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Reb Haley

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Douglas Mercer
February 8 2023

As they begin their quadrennial spinning of the dreidel in the Republican Primaries you'll notice that though the GOP loves low corporate taxes, Ukraine, scads of immigrants to superheat the economy, and a craven color-blind content of your character ideology, the love of none of these matches their first, last and only true love: Jew love. A more sickening spectacle will not be see than their rush to rhetorically make love to that wall, to lick the spittle of the Jews, to crawl on all fours with their tail between their legs to curry favor with their Hebrew Masters, to outdo one another in protestations about the horrors of rising anti-Semitism, to give great homage to the greatest ally (America and Israel, now and forever, one and inseparable), to decry the horrors of Hitler and the Holocaust. You see no one wants there to be a Jew gap, and the Republican Primaries are going to be a vicious contest to see who can be the Number One Shabbos Goy, they will bend their knees, go to the wailing wall (at least once), support Israel no matter what, it will be a months long vile contest to see what will be the most important issue in the election: who can out Jew who. Because no one wants to be out-Jewed.

Greg Abbot will wheel his wheelchair to the wall and kiss it like a supplicant; this gimp signed House Bill (HB) 3257 into law, establishing the Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission. This commission will produce biennial studies of antisemitism in Texas, work with schools and institutions of higher educations to develop effective methods to combat antisemitism, and implement Holocaust and genocide courses of study and awareness programs--and he may spin the electoral dreidel. Trump is already announced and none of my readers need a primer on the sycophancies of Donald (King Of The Jews) Trump relative to the Hebrews. Rick DeSantis will most definitely be entering the Big Jew Sweepstakes and he once held a cabinet meeting in Israel saving the Jews some time so they could just whisper in his ear in person telling him what to do to slavishly bow to the Yids; and he pledged to be the most pro Jewish governor ever; Mike Pompeo is tight as a tick with Mossad and demon Jew Elliot Abrams once joked that his grandfather came from a shtetl; and frog faced ambassador David Friedman once publicly wished that his daughter could have married him; hell, he even has a movie coming out where he wanders the "holy land" and shows his awe of all things Jewish. All of them were green with envy when Joe Biden kneeled before Israeli leaders in the Oval Office and if sworn in they will abandon the oath they took and immediately look for way to placate the people who are really Public Enemies: the Jews.

This is a steep curve but no one, and I mean no one, will take a back seat in Jew love to Nikki Haley. This foreign lady is not going to be out-Jewed any time soon.


What all of these rabbis teach is trash, it's Talmudic chop logic with all kinds of weird sounding words (halakha, avinu malkenu, bar'chu), the kind of words that sound like nails on a chalkboard; and they have their tedious, mind numbing, and so-called sacred lore which is one unpronounceable name after another (each one supposedly holier than the last)--all in all there is something really creepy about the whole enterprise. Supposedly it's all a very large deal and stems from the beginning of the universe but to be candid it sounds like something that was made up out of whole cloth by a not particularly creative two-bit cloddish journeyman who had way too much time on his hands. And most rabbis get a congregation and they cater to the wealthy Jews, and bellyache about anti-Semitism and from time to time they teach young Jews the ins and out of hating White people. And then when they retire they do so to Florida where they pretend to be wise, wear their pants ten inches above their waist, wear White tennis shoes, eat the bagels, and while they while away the golden years playing shuffleboard their homely wives bicker, kvetch, and kvell over mahjong.

However, some of these rabbis hit the lotto; these are the rabbi Big Foots, revered by the community, though in fact other than the hundred dollar words they dream up they are really no different from little Bennie Ben David down the road serving coffee at the Monday Night get together. They want to buffalo you in to believing what they teach is some high-octane theological explanations, deep and profound, but don't believe it, it's just the same low road nonsense you can find anywhere you want. But these rabbi will claim to be the direct lineal descendants of Levi himself (suuuuurrrrre......), will grow long beards and the young elite rabbis will make prayerful pilgrimages to sit at the feet of the master. And then after imbibing the mediocre at best teaching those rabbis will teach ten rabbis who will teach ten rabbis in turn. And lo a hundred years later the initial rabbi will be a legend in Jewville and just the name will make a young Jew take off his hat, bow awe-fully, and dream of the end of the White race. That is they set up the royal kingdom of cockroaches to which all of the tiny-hatted people must genuflect.

"The Soloveichik dynasty of rabbinic scholars and their students originated the Brisker method of Talmudic study, which is embraced by their followers in the Brisk yeshivas. It is so called because of the Soloveichiks' origin in the town of Brisk, or Brest-Litovsk located in what is now Belarus. Today, Brisk refers to several yeshivas in Israel and the United States founded by members of the Soloveitchik family. The Soloveitchik family includes many significant rabbinical forebears, such as Simcha Rappaport and Chaim Of Volozhin famed Talmudist."

Famed! As I always say if this Chaim fellow is so famous then why haven't I heard of him? It's a good question and one they never can answer, because in fact he's one step above a nudnik and has sunk deeply into the oblivion he so richly deserved. But as for these Soloveichiks apparently they are the rock stars of rabbis, and to this day both their rabbi lines and their bloodlines inspire awe in those who are very easily impressed.

"All members of the Soloveitchik family are descended from the Tribe of Levi and thus sometimes go by the descriptor HaLevi."

So they say at any rate. But then if Jew is speaking or writing he's lying, you can count on it.

The latest rabbi from this rabbi family to make a big splash in Jewdom (and beyond, sadly) is Meir Soloveichik. He's being feted and celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic, as is perhaps the most sought after rabbi in the world, if they are having a big political event they want to bring him in to give the big Hebe endorsement, and make it seem like something important is happening. That is after all how this scam works, an ugly parasite puts on a black hat, says a few indecipherable guttural words in a horrible rasping sound, and the whole world is cowed.

(Meir Soloveichik (b. 1977) is a regular contributor to general interest and Jewish publications such as First Things, The Forward, Commentary Magazine. He has written a number of articles concerning issues in Jewish thought and life, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity all along lines established by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik."

That is he's one of those Jews who from time to time puts forth a big "think piece" in one of the popular Jewish rags and the readers of such filth get to think of themselves as on the inside track of history, as this is not the mere flotsam and jetsam of some typical Jewish flak or mid-level Ashkenazi but the very oracle of God stemming from an ancestral line the very roots of which are the roots of the religion itself (they say). In fact of course it will be a rather pedestrian take on an issue of the day meant to bulk up this imposters' image as man of the people.

"He was the resident scholar of the Jewish Center in New York City, and later, Associate Rabbi at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun also in New York City. In May 2013, he became Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City, a Sephardic synagogue, and the oldest Jewish congregation in the United States. He is the director of the Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University."

That's a long Jewish pedigree considering this guy's in his mid-forties. But he has that elusive thing for the cosmopolitan scum of the day, something Jewish and something time honored. It's as if among the quotidian grind of the modern world you could touch the face of God. The fact that he is a homely drab looking fellow and a menial thinker dressed up to outrageous proportions in a thunderous reputation seems not to dawn on them at all.

"It had been reported that he had been considered a candidate to replace Jonathan Sacks as the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom. However the position ultimately went to Ephraim Mirvis. In August 2012, he gave the invocation at the opening session of the 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida."

His day will come when he is a wizened old man with a three-foot beard, and the many acolytes will come to sit at his feet to hear the final words of wisdom drop from his lips so they can pass it on to the future parasites. After his warning of the steep rise in anti-Semitism he will impart them with the message that they need to go forth into the world to teach the umpteenth generations of rabbis and propagate the name of Soloveichik into eterinty.....never again he says.....and kill Amalek. That being the sum and substance of the Talmud, the rest being unreadable garbage.


Nikki Haley (real name Nimrta Randhawa--wait, what?) is a real star in the pro-Israel community, her Jewish bona fides are never in doubt. And why would they be? She might as well have spent her entire time at the United Nations wearing a humming the hava nagila, wearing a Hebrew prayer shawl and blowing the shofar for "plucky little Isarel" and their right to have a racially unified state and to blow the head off of anyone who attacks them, rights she would not in a million years grant to White Americans. She is the lucky lady of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conferences where they drool in their drool bowls over her patented line: "the days of Israel bashing are over, there’s a new sheriff in town.” To call her a staunch advocate for the state of Israel during her two-year tenure at the UN is an understatement, she'll lock arms with Nancy Pelosi in averring that should the Capitol lay in ruins or should the country be a wasteland they will stand amidst the rubble chanting that their support of Israel was their proudest moment.

Israel knows that Halely is "their gal," she's been blooded in to the cause, she's one of those righteous gentiles who would and will defend the Jews to the teeth, who will arm them to the teeth. She rises in unison with Jews in indignation every time a rabbi surreptitiously paints an upside down swastika on his synagogue, she will mandate that every American teenager receive Jewish pre-frontal lobotomies by learning about the sacred six gorillion, she is a shabby shabbos goy at their beck and call and will say "Judeo-Christian" a million times in a row just to pummel the lie in the heads of heads of the hopelessly brainwashed masses.

She wooed and wowed then Israeli ambassador, Danny Danon, in leading the fight against anti-Israel resolutions. Or really she did not wow him, the Jews in Israel pretend to appreciate their water carriers in America but in reality they snicker in private at their titanic credulity and their outsized gullibility. But that did not stop the Hebe from making her out to be some kind of gunslinging John Wayne or clint Eastwood in the eternal cause of the bloodsucking tribe:

"Nikki Haley is a good friend of the Jewish people and the state of Israel and a personal friend of mine and my family. She proved her allegiance to Israel. She bravely stood up during difficult moments in the UN, she did not blink or stutter."

That is she stood tall when the standing tall really mattered to them (American and Isarel, one and inseparable, now and forever). Jews could wantonly kill babies sucking their mother's milk as they scream birthright to the land, they say holy Moses lived there so it belongs to them for all time. To all of this Haley would nod gravely so you couldn't see the strings attached to her mouth and solemnly intone the pre-fabricated phrase: Israel has the right to exist.

"Prominent Jewish donors who contributed to her PAC include Miriam Adelson and her late husband Sheldon Adelson; Paul Singer, a veteran hedge fund manager; Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot; Daniel Loeb, a New York-based hedge fund manager; Jay Lefkowitz, an attorney and former adviser to President George W. Bush; Ira Rennert, a real estate investor; Norman Braman, a Florida auto dealer who supported Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in the 2016 primary; Samuel Zell, a businessman and philanthropist; and Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress. Charles Kushner, father of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, hosted a fundraiser for Haley last year.

It's a lot of Yids. Bought and paid for she is and the one thing she will never ask them is: do you have a receipt? The one thing she will always ask them is: how high?

"Haley’s longtime advisor, Jon Lerner, who is Jewish, is expected to take a leading role in her campaign. Lerner was a senior aide to Haley when she was governor of South Carolina and became her deputy at the U.N. A Minnesota native, Lerner considered the late Republican campaign strategist Arthur Finkelstein — who played a critical role in the rise of Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996 — a mentor. In 2013, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tapped him to help run a political advocacy group that lobbied for legislative reform on immigration and education. Throughout the 2016 presidential primary, Lerner played a key role in the Never Trump camp. In the past, he has worked with Republican Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina."

So this guy is one of those so called "conservative Jews" but he's a gate keeper and manager and traitor--that is a Jew. Lerner, Finklestein, Zuckerberg, Netanyahu, it sounds like a law firm that specializes in overturning racist zoning laws, or sues police departments in order to cripple them so they can't police black people who will in turn be unleashed to run even more wild than they already are, or monitors the border and defends every Mexican, Somalian, or Cuban who crossed the border and makes outlandish claims about his rights.

"Jon Lerner manages to steer clear from the spotlight. Currently serving as America’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, under Nikki Haley, Lerner, 49, was recently described in a New York Magazine article as the No. 1 person Haley listens to. And with speculations that Haley’s political ambition could lead her all the way to the White House, Lerner is the man to follow."

He's the Haley whisperer, or she the Jew whisperer, same thing, he winds her up and she mouths the words---never again, and kill Amalek that's the message he will have her deliver, however coded and clothed in conservative gobbledygook.

"Though Jews, historically, vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, some have opined that she could be the first Republican presidential candidate to win a majority of the Jewish vote."

That's the dream. Which shows that every way you look at it you lose--Jews in control, and one side or the other not a spit's worth of difference. Either way Shlomo is in the background with the rabbis, the advisors, the financial consultants, the money, and the media, and they all dance the Hava Nagila together in the precincts where the shots get called.


And wouldn't you know it, Reb Haley is tapping in to the greatest of all rabbinical lines. She's got the biggest kahuna of them all, and the granddaughter of the grandaddies, she's more Jewed up than a Florida retirement home, of the line at Cantors on Sunday, or a New York City sidewalk when a nickel is dropped. She's hired as her message consultant, the one who will put the words in her mouth, the latest kike in the long line of that dynasty, the whole set has finally stepped off their self-appointed pedestals and are getting in the game. They are no longer content to kvetch from the sidelines like a cut rate Isiah, they want to be one of the paladins close to the power, so they can monitor every word of this possible President and steer her in to grooves fully approved by the Hebrew elders.

" Haley recently hired Nachama Soloveichik, a conservative political consultant, to lead her communications team. She is a scion of the distinguished Soloveichik Orthodox rabbinical dynasty, and sister of Rabbi Meir Soloveichik.

A scion no less! Mere mortals are children, or descendants, or offspring; but when it's the golden Jew family of all golden Jew families it's: "scion." What glamour! When this lady walks around there's a magical nimbus about her, it's like she walks on air and the full weight of the centuries can be seen in her bearing, and her face reflects the millennia of suffering which the Jewish people have undergone due to absolutely nothing that they did themselves to provoke it. Indeed just looking in your her eyes is a breathtaking experience and you see not your own reflection but the grandeur of Yahweh himself.

A Washington, D.C. professional who has spent more than a decade in politics, Nachama Soloveichik runs ColdSpark’s D.C. office, where she is well-known for her communications expertise. Her writing has been published in a range of publications, including the Washington Post, The Hill, National Review Online, Politico, and The Federalist. Before joining ColdSpark, Nachama was communications director for U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey on Capitol Hill."

So this magical maven and doyenne of the tribe is fully plugged in. She knows everyone who is everyone, and her words trip off her tongue like the breath of the lord. She'll tell you why the Democrats have lost their way but make sure you aren't racist while doing it, she'll promote every lightweight conservative in the book, she thinks immigration needs to be orderly but it for sure should happen (legally of course!); and as for the confederate statues they all need to come down but Thomas Jefferson (though problematic) should not be touched. That is she's a Jew who is playing the other side of the road by mouthing a mealy-mouthed traditionalism, but in the end she is every bit as dedicated to a multicultural world as the far-left radical faculty at Radcliffe. However, she just wishes everyone could be a bit more discrete about the intentions. You don't want to rile up the rubes.

"A graduate of Yeshiva University and the University of Chicago, Nachama lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Menachem, and their sons. They have no dogs and never will."

My god those horrible "ch" sounds emanating from the back of their throats as the spittle goes flying. And never trust a Jew and never trust anyone who is anti-dog, and a Jew who is anti-dog is as demonic as they come.


When Nimrata Randhawa took down that confederate flag she said that South Carolina fell to its knees in grief over some dead black people. Of course black people die all the time, most always at the hands of other black people, but that's not a storyline that Nachama Soloveichik will promote as the fact that blacks have turned our once beautiful White cities into shooting galleries is most certainly racist. But you can be sure that when the Big Foot Jews come calling Randhawa will fall to her knees and lackey like will hop to and obey. One of her many patented lies at the UN was that Israel is not going away and that only when the world recognizes that fact will there be peace. This of course has it exactly backwards. So long as Jews are around there will be no peace, they are notorious shit stirrers of epic proportions, subversives, malcontents, critics, and enemies of order and stability; but she'll keep peddling these lies on their behalf because there is no way she is going to be out-Jewed by anyone, not when the brass ring is within reach and the dreidel begins to spin.

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