Another Shoah

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Douglas Mercer
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Another Shoah

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 3:05 am

Douglas Mercer
March 5 2022

Is there any image which is more designed to play to the heartstrings of cowards or to get the bleeding hearts of the West to begin bleeding even more profusely than images of Jewish refugees on the move? Jews fleeing their homes in the hundreds or thousands, hounded and harried? Jews being driven across the face of the earth?

Again they'll say with a deep sigh--again. And people will nod gravely and concur and say--sadly.

What about Jewish orphans? It's a little over the top but when it comes to their own suffering the Jews have never hesitated to pour a lot of syrup on the soufflé. That's right--Jewish orphans, a creature that might have been manufactured in Jewish lab to start the world on some waterworks. Flash the tots on screen and in stills looking bewildered and who knows maybe soon White countries will send their sons to be butchered in the thousands. Or start printing money for Jews.


Is there any word that is more designed to elicit the inordinate sympathy of gullible goyim? Other than "Holocaust" that is. And as everyone knows a pogrom is just a prelude to a holocaust. The one always follows the other like a Cossack follows a Hebrew, follows him to the very depths of hell.

It's always another Shoah, and a Shoah is happening all the time.

The Jews like to present themselves as the canary in the coalmine. They like to say that how they are treated is the barometer of how other minorities and eventually you will be treated next. The Jews are the fragile precursors of all victims. And when society is on the verge of breaking down you can always tell because it will affect Jews first as the brave and intrepid sacrificial victims who are always the first to have their toes dipped in suffering--and then their necks. When they are being treated poorly the watchword should go out: watch out. You know, first they came for the Jews.....

And we all know where that one ends up, don't we?

Let a million Jewish violins play for time

For some reason images and thoughts of Jewish suffering penetrate deep into the world's collective psyche, deep in its collective imagination as some kind of timeless archetype. Or in to a lot of people's at any rate. And the surprising thing about this seemingly immemorial chord that gets plucked is it's quite the recent invention, it would have been wholly foreign to even our most recent ancestors, and it's not even our memory.

It's a foreign memory that has taken over minds.

But the reason it is so effective with the weaker sisters of our race is they never show what happened just prior to them fleeing, just prior to when the just noose tightens.

But so successful has the Jewish propaganda been that they have far too many believing that a pogrom (as is said) is just the prelude to a holocaust that the torches are always giving way to the ovens.

And now the pictures are beamed out in little Ukraine: the Jews are on the move again in Europe. What rough beast has come back? And, more importantly, has his hour come round at last? And when it's little Jew orphan boys and girls you can bet the Jew media will suck the story dry for all it is worth. For nowhere is the sentimental linked to public policy than when it's a Jew refugee. Somewhere in the offing is the picture of Jews trapped in a German cage and them rattling to be let out and a heartless world said: no, not on your life--or ours.

Never again by Yahweh!

This is the image that led the entire western world to live on its knees and open its doors to asylees of all stripes and hues. That Mexican who didn't show up for his hearing and broke in to your house? Thank the Jews for that one. It's all their doing.

Laurence Tribe from the comfort of the USA warned that as Russia invaded Ukraine it would persecute Jews. They shoot horses, don't they?

What better way to get America to pony up? Now they have images of Jewish refugees on the run and not just any Jews, but orphaned Jews. Why, it's another pogrom! The average American will soon have to get a loan to fill his car up with gas but they find 13 billion for Ukraine lying around on the Senate floor. America First? No, never: Jews first.

Jews rake in the dough so couldn't they have coughed up? No, they were too busy concocting a narrative to gain maximum sympathy.

"In a night two weeks ago in southwest Ukraine, children inside a Jewish orphanage felt the ground shake and watched lights eerily flicker."

Is Hitler come back Bubbeleh?

Not yet son, not yet--but one day soon.

Yes, sir: one day soon.


Hitler viewed the Crimea and Odessa as ancestral German lands. His plan was that one day the latter would be a German playground, a German Riviera, with each SS member his own dacha.

Things turned out rather differently.

Prior the ascent of the National Socialists Odessa was something of a Jewish playground, a city known to be rather Jew friendly, indeed around 1900 a third of the city's population was Jewish, which as anyone sentient now knows is exactly one third too many. Odessa now is home to a million people and has about 50,000 Jews. Rabbi Shlomo Baksht moved to Odesa in 1993 to rebuild the city's so called "historically significant Jewish community." He formed the group in question, called Tikva Children's Home. It is children from this home that you can see fleeing from the Russians, the ones that have caught the world's imagination as that most saccharine of things: poor Jewish orphans on the run.

Again--always again.

You'd think that Jews couldn't show their face safely anywhere in Ukraine after what they did there. But the amazingly they have a Jewish President who you can actually see playing the piano with his penis.

How did that happen? Perhaps some people never do learn.

As one of the leaders of Tiklva said: "I think that Odesa has historically always been considered a Jewish city. It's always been one of the more Jewish-friendly cities, as opposed to many others in Ukraine. It has a very rich history, with Issac Babel having lived there."

Really? Isaac Babel? Is that the one they want to name drop? As the inimitable Andre Hamilton said of Babel:

"In the bloody aftermath of the Communist takeover Babel served as a political commissar in the Red Army, indoctrinating Russian recruits, interrogating prisoners, and policing people’s thoughts. Given this job description, and his supposedly unknown whereabouts during the Revolution itself, the odds are high that Babel was also a torturer and murderer."

How come Babel gets to be used to augment the reputation of Odessa? How come Babel didn't get canceled by posterity? How come he's still a name to conjure with? They might as well boast that that middle class Jew known as the Unicorn killer who left his White girlfriend partially mummified in his closet was one the leading lights of Philadelphia.

In the future they probably will.

The answer to those questions has everything to do with the world's reception of those fleeing Jewish refugees. It's that Jews have hoodwinked the world and pulled the wool over its eyes into believing that Jews are always a special case. That is, their crimes must go unnoticed and their suffering (such as it is) must be elevated into salutary lessons for what they call all mankind.


"Bombs were falling just a mile from their home, shattering their safe world and sending them fleeing into the darkness."

What a way to set a scene! Jews in the darkness, just like Moses, about to stand up and lead his people the promised land. Just like that their safe world is torn to bits and it's time to hit the road again. By Yahweh, will the injustice never end? Will out travails and wandering never end? Or like those poor souls on Masada, circled by those cruel White men and forced to take the ultimate choice. Or like any number of them in attics or in basements or in ghettos with nowhere to do, or like the countless number of Jews forced to wander across the face of the earth in search of place to hang their tiny hats.

Jews think they have a trademark on suffering and they plan to retain the rights and cash in on it forever.

There is any number of ways they self-dramatize but of this you can be sure: it will be histrionic and hysterical and will be designed to provoke the most sympathy possible to those who have not hardened their hearts and steeled their minds to their ever proliferating bag of lies. PJs, shoeless little Jew kids.....

"The children, most in their pajamas and without shoes, rushed out of the orphanage and squeezed onto buses to make their way to the Moldova border as the Russian military launched its invasion of Ukraine. The journey, which eventually took the children to Romania, left them in tears and confusion: Where would they call home now?"

Where oh where Lord? Where?

This is the Rosetta Stone of their propaganda. Little Jew kids in their night shirts "squeezing" onto buses that will take them: Where? Well, they don't know, that's the dread of it, as they trudge slowly into the dead of night to an uncertain future.

"Tikva, our orphanage, decided it was more dangerous to stay put than travel that night. We needed to save them."

Little Jew kids are precious cargo. Got to get them out before all hell breaks loose and the predator Jews mistake them for White children and they get sold into White slavery and end up on Bill Gates' island.

"Ttikva which means hope in Hebrew, evacuated 300 children, 80 staff and 150 families from Odessa, Ukraine, to Moldova and later to Neptun, Romania, Kruskal said. By the end of this week, the orphanage hopes to evacuate another 800 refugees to Romania."

Wait a minute, wasn't some sneaky little pipsqueak Jew just bad mouthing the Romanians who weren't paying enough deference to the Jew morality play of the six million? And now they rely on the Romanian's good offices? The gall of them, the shameless bastards. Why for all the respect Jews showed them the Romanians should have slapped them down and told them to pound sand and sent them packing until they shaped up and quit their chronic lying.

"The children joined a long stream of civilians scrambling to find safe havens in the past two weeks. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, according to the United Nations high commissioner for refugees."

You ever wonder how two Jew controlled systems face off and next thing you know the Great Reset's fondest wet dreams are realized? Even more expansionary inflation, food shortages, through the roof gas prices, and refugees in their tens of thousands which they will parlay into sympathy for dark-skinned refugees because no one want to be racist and just take the White ones? Are TV tray dinners of bugs in the pod far off? As you take down the bitter fare don't look out the window at the encroaching urban hellscape. Close those blinds and get your head back in the noose White man.

"Donations are coming in from organizations in the U.S. and European countries. Just this week, an organization in Munich, Germany, sent a truck filled with blankets, food and treats to Romania. Another doctor will be flying in from England next week to treat children reporting fatigue, headaches and minor illnesses."

Nothing is too good for these Jewish tots. Bring in the Jew doctors from the big Western cities, my god they have headaches and minor illnesses, bring in the specialists, clear out the Mayo Clinic, let the world be on high alert. Why even the brood land of National Socialism is getting in on the act, although everyone acknowledges that no amount of German spinelessness can ever expiate even one iota of German "guilt."

"The Russian invasion — sold as a campaign of de-Nazification in the only country outside of Israel with a Jewish head of state — has once again force this persecuted minority to flee."

Oh yes tell us more Mr. Propaganda Man all about how the tiny group with the tiny hats who control huge swaths of education, media, and finance across the world are a persecuted minority rather than pathological vampiric blood suckers preying on the nations of the earth. It's a tough sell but sell it they do.

"Earlier this month, Odesa's chief rabbi, Shlomo Baksht, who had come to the city in the 1990s to help rebuild its Jewish community, decided it was time to get out. He wanted to help them break the cycle of poverty by giving them education, by giving them the necessary Jewish values."

And, what, pray tell, are "Jewish values?" Fleecing, highway robbery, and subversion? Take a quick look at any urban hellscape filled with the detritus of nations and you will see those values in action.

"So there was a shul, there was other institutions supporting this community who were doing a meals-on-wheels program for the elderly, a lot of whom were like Holocaust-survivors age. It was in a place that once used to be the fourth-largest Jewish population in the world before World War II. It was just like a beautifully rebuilt community — and then we know what happened."

Yes, sir, we know what happened. Hitler came within a hair's breadth of solving this intractable problem once and for all.

Nex time they won't be so lucky

"After everything that the Jews have been through on that part of the world — between all the war and the pogroms and everything else, going through multiple destructions. Some people knew they were Jewish, but they didn't know what it meant. Others knew what it meant, but they were afraid to practice it or didn't know how to properly practice it. So Rabbi Baksht got back to basically try to rebuild it and try to do everything he can on his part to bring Judaism back into Odessa."

Apparently even after you gas the house you have to keep an eye out for the termites--like the bad penny they keep coming back.

"There's been some anti-Semitism. I read some articles already yesterday that there was somebody, from a Jewish orphanage — who worked for the orphanage — that attacked some Jews because they felt that they were favored. So we thought that something like that can happen. Obviously, historically, it's always, been when there's been wars there's been a nationalistic uprising, kind of hand in hand, more often than not. Jews have never been favored historically in Ukraine, specifically, during times like this."

Yes, there it is, the canary in the coalmine theory. Always when White people are looking to form countries of their own, that's when the shit hits the fan for Jews. But it's not a sign that these societies are on the verge of collapse, but that they are on their way back to being whole and healthy.

"Roughly 120 children from the Mishpacha Orphanage in Odessa arrived in Berlin on Friday in time for Shabbat services after a thousand-mile bus journey."

How many Jew orphans are there?

Apparently enough to fool the world.

"The kids — the youngest of which was 35 days old — were freaked out. We realized there was no way we could keep them in the city anymore. We had to get them out, Chabad Rabbi Avraham Wolff, the chief Rabbi of Odessa said."

The tiniest of the tiny hats---only a couple of fortnights old.

"A similar story played out Tuesday when more than 100 Jewish orphans from Ukrainian city of Zhitomir crossed the border into Romania — that group is now bound for Israel."

Always the out for these vermin, always the hammock to rock them back to sleep.

"Six days in the midst of a difficult war in Ukraine, and there are moments when words are not enough, gushed Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid. More than a hundred Jewish orphans from Ukraine crossed the border this evening at a Siret crossing in Romania. Our consul Roni Saturn was there to receive them, and help them cross the border. We will take them in Israel.”

So really it was all just a lot of meaningless hullabaloo--the Jews take care of their own, and the shattered city and the ground shaking and the kids freaking out? Nothing to worry about apparently, just a good way to elicit those rivers of tears.


So there you have it, refugees are on the move but Jews are a special kind of refugee and a special kind of human being, to hear them tell it. Not like the riff raff, the rabble, and the hoi polloi. Israel has said that they will always take in any Jewish refugee, no surprise there. They are not wandering the face of the earth, not hiding out in attics, or sunk in basements or mired in ghettos. The other refugees, being subhuman, are for other countries to deal with. So once again you see that Jewish narcissism knows no limits, they fawn all over themselves and expect the world to do likewise, but they always (so far) escape the scythe of justice.

But they'll make you think that the world has it out for them, has always had it out for them. Anything less than opening the gates wide, and making a home for them wherever they are, anything less the palm fronds as the royal Jews make their triumphant entry into the city they will soon decimate, anything less than the keys to the city, anything less is not enough, not nearly enough.

In fact, anything less is another Shoah.

Jews like to present themselves as the canary in the coalmine. They say that when a society is on the verge of decay it will be the Jews who suffer first, that the onset of the persecution of the Jews is a harbinger of a coming social collapse. But of course there's every good reason in the world that sometimes those canaries don't make it back up alive.

Douglas Mercer
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Re: Another Shoah

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Douglas Mercer
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Re: Another Shoah

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Douglas Mercer
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Re: Another Shoah

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Douglas Mercer
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Re: Another Shoah

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Re: Another Shoah

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Another Shoah? No, just Another Scam. Jews are good at that.
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