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Anti-Racist Lesbian

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:15 pm

Douglas Mercer
March 12 2023

Jennifer Harvey is a butch bull dyke and a bona fide bitch and she has her anti-racist eyes on your White children. If you look closely enough at this gay ordained minister and diversity guru and White Genocide activist you can see her fangs are dripping with the blood of all the White children she has emotionally butchered. She is allowed to teach at an actual college, she has written books and won awards and is the go to Sapphic Sister for the mainstream media when they want an article about pummeling White kids with the ideological trash about the worship of negros. She wants White parents to raise their White children with a sense of shame about being White and wants those children to learn racial guilt and be sensitive to the needs of the racial other. She makes a very nice living selling this tripe and has done incalculable harm with her notions of "Raising White Kids"; that is she corrupts our youth in the name of that most ludicrous of things, an anti-racist morality.

"Harvey’s most recent books Raising White Kids and Dear White Christians take a decidedly practical turn. They bring Jen’s experience as an anti-racist activist and educator to bear on conversations about how white communities can more deeply support racial justice work being led by communities of color. She is also the author of Whiteness and Morality: Pursuing Racial Justice Through Reparations and Sovereignty, and a co-editor of Disrupting White Supremacy: White People On What We Need To Do."

It's no understatement to say she has made a bustling career out of this nonsense. It's as if a child were to say that when she grows up she wants to help bury her own people. At some point she glommed on to this ideology and went whole hog on it. Her entire message is that White people need to walk on eggshells around people of color, they need to learn the lessons of what White people did wrong in the past and take it to heart, and gear their entire way of thinking now to catering to their needs. Anti-racism, she says, doesn't come easy, it's not natural, the natural thing is to drift along on a racist path or a color blind path (which is a racist path) but to become an anti-racist (and nothing is more important than that) one must constantly be working, constantly be alert, one must swim upstream against one's very nature. And that's where she's come in to pique your guilt, to remind you of your racially fallen nature, and she will be your minder and walk you through it for (naturally) a hefty fee.

"She is a highly sought after public speaker (and occasional preacher) who travels the country speaking and leading workshops. Jen can be found engaging folks in a variety of venues—among religious groups, in educational institutions or non-profits organizations, with activists and organizers—as communities wrest with real questions about the challenges to be faced and the frameworks necessary to create robust, sustainable, multi-racial solidarity for justice."

She is in fact the anti-racist pied piper and a reverse Johnny Appleseed. Why, she'd be right at home giving a seemingly erudite speech at a TED conference, she could singe your shirttails with the tales of White racism, she'd have have the headset on and those in the audience would be forced in to some real self scrutiny and some sober reflection about their own propensity for prejudice; or she'll be at that workshop (her books are all in a row at the front counter and you can take one home for thirty dollars) and she'll give the overarching and directional speech to set the tone and then subdivide you in to smaller groups where you can listen to the stories of White people not living up to their best selves. But everyone will resolve to do better. You get the tote bag and the proper opprobrium heaped on your head. It's ideal for the masochist do-gooder who would not take his own side for the life of him.

"Dr. Harvey serves as professor of religion and Faculty Director of the Crew Scholars Program—an academic excellence and leadership development program for students of color—at Drake University. She graduated from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York with a Phd in Christian Social Ethics in 2004 and a Master of Divinity degree in 1998 and is ordained in the American Baptist Churches."

Highly qualified apparently; she's MENSA level when it comes to race treason and you can see why the regime wants to shower her with the whole arsenal of the alphabet soup and promote her to the high echelons of academia. When in fact this woman has no actual intellectual discipline which she can said to be a practitioner of, she has no knowledge base worthy of the names she has no area of expertise, indeed she is not an expert at all. What she does is swallow hook, line, and sinker the lie that blacks are victims rather than what they actually are: perpetrators. And she takes this baseline lie and stitches it together to make up a whole supposed ideology which in actuality is little more than telling White people to remain jumpy at all times and on guard lest they think about loving themselves best.

"Harvey’s work focuses primarily on racial justice and white anti-racism. Her most recent book Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children In A Racially Unjust America brings her longtime experience in multi-racial activism to her journey as a parent. Widely sought after as a public speaker and known for her commitment to growing our collective capacity for justice, Dr. Harvey is also the author of Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing For Racial Reconciliation."

But where the real criminality of this felonious criminal lies is that she is doing this to children. She is remolding their growing minds in a sick and disturbing manner and no amount of justice that is served to her on this account can be commensurate with her crime.


It's said that Dr. Benjamin Spock ruined an entire generation by telling parents to be more permissive and to emphasize empathy not discipline. His name in the annals of revolution shall be inscribed in red. But this nasty piece of work Jennifer Harvey takes Spock several times worse. Whereas he created an entire cohort of emotionally incontinent adults given to expressive individualism she creates adults who are given to self-mortification, guilt, and shame. Shame at being White don't you know.

"Harvey wrote an article titled How Do I Make Sure I'm Not Raising The Next Amy Cooper? - Amy Cooper being the white woman in Central Park who was recently recorded calling the police on an African American man."

Amy Cooper is that lady (for those in the back born the day after yesterday) who became the world's most famous "Karen" a sobriquet which refers to a White woman who has the temerity to like things orderly and normal and has the willingness to be vocal about it. In this instance Cooper did the most heinous of all things in the Present Year: she called the police on a black man. Apparently she did not learn the racial etiquette which demands that no negro ever should have to face any consequences whatsoever regarding his actions, the White people should just let commit his crime. You can give him a wide berth if you want, though that might be racist as well, but under no circumstances should you hold him to account. They say the black man in this case was a "birdwatcher" but a black man actually being a birdwatcher is about as likely as one jogging through a construction zone in work boots. We all know that dogs don't like black people and we all know why (they can sense innate evil) and the man "asked Cooper to leash her dog where leashing was required." Or that is the anodyne story the Jew media tell, always in the exact same words, always repeatedly. No doubt that in fact the black man was uppity and aggressive and Cooper needed help but when she asked for it all hell broke loose. That's the lesson that other lady in Los Angeles learned when she was working alone at high end furniture shop and a black man came in; she texted her friend that she was creeped out by him but she did not call for help, and for her trouble she was murdered. But at least she wasn't racist.

"Most white parents of today have come up in families in which white silence was a pervasive norm in our socialization. These same parents are now passing such silence on to their kids. Many white Americans today were raised in families where explicit racism was not what parents were trying. Now, of course, some white Americans were raised in such families, but many of us were raised in families that thought that they were teaching equality."

We can all agree that White passivity and White "silence" and the White teaching of equality is a problem; but for opposite reasons. Too many White families would never in a million years touch the idea of White race pride with a ten foot pole. Instead they will say nothing about the most important topic of all or pass on to their children a bland one race the human race ideology; one reason these anti-racist zealots do us surprising yeoman's work is that whatever the lunacy of their anti-White teaching they highlight the paramount issue of race.

"Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum talks about it as smog. Our kids, our youth, we adults just breathe it in, so we end up showing up in racist ways even from - when we come from families where equality was the presumed value."

So White Supremacy is a kind of evil and sinister miasma or a vapor that hangs in the air and infects people unawares. If only, right? If we could we would put it in the water. In fact the exact opposite is apposite: the default position is anti-racism, it pervades our air and our airwaves and White children pick it up by osmosis like their mother' milk. If people know one thing today, and it's often the only thing they know, it's that racism or White self interest, or the love of your own people (if you are White) is the most horrible thing of all. Everyone is taught and taught all day long that White people must avoid this at all costs. This teaching is so thick (and sick) that it hangs in the air so people can no longer see clearly

"Sometimes, it sounds like everybody's equal. Sometimes we white parents tell our kids, be colorblind. Sometimes we even say celebrate diversity. but we say this while failing to notice we're expecting children to be magically immune from the same racism-induced tensions that get in the way of white adults successfully navigating diversity and sustaining interracial relationships."

Notice how everything is geared towards the cradling of and catering to the racial other. For White people to see color clearly and not to believe in the lunacy of natural equality is racist; for White people not to see color and to believe in equality is racist. In this way most White people are so mortified by even the thought or mention of White pride that they get backfooted and let cretins like Jennifer Harvey (an "ally" if there ever was one) set the terms of the debate. And these terms are not so subtly rigged to ensure a victory for our enemies every time. Moving in to a black neighborhood? That's gentrification and racist. Moving out of one? That's White flight and racist. When you concede the terrain that a battle is fought on you will never be able to win for losing.

"It breeds a lack of capacity among white people to engage well in conversations about race, to talk about and respond when racism is happening. So we literally develop not enough capacity to, for example, oh, I hear racism out on the street or from a co-worker. Should I challenge it? What should I say about it? And then, if I have friendships across racial lines, if my African American colleagues or friends see me be silent because I don't know what to do, I become untrustworthy, right?"

In this way they confuse White people so they are always off balance and don't know whether they are coming or going, and always walking on eggshells. If racism is the worst thing ever and our enemies get to say what is and is not racist then they can gaslight us forever and we will always be in the losing column. First off they will always and intentionally shift the rules of the game so what was fine ten seconds ago is not alright now and they will always be able to impugn our name with whatever racial charge they dream up. The response is that White people will be terrorized and traumatized but will only recognize this as their fault. They will then stick their tails between their legs and will seek forgiveness only to be told that no forgiveness can be given because they are not among the racial elect and partake of the original sin of original sins: being White. Thus a kind of Stockholm syndrome emerges where Whites identify with their captors and seek only their approval which will never be forthcoming. For the ideal emotional masochist this might be and ideal way to live but for anyone concerned about the White future it is grave and appalling.

"So I think about this with children and youth, for example. You asked about - you know, named the talk. If my 11-year-old, who is white - if I only ever say to her, hey, police are safe, go find one if you're in trouble, but her African American cousin who's 13 is learning really complicated messages about the police because his parents have to teach him that, they can be great friends for a while, but eventually over time, their friendship - the depth of it will erode because she - my white child will not be able to identify with her African American cousin, her African American friends."

This is what she does to her own child and wants to do to ours. Of course this is nothing but child abuse, taking a White child and instilling guilt in her, a guilt that she will be so imprinted and so deeply embedded she will never be able to get over. She will never know that it is wholly appropriate and right to look after her own but she will become obsessed and sad thinking about the black cousin, and the message she will get will be that the decaying relationship is her fault. And it's not just children who have been blinded in this fashion. Megyn Kelly did a show about Scott Adams' by now justly famous "just get the hell away" with Dr. Drew on it. The predicate was that what Adams said was awful as if he had issued forth a true counsel of despair. Both Kelly and Drew were glum and downcast and had no doubt that what Adams said was wrong and abhorrent. At one point a serious and somber Drew said that White people really do feel bad about what White people did in the past, a "judicious" acknowledgment of guilt where no guilt has any place. All in all it was a despicable performance by these two intellectual midgets both of whom have seen more than enough to know better. But they truly believe the lie. Indeed they consider the lie to be their only life raft---but it will not save them.

"And so I have to teach my kids, we all white Americans have to teach our white kids how to identify with that experience and how to be good friends to black and brown youth as they grow up. And that requires us teaching about - them about racism. And it requires us teaching them and modeling anti-racism, which is something a lot of white Americans really struggle with, even when we think we want to."

This is the infamous "allyship," that it is the duty of all Whites to always be thinking of the needs of the racial other, always to be there on their knees and ready to serve. You must put yourselves in their position to be "black like them" but don't take it too far because you can never understand what it is like to be them. You must try but you must always fail. An ally always stands and waits and always serves but does so meekly and obsequiously with a cringe in his voice because your service, no matter how wholehearted and devoted, will never be enough. That is an ally knows his place. Because you are White and to be White is to be racist, you must do all you can to support them in their so-called travails but falling short is a fate you should gladly accept.

"I started doing that work with my own children before they even had words. I would make sure we were in spaces where we were opposing police brutality, attending vigils and organizing. I knew they wouldn't exactly understand what was going on. But, for example, my 5-year-old one time - after a rally we were at when we got in the car, she started saying, black people are not safe. And I said, yes. That's true. And then she said, white - but we're white, so we are safe. And I said, yeah, that's true, too.

Before they had words, do you hear that? She was probably piping in the audio recording of James Baldwin's collected works while she was still in the womb. No time is too early to begin to benight the babies. Where is CPS? Where is the state? What she is doing is replicating little anti-racist robots who will dutifully repeat regime mantras mindlessly. Blacks are not safe, but Whites are safe--what a notion. What a thing to fill an innocent White child's head with. The truth is that all lack of safety is from the provenance of blacks, it's their fault and it is Whites that must run for their lives from them. But this child (and many other like her at the behest of Harvey) have had the moral equivalent of a prefrontal lobotomy but, as the anti-racists will be the first to say, it sure beats thinking.

"I made sure they knew that Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. were breaking the law. They need to know sometimes that's what's required. They're certainly unsettled and it's a scary time for everybody, but they do appreciate that when you've been hurt and harmed and no one is given justice, sometimes eruptions happen.

You got to teach them about those great martyrs, the rapist/communist and the communist. No chance she would teach this child about George Washington of Thomas Jefferson and certainly not John Calhoun. You got to instill fear into your children, spook them by regaling them with tales of the spooks. After all what is anti-racism good for if you can't see the fear etched in their trusting little eyes?

"Calling it difficult may baffle black people, most of whom began learning from very young ages about the harsh realities of racism and strategies for responding to it from parents and elders – people trying to ensure their survival in a nation replete with Amy Coopers and worse. And it’s surely a source of outrage given the life-or-death stakes for black people."

This is an ideology which is totally walled off from reality. What is so frightening about it is that when that happens eventually reality bites back. When it comes to the life-or-death struggle the only ones struggling are us; we are the ones who have been placed in mortal peril both due to their excess criminality and the possible sunset of our civilization. We are the people trying to ensure our survival in a world replete with black robbers, black muggers, black rapists, and black murderers. But Jennifer Harvey's world is a world of right side down make believe and it will kill us if we let it.

"But something insidious happens when white families fail to engage in race-conscious, antiracist-committed parenting: The racist culture in which all of our lives are embedded teaches white youth all they need to know in our stead. When we don’t break white silence with ongoing and explicit teaching about race and racism, and active and persistent modeling of antiracism, we end up raising the Amy Coopers of the next generation."

The only thing insidious happening is the career arc of Jennifer Harvey. She's a full blooded psychopath on the loose. Not too long ago in England they caught a nurse who was injecting newly born babies with chemicals that killed them. And really, Harvey of the same ilk, she injects deep dyed poison into the children's brains and saps them of the will to live and survive. This doctrine of hers will kill them as surely in the end.

"We know black families have the talk. They don’t have the choice to be silent – it can be the difference between life and death for them. Have we developed a parallel version for our kids? We could. But if we don’t, we shouldn’t be surprised when our children are unequipped to stand in solidarity with the same black youth we tell them they should be friends with and play with at school.
It’s never too early to talk about race."

It's never too early to talk about race, that much is true. This is definitely a talk that should be had. It would be about natural inequality, and the accomplishments of the White race, and that only by separating ourselves will we be able to reach out potential. The sinister and odious teaching of Jennifer Harvey may seem like the reductio ad absurdum of anti-racism but it's only a magnified version of what is being dispensed throughout our society. It is primarily a psychological weapon to adjust White world views to the alleged inevitability (and rightness) of the coming global majority. It is means to deconstruct and reconstruct Whiteness so that we become either passive observers or willing and active participants in our destruction. To say the least this must be fought all along the line; we must teach our children to think racially, to have White pride, and to love their own best so we can take our place as the elect of the earth and our destiny in the stars.

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Re: Anti-Racist Lesbian

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This is why it is SO important to remove your children from the school system and homeschool them. Our children are under attack and are vulnerable when we aren't there to protect them.

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