created it was a proud White man and it shows the countenances of other proud White men, that's what arouses their hate and enmity. It's the oversize icon, the icon to out icon all icons, which is why you know when they think about blowing it up or sandblasting it the Jews drool in their drool bowl at the prospect. What a message that would send! Even things carved in the side of a mountains are not immune from their destruction, the one that is revered by generations of Americans, that was the message to the world of our country and its greatness, it could come down to.

"Our nation’s history is not without its flaws, but there is no doubt the faces on Mount Rushmore represent democracy, freedom and the great American experiment, said Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D. Removing or changing Mount Rushmore will not change the past and will not move us forward as a country. We must protect Mount Rushmore for generations to come."

Flaws? What flaws? The fact that we wrested a continent form savages? The fact that we subdued the negro? Segregated him? Kept out the other races? These are the litany of our supposed crimes but these were not the flaws these were the groundwork of greatness. The actual flaws run all the other way. A quailing in the face of what was necessary for the victory; a repudiation of the past; a slanderous and treacherous abrogation of the fathers and the heroes. The flaws were abolition, reconstruction, desegregation, civil rights, the movements of "liberation: that is what is deemed evil was good and what is called good is evil. It should surprise no one that the moral order has been upended and overturned when you're on the brink of collapse.


In the months after the blessed death of George Floyd American Iconoclasm was in a fevered rage. Everything has to go and it had to go now. Certainly the authorities were not going to do anything. Half of them cheered it on and the one who didn't were deathly afraid of doing anything. Who needs the headache they seemed to say. To do anything would mean dead negros in the street and as horrific as things got more dead negros would have meant it would get an order of magnitude more horrific. And so they got and get the rioters veto.

"When the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike fell to the ground late Friday evening, jubilant cheers rang out across Judiciary Square where the monument had stood tall for 100 years prior. It was the end of Juneteenth (2020) in the District, a day packed full of reflection, celebration and protests."

They whooped it up and hooted and hollered over the destruction of the image of another White man. They were allowed to run amok with no consequences. Which only teaches them to want more. But their insatiable lust for our death will know no bounds. In the end if they ever attain such unbridled power it won't be the lone delegate from the District calling for these icons to be removed; and it won't just be Mount Rushmore but Stone Mountain as well. The names and the memories of a heritage will all come down. And when the icons are removed by the fell power of our enemies the very heart of us is gone.

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