Tears For The Red Man

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Tears For The Red Man

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 3:06 am

Douglas Mercer
March 1 2022

The Chinese aren't the slyest ones around and from time to time they like to play the people of color card which, to the majority of the world, is quite laughable as it is well known that they are some to the most racist people on the planet. Which is fine but they really shouldn't try to pawn themselves off as great dewy-eyed humanitarians, first off it makes them look weak, and second off it makes them look ridiculous. Better when they blast the baizuos and own their racism, it's really what scares the world after all and at least they can retain their self-respect.

But in the old cold war tradition of saying "you are the real racists" they are currently shedding some crocodile tears for the Indians, of all people. The Chinese Embassy in Washington DC put out a shockingly detailed and closely reasoned history of the treatment of the red man by the White man on the North American continent. Their conclusion: that the White man was no weakling and took every chance to kill the Indian, move the Indian off the land, and in every way possible get this evolutionary cul-de-sac out of the way. So in essence the Chinese have gone off on a hard hitting fact finding expedition and blown the lid off the fact that the White man used to have great courage and an iron will and didn't pussy foot around with the lesser breeds.

In other topical news: water is wet.

These are a people that killed around 60 million a little over a half century ago and simply stepped over the bodies.

Now they sound like a yellowed-up version of Alexandria Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

It's only propaganda of course and everyone knows it but, still, it's not a good look.

"The Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. has released a statement titled, The American Genocide of the Indians—Historical Facts and Real Evidence, in the news section of its website. The statement identifies the definition of genocide and goes on to state that, according to international law and its domestic law, what the United States did to the Indians covers all the acts that define genocide and indisputably constitutes genocide.”

Americans commit genocide! Breaking news!

White Americans used to be some bad-assed motherfuckers!

Who knew?

As for the accusation of genocide you're damn right we did it and we didn't do it enough. As the always trenchant David Sims recently reminded us the only way to deal with people in your way is to exterminate them. That way race alien termites can't come in later and use them as a wedge.


The mealy-mouthed press release from the ever duplicitous yellow Chinese begins by going way back in time all the way to the Declaration Of Independence, a time when the Chinese civilization, such as it was, was mired in hopeless stagnation, and was getting ready to hit the Opium pipe en masse in a big way. Naturally they gloss over that nasty bit about all men being created equal and go right to the heroic part where (they say) the Indians were slandered as merciless savages.

It's a charge that would stand up in any fair Court.

"It further explores vicious, genocidal atrocities committed against Native Americans by the U.S. government and white settlers, and cites numerous U.S.-based non-profits, news media, and thought leaders on the issue."

White is capitalized, you slant-eyed gooks.

So while they laugh up their yellow sleeves the Chinese are (ostensibly, wink wink) joining hands with the American left. Trust me, despite their fake protestations the Chinese like nothing better than the continued genocidal fury against Whites in America and elsewhere, they know in the end it is only us that can stop our moral and economic subjugation. And they want nothing more than the continued ascendance of an insidious anti-racism as that spells "finis America." Of course many in the Dissident Right have fallen into the strong arms of the Chinese Communist Party as they are looking for a Big Daddy to save them, ignoring that it's a Yellow Big Daddy they have fallen for and should the CCP prevail the best they can hope for is tent upwind from the latrine at the re-education camp.

Naturally it was Jews who made up the term "genocide," so much banally bandied about today. Which is why they are so desperate that the word "White" will never be put before it.

Quoth the yellow Chinks with a straight face:

"The term genocide, made from the ancient Greek word genos (race, nation or tribe) and the Latin caedere (killing, annihilation), was first coined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish legal scholar, in his 1944 book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe. It originally meant the destruction of a nation or an ethnic group”.

In the late 1940s the United Nations, created with the assistance of Alger Hiss, allowed a Jew with the outrageous name of Ashley Montague to say there was no such thing as races. Apparently Jews were very busy back then ratifying the new found guilt about Jews and turning it into a weapon against White people. Naturally the Chinese lap it up like rice and won ton soup and dog on a stick:

"In 1946, United Nations (UN) General Assembly affirmed genocide as a crime under international law in Resolution 96."

Then the slant-eyed criminals go on to enumerate what the UN said constituted genocide:

"(a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group."

Sounds like what we in our stupidity are allowing to happen to White people right now. But for their own transparently cynical purposes the Chinese are bellyaching about the Indians. Kill the White man and cry about the red man, cry about the red man to kill the White man.

See how this game gets played?

"According to historical records and media reports, since its founding, the United States has systematically deprived Indians of their rights to life and basic political, economic, and cultural rights through killings, displacements, and forced assimilation, in an attempt to physically and culturally eradicate this group. Even today, Indians still face a serious existential crisis."

Yes even today after bouts of beating their children the average Indian like nothing better than to take his welfare money to get him some of that "White Devil" whiskey. And, yes, White people did make a concerted efforts to rid the continent of these wasters of space, and we did a pretty good job of it, but clearly we didn't have the final fortitude to finish the job off. Hence the welfare; hence the Whiskey. Hence the Chinese on they yellow high horse.

And then the Chinese (yes, the Chinese of all people) get up on their anti-racist soap box and suddenly become pious devotees of the notion that there is only one race--the human race.

"The profound sin of genocide is a historical stain that the United States can never clear, and the painful tragedy of Indians is a historical lesson that should never be forgotten."

Never forget! Never again!

By the gods they sound like Jews, which is never a good look.

You can hear a million tiny Jewish violins playing on this one; they put more butter on the toast than your average Spielberg movie, that is they lay it on awfully thick. An historical stain? Rather necessity and not all that grim a necessity, just a workaday one; just what an ascending people does to a descending one. It happens all the time. Of course the Chinese know that better than anyone. Unlike us who have many who totally agree with the current Chinese "assessment," for the Chinese genocide is still a reason of state.

Mao left 60 million dead and elicited little more than a yawn. They'd do it again in a heartbeat and wouldn't look back.

"The U.S. government and leaders treated Native Americans with a belief in white superiority and supremacy, set out to annihilate the Indians and attempted to eradicate the race through cultural genocide to expand their territories, covetedthe vast Indian landsand launched thousands of attacks on Indian tribes, slaughtering Indian chiefs, soldiers and even civilians, and taking Indian lands for themselves."

We used to call that Wednesday.

"Lured by the land, the white people swarmed into the Indian areas and started a massacre that resulted in the death of thousands of Indians."

Lured by the prospect of domination, lured by the prospect of spreading their civilization and lured by the prospect of sending their bloodlines across all time and space. Nothing wrong with that of course, as the Chinese know better than anyone else. And as for the crocodile tears about the "thousands of Indians," first off it was a lot more than that, but not nearly enough, and here they're crying us a river longer than the Yangtze. And when it comes to massacres when you see a cockroach in your house you immediately step on it, not necessarily because you have all that much against cockroaches, but because you don't want to see it around anymore.

The Uyghurs know it, the Tibetans know it, and so do the Chinese.

We used to know it too.

"Leaders of the U.S. government at that time openly claimed that the skin of Indians could be peeled off to make tall boots, that Indians must be annihilated or driven to places that no one would go, that Indians had to be wiped out swiftly, andthat only dead Indians are good Indians."

It occurs to me that the United States of America was once a proud and confident country which had no truck with mealy mouthed guilt and false tear over inferior peoples. Certainty the kind of country you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, certainly not if you had dark skin.

Then the yellow slant-eyed bastards list a long litany of a laundry list meant to make us cower in shame, a list of all the "horrors" committed in the name of the White man against the red man.

Why, it's enough to make you nostalgic for our possible future.

"In 1830, the United States passed the Indian Removal Act, which marked the institutionalization of forced relocation of Indians in the country. The Indian population was decimated, and the forced migration became a Trail of Blood and Tears. Tribes that refused to move were left to military suppression, forcible eviction and even massacre by the U.S. government; in 1839, before Texas joined the United States, the government demanded that Indians remove immediately or face the entire destruction of their possessions and the extermination of their tribe. Large numbers of Cherokees who refused to comply were shot and killed; in 1863, the U.S. military carried out a scorched earth policy to forcibly remove the Navajo tribe, burning houses and crops, slaughtering livestock and vandalizing properties. Pregnant women and seniors who fell behind were shot on the spot; on November 29, 1864, pastor John Chivington massacred Indians at Sand Creek in southeastern Colorado; on December 29, 1890, near the Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota, U.S. troops fired at the Indians, killing and injuring more than 350 people; in 1930, the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs began sterilizing Indian women through the Indian Health Service program.

It was how the West was won.

Any questions?

The more I learn about these American the more I like them.

In any event it's a trail of crocodile tears from the yellow man.

"Sadly, to whitewash this part of history, U.S. historians often glorify the Westward Expansion as the American people’s the western frontier."

They used to; not anymore. Sadly, any historian employed by Jews in this country makes great hay out of the Indian Genocide, talks about us living on occupied land; this has been nearly so since the 1970s and totally so since the 1990s. It's sufficient to say that sadly any historian who celebrated the coming to the White man to the New World as a conquest would be out on his ear in negative five seconds flat and could be found on a streetcorner, part of the time on a soap box and part of the time begging for small change.

"In fact, it was after the Westward Expansion that the budding civilization of the Americas was destroyed, and the Indians, as one of the several major human races, faced complete extinction."

A minor race, and that's being charitable. And, really, are they serious, a "budding civilization"? As if Columbus had not come they were right around the corner from turning on the printing press, and their Homer and their Sophocles were on the way! Rather, they were mired in a stagnant and hopeless and repetitive way of life, hunt, forage, grow a few things, repeat process. There is no evidence that their minds or their language even had the capacity to progress beyond that, had there been no Europe and no one else they would currently be living the same nomadic and pointless existence as before; because genetically they were a dead end. The only reason they survived as long as they did is because they were lucky geographically and had a vast continent to themselves for thousands of years. But it never could have lasted. Had it not been us it would have been someone else.

Quite possibly the Chinese.

"Beginning with the Civilization Fund Act of 1819, the United States established or funded boarding schools across the country and forced Indian children to attend. In the 1870s and ’80s, the U.S. government adopted a more aggressive policy of forced assimilation to obliterate the social fabric and culture of Indian tribes."

Should have stuck with plain killing. A red man can't be a White man, and you can't get blood from a turnip.

A red man in Western clothes is plain ridiculous.

"Before the arrival of white settlers in 1492, there were 5 million Indians, yet by 1800 the number plummeted to 600,000. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Native Americans in 1900 was only 237,000."

Should have taken it to zero. And Europe shouldn't have fought World War One and should have gone after the Chinks right then. If we had they wouldn't be piping up right now.

The Chinese then give a sorry list of the turncoats in our academies in relation to the Indians:

American Holocaust by David E. Stannard,

A Little Matter of Genocide by Ward L. Churchill

An American Genocide by Benjamin Madley.

Genocide and Holocaust are two words made up by Jews.

See how this game gets played?

"In 2019, Gavin Newsom, governor of California, issued a statement to apologize to the indigenous population in California, admitting that the state’s actions against Indian tribes in the mid-19th century were genocides."

Gavin Newsom was last seen wandering along some lonesome railroad tracks looking at tons of debris left by coloreds and apologizing for saying that California had a gang problem.

"However, the reflection of the U.S. government looks more like a political stunt. It has not officially admitted that the atrocities against Native Americans are acts of genocide. Real changes still seem a long way off."

Of course this entire press release from the Chinese is a political stunt. The idea that they care one whit about any other race than the Chinese is plainly preposterous. A people who sterilize their minorities and send around death vans to implement capital punishment, and who mercilessly punish their minorities, should leave the anti-racism to the weak and the worthless. They should stick strictly to the killing. It's what they know best and it's where they excel.


That the Civil War was a great tragedy for the White man is without doubt. But it has another effect as well. In the middle of the nineteenth century America was known in Europe as a "hermit kingdom," that is it minded its own business and worked assiduously to secure it place on the continent. But the extreme violence of the civil war and the intensity and the scope and the length of the butchery of the war put Europe on notice: it was as if they drew in a deep breath as they began collectively to realize that this was bunch of bad assed motherfuckers---and they liked to fight.

And so they were, and so they did.

And so a storm warning of shockwaves went out to the world.

American back then was like China today; a vast and sprawling place, on the rise, exuberant and racially homogeneous.

That is: the coming thing.

The Indians were in the way: clear them out. Got a black problem? Make their civil rights a dead letter. Whatever it took. And there were no UN High Commissioners around to wag their black fingers and look over your shoulders and breathe down your neck; there were no traitorous judges to stop you; no insidious journalists to whip up public fervor against you; no minorities to be constantly backbiting you and nipping at your heels; and above all no Jews always eating away at your house and destroying you.

No massive cadre of fifth columnists like termites working furiously for your demise.

And no Chinese making a big show about it.

Back then American was fresh and green and refreshingly forward looking, and hell bent for leather. That's the way we became the most powerful force ever to exist on the planet.

Like China does now we used to step over the dead bodies.

But as any schoolboy now knows we pissed it all away in wild fit of guilt and shocking negligence.

And anybody who thinks that China gives a rat's ass about long dead savage nomads has another think coming.

Because they don't.


At the very end of his raucously celebratory look at the racial composition of America that enabled the "Conquest Of A Continent" Madison Grand grew serious and said that the struggle was far from over:

"We see the Nordics again confronted across the Pacific by their immemorial rivals, the Mongols. This will be the final arena of struggle between the two main divisions of man for world dominance and the Nordic race of North America may find itself bearing the main brunt."

By Mongols he meant Asians.

His solution for this coming struggle was White solidarity, something which sadly did not pan out. We have what the Chinese themselves call "baizuos," that is weak and sniveling losers and cowards who cower in fear of their Whiteness, and who sell out their own race a the drop of a hat. When you read this putrid statement put out by the yellow Chinese you'll be sure that our elites believe it wholeheartedly. And you'll be equally sure that the Chinese don't believe it for one second. And that's why if you're ever in Vegas and have a chance to put down some money on this final struggle for global domination put it on Red China, not the Red, White, and Blue.

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