Squatters Demand Their Rights

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Squatters Demand Their Rights

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:13 pm

Douglas Mercer
February 1 2023

They say that possession is nine-tenths of the law but it's more than that: it is the entirety of the law. The word "occupied" is meant to confer illegitimacy but nothing is more legitimate than occupation. If you are there it is yours so long as you can keep it. Which is why you don't let foreigners into your country because once they make footfall on your land they are as hard to eradicate as cockroaches, especially in a country like ours which has Jews lawyers up the wazoo who will cite you point-counterpoint and arcane case law about why the interlopers have rights which James Madison inscribed on parchment, and about why the White race should perish.

Case in point now we have some squatters in a luxury hotel in New York City who are becoming very demanding. They have been put up with all the fixings and all the bells and whistles but that is not enough for them. Hell no they say! We own the place and possession is the law. So when New York officials (to hell with them anyway, right?) tried to move them to a somewhat less well-appointed and well-heeled abode (but still in America) they balked and started to protest. No one is illegal! Hogares Permanentes! Uncle Sucker owes us! Whereas before they were drinking all day, and copulating in stairwells making new American citizens, and partying it up in in the lap of luxury (really, that's what happened) they now had to move their moveable feast to the sidewalk in front of the hotel where they proceeded to urinate and brush their teeth and do god knows what else in public and generally make a nuisance of themselves. They are squatters after all; and they demand their rights.


In case anyone's a shut in and hasn't noticed these immigrants have been arriving by the millions recently, if you didn't know any better you'd think it was a land rush, and the America as we know it had folded its tend, taken down every barrier to entry and said come one come all. There are the gotaways, the encounters, the paroles, they are heading in from deep in South America, they are heading in from Africa, they Haitians and the Cubans, the prisoners, and the Indians, the poor, and the wheezy, they are hijacking buses and squatting in front of hotels, all of them are in a great big hurry to get in and the American Government is in no hurry at all to do anything about it. In fact though political expediency demands that they mouth some "tough" words from time to time they think the border situation is ideal. The sooner the browns come the sooner the Whites are gone. It's not more complex than that. Minority European! And if you are a shut in you might want to look out window, the criminal aliens are probably loitering about the place waiting for you to be evicted.

And not only are the so called "migrants" coming in when they get here we roll out the red carpet for them. We make sure that all their needs are met, that no one tell them to get the hell out, that they are welcome with open arms. Naturally this costs a pretty penny, especially when they get put up at super nice hotels in New York City, the kind the average American couldn't afford without going to the bank and getting a hotel loan. And then when they are asked very nicely to leave to go to a slightly less good place (in order to make room for other migrants at the nice hotel of course) they throw a fit and cry that it is unfair. Don't think for a moment that the ideological poison peddled by Jews doesn't filter down to these invaders. These squatter know their rights. They'll quote you chapter and verse and tell you all about them.

"Dozens of migrants being housed on U.S. taxpayers' dime in a posh Manhattan hotel refused to leave. Hordes of illegal migrants who entered into the U.S. through the southern border, are refusing to leave their free NYC hotel rooms for a migrant shelter in Brooklyn, New York, sleeping in the street to protest. The migrants were initially placed at the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, but their schedule for relocation to a new migrant relief center, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, caused uproar late Sunday night."

An uproar indeed; these squatter plan on squatting, it's gone on for several days and the last we heard is that they attacked some journalists with umbrellas. No one sane is sympathizing with journalists, it's a pox on both their houses; but you can be sure were it some White folks setting up an autonomous zone like this the full weight of the government would not hesitate for a single moment to go full Ruby Ridge or Waco on them. In the instance of the migrants of course they treat them with kid gloves and pull their punches and ask them (pretty please!) to leave.

"Single men who recently arrived in the Big Apple after illegally crossing the US’s southern border and claiming asylum are supposed to be boarding free buses en masse from the Hell’s Kitchen hotel to their new digs. At one point, as some migrants were seen loading into a city bus with their belongings, others were laying down on the sidewalk outside the hotel under makeshift tents made out of tarps and plastic bags."

Yes sir the makeshift tents, reminiscent of the favela, at least they feel right at home in their new fly by night circumstances. And remember it's not that once these cockroaches have been sent packing that the luxe hotel will no longer be home to invaders. Not on your life--hell no. The reason they want the single males gone is so they can put whole families of migrants there. In fact this is nothing but a squalid game of musical Mexicans. The families will probably mate less often in hallways and won't hit the cerveza as hard but when those kids show up in school and don't know shit from shinola about English you can be sure that in terms of time and money they will cost just as much.

"Adams has argued that it's unfair for cities like his to carry the weight of a national problem, as governors from states like Texas bus migrants up north to draw attention to the unprecedented numbers seen at the border Biden took office two years ago."

How they sing a new tune when it's their ox that's getting gored, eh? And we all know that the weight of the national problem has always and will always fall on the White people of this country. It falls in out of the way places that you don't see on the news, but it rolls up it's toll in learning slowed down in schools because of the invaders, waiting rooms clogged up by them, crimes committed, court rooms backed up, and then it explodes from time to time in death and destruction so serious that the national media needs to peer in for a moment before covering it up again.

So when you see the big city mayors, the ones that green light crime, and give the illegals the vote, when they start to become alarmed a the influx of them, that is when the lunatics start to notice it is not unwarranted for all of us who have been banging the drum and raising the tocsin on this forever sniff haughtily at their presumptions.


We for sure don't want these people assimilating, we don't want them here; but if you were ever to have them assimilate what exactly would you have them assimilate too? My strong assumption is that they won't any time soon be reading dog-eared copies of The Federalist Papers or getting dewy eyed with a stirring feeling when thinking about Washington crossing the Delaware. Every message they get is that America is rotten and bad and evil and that their coming here is justice. So is it any surprise that they have no respect for us whatsoever? That they trample on our sensibilities? That they whoop it up and party like there is no tomorrow for the White man? Because from the looks of it that's what these trespassers are doing, halfway from Babylon they are sliding to Gomorrah. And the unspeakable things they are doing to and in that hotel they are doing to our country writ large. It is after all how they repay us.

"Reports that migrants were having sex in hallways of the Row, one of New York City's best-known hotels and drinking alcohol in the lobby. Trash bags full of untouched sandwiches provided for the migrants were discovered there after the migrants used unsafe cooking means to make their own food in their hotel rooms."

They really are making themselves at home as they eat us out of house and home are they not? Public indecency and lewdness, public drunkenness, dangerous cooking practices, if you didn't know any better you'd think you were in Tijuana. And for all intents and purposes we all will be soon enough. If you import barbarians don't be shocked when they are inside the gates.

"A hotel employee is sounding the alarm on the total chaos migrant guests are causing as asylum-seekers refuse to leave free rooms and relocate to a migrant shelter. Chaos, total chaos. There's no accountability. The city's so-called running the program and allows these people to destroy these rooms. There is no daily supervision to show these people that you don't destroy your hotel. You are only there temporarily. This is not your home."

But it is their home--for all intents and purposes. They didn't' build it, they didn't pay for it, but they have capitalized big time on some end of an era guilt that has washed over all White lands like a horrible tsunami. They can party like they are at Woodstock, and trash the place and they know that the repercussions will be nil. They have been empowered by Jews and their fellow travelers to think that they are the true masters of the universe and they can lord it over the rest of us. What, are we going to make they pay? Seek restitution? Deport them. Fat chance of that. Much more likely is allow them to stay, give them welfare, the vote and, eventually, citizenship.

"The one paying the price are the hotel workers, Local 6 union workers. Those guys and those ladies endure a lot of disrespect from the migrants, there's too much alcohol, too much drugs and too much violence, and you have teenagers going into the staircases and making out like it's lovers lane. This is a free-for-all. Their self-entitlement is beyond belief. They believe that the hotel is theirs, and they're going to do what will what they want."

Has anyone given them any reason to suppose the hotel is not theirs and that they can do with it what they will? Is something stern, forbidding and draconian like that even on the table? Not on anyone's life that's for sure. All the messages are going the other way. You can see this nonsense proliferate as an outcropping of decades of malfeasance and breach to the point where now you have the spectacle of teenage race aliens copulating in public minting new citizens with their disgusting behaviors like there is no time a-wasting. And though some are alarmed most think nothing of it or even sympathize with the plight of the migrants. No person is illegal after all and borders are just arbitrary lines on a map.


Let's just say that gratitude in general is not the strong suit of these new Americans, sneering entitlement is. Give me is their watchword, not thank you. They waltz in illegally or with a bogus asylum claim and they right away act like they are lord of the manors. And why not? They've been told again and again that America is browning so they are the future. If they were taking measurements for the drapes it could not be clearer that they think the White man is on the way out and the future is a greasy taco stand on every corner.

"A migrant also complained that if they need to use the bathroom, they have to go a block away and bring all of their stuff because they were told that the facility would not be responsible for any lost or stolen items."

First off these are people who are having sex on the landings and the foyers so I doubt they are walking an entire block to relieve themselves. If we're lucky they are not doing it in a corner and they go outside in the nearest spot of semi privacy; remember, urine soaked sidewalks are a big step up from the murder riven malarial swamps they come from; they are not picky as long as they get their way.

"Instead, several dozen of the asylum-seekers — decrying the alleged lack of heat and no on-site showers at the new facility at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook — were still roaming around in front of the entrance to the Watson Hotel on West 57th Street."

It was not to their liking. And don't say beggars can't be choosers these are not beggars, these are the freshly minted winners of the cosmic lottery: lackluster members of a backwards race, hailing from a backward country, possessing nothing, with no prospects, along with the rest his country stagnating in stupor; and yet they walk across a border at just the rights time, a time when what was already a lax immigration system is being opened right up, the country is ripe for the taking, and they plan on taking it. Beggars? No way. This is no beggar's ball, this is an embarrassment of riches that they have come in to. And the new place is not to their liking. So the squatter's demand their rights.

"Castellano boarded the bus for the Brooklyn facility on Sunday, but after one look around the cruise terminal, he decided to make his way back to Manhattan and to alert his fellow migrants of the conditions at their proposed new home. Castellano, a Venezuelan national who crossed the southern border said we do not want to sleep there like some dogs. We want a better quality of life."

He was like the Paul Revere of ingratitude. No sooner had he seen the new shelter then he said: no, not good enough. And so he sounded the alarm for the rest and as a troublemaker he began to form the protest. Only in America can people here illegally be lined up on the street making demand after demand and not be swept up in a raid and tossed unceremoniously in jail until they can be sent packing. But in America they leverage the sympathy of the elites and play off the timidity of law enforcement and the city officials. A whiff of grapeshot? Heaven forbid. Rather they'll parley with them and see if they can't accommodate them.

"Migrants were heard shouting to the press: Enough. We are illegal, that's clear to us. But f***, be compassionate, we are humans like everyone here. We are professionals. I am a machinist. I want to keep studying."

We should let these pleas fall on deaf ears. These are the kind of supplications that turn too many weak. Adolf Hitler's final message to his compatriots was don't be kind.

"Despite the struggles Castellano has faced to get here, and what will likely be a tough road ahead, he urged other migrants to continue fighting for what is fair. As he reminded his comrades to stick together, he said: In unity, we find strength. I was promised a more stable place to stay, here at the Watson, I feel like I was lied to.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the sound of the squatter demanding his rights.


When it comes down to it the crux of it is morality; enough people out their believe that this is what is due to the illegals; they have been taught that their own past is wicked so allowing the immigrants to run wild is a kind of indulgence they can buy which will get them out of moral limbo.

"To date, at least 41,000 immigrants have come to the Big Apple since spring, many on buses paid for by border states fed-up with Biden’s lax policies. A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams said the city continues to surpass our moral obligations in caring for the influx of migrants."

Doing anything for them is surpassing our moral obligations. We have no moral obligation to them. We need to be kind only to our kin; our only moral obligation is to keep them safe and away from the danger. But a moral obligation to trespassers, ingrates, parasites, and leeches? Absolutely not.

"Migrants' refusal to leave the New York hotel came as reports surfaced of increased crossings at the northern border, particularly in the section between Plattsburgh, New York and Pittsburg, New Hampshire."

It looks like a second front has opened up, and the magnets and the incentives are so overwhelmingly enticing now that millions have made the trip and millions more must be planning it. They say there are over a a hundred million displaced persons in the world.

“Send them back!” a truck driver yelled while driving past the hotel.

A woman driving by also screamed, “Go back to your country!”

Ha! No one in authority has the strength for that. They'll lie and whinge and wheedle a bit but in the end the migrants being here is simply a fact on the ground. And what they have done to that hotel they will do to the country, lie about, trash the place, act like they own it, make life a living hell for the rest of us and all the while protest that they have justice on their side. A permanent home is all they want after all; which is why they are taking ours.

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