In the Path of Bullets 09/17/22

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In the Path of Bullets 09/17/22

Post by White Man 1 » Sat Sep 17, 2022 1:53 pm

TODAY I FOLLOWED the path of the bullets. Literally. In a community that has been peaceful and White for some 200 years, since the city’s founding, I stood on the exact same street corner where two Black gangbangers did us all a favor a few weeks ago and removed themselves from the Earth. That double murder was really something new for this area, just a mile or so from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and a few miles from where I live. People aren’t used to that sort of thing here. And, though no White person was hurt, many people drive or walk their children down that street every day. People have been noticing the changing complexion of the town, too. Now they’re very conscious, as they push their baby carriages, or drive their children to ballet class, that they’re walking or driving in the path of the bullets. Even though the regime in Washington is promoting the importation of non-Whites here (many from the huge running sore called Philadelphia), this county is still 95 per cent. White.

I was standing on that street corner because an ethnic festival, one of many still being held in this part of the country, was taking place. It was an eastern European festival called the Slavic Festival. Traditional ethnic music was being played. Some people were dancing. Ethnic food and traditional dress and items were being sold, by people with ancestries as varied as Russian, Carpatho-Rusian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, North Macdeonian, Bulgarian, and many, many more.. Dozens of vendors had decorative items or apparel with legends proclaiming pride in one or another White nationality. I was very happy to see that attendance was good — that the flying bullets hadn’t intimidated these good White people, White people who, a century or more removed from their ancestors’ arrival in America, still had pride in their roots, in their blood. And may I mention that, in an area not far from Johnstown, in an area where Black and Brown faces are starting to get alarmingly common, in an area where the bullets just flew, in an area where people who haven’t even locked their houses when they went out shopping for a hundred years and more, but where they are starting to lock them now — in just such an area, all of the attendees at the festival were White, and there were hundreds of them.

I engaged some folks in friendly conversation. I talked about the recent gang-banger murders that happened just a few yards from where the vendors’ tables were located. I added, “I like your festival. I came even though I’m not Slavic — my ancestry is Norwegian.” That brought smiles and a discussion of the importance of remembering one’s family roots. And then I added, “And you know what — I’d be willing to bet a hundred dollars that those killers that shot each other here weren’t Slavic, either!” That brought outright laughter, and then a different kind of smile. They knew. They knew without my saying it. They knew, even with the media publishing zero pictures of the killers. They knew, even with the media saying nothing about the race of the killers. They not only knew the killers weren’t Slavic; they knew they weren’t White. And I venture to say that had I said the same thing to every single person at the Slavic Festival, I would have gotten the same or very similar reaction. Everyone knows. There is so much potential for full awakening out there in White communities across this continent; thanks in part to the Obamas and the Bidens and their Jewish employers, and their program of purposely browning White communities.

Another thing worth noting at the festival: Though the vendors and performers were mostly Slavic, a few weren’t. There was a Greek and Italian presence, and maybe others too. And I am sure that many of the attendees were from the substantial German, Irish, central European, and Anglo-Saxon populations of the area. Probably there were a few Scandinavian-ancestry people like me attending as well. And just looking at us, it was difficult if not impossible to know which ethnicity was which. I got asked, in fact. People don’t ask if they know. They sure as can be knew I was White, though. They knew I might well have been of the same ancestry as they. We — the attendees — were united in our Europeanness, our Whiteness. And we were united in our interest in White cultures. But I can tell you another thing for damned sure: Had any Africans or Toltecs been there, you sure as Hell would have had no trouble at all telling the difference between Us and Them.

That realization underscored my annoyance with people who want to write entire regions of Europe out of their definition of White, out of our definition of Us.

Suffice it to say that all White nations could use a dose of eugenics. Suffice it to say that, in my lived experience, at least half of whatever White nation you care to name would be difficult to distinguish visually and behaviorally from whatever White nation or ethnicity you belong to. Suffice it to say that the White race of the future will be defined by those of European race who possess the qualities of ability and character that will enable them to do what is necessary to survive and keep separate from the orcs and chameleons, and resist the chameleons’ mind programming and lies. I think that will include some Scandinavians but not all, some Americans but not all, some Celts but not all, some Mediterraneans but not all — and you can insert any White nation or subrace or ethnicity into the sentence and the sentence remains true. Hence my annoyance with the write-off crowd. What is it they don’t understand about A New Consciousness; A New Order; a New People?

A new White race is coming. A better White race. A White race culled of many weaklings and easy dupes. It will be painful. But such is the way of Nature. Always.

As I surveyed the festival, the words of the writer and activist Norman Lowell, a friend of Dr. Pierce, came to mind. He said:

We need to create a belief adequate for our survival, strength, and will to power. A faith that fits our genetic makeup, our very being. …[otherwise, our] inestimable, precious Sacred Gene Pool may disappear -– for eternity.

The law of heredity holds sway. Children carry the characteristics of their fathers. Likewise the White race carries on within itself a process of spiritual perfection. If it is lost – then all is lost. Everything which today we take for granted will grind to a halt. Airlines will not fly, nor trains run. Skyscrapers will tumble down, electricity will fail. Dams will burst open while deserts will encroach whole continents. The primates left inhabiting the earth will simply revert back to the cave. Our racial enemies cannot hope to survive without us, for they have progressed only through copying us. Without the Sacred Gene Pool, without the White race –- there will be nothing!

We must breed a new religious caste. …They will forge a new Science of the Spirit. They will research and study the distant origin of our race and the indissoluble bond between the White man and the Cosmos, which is the fundamental basis of our existence and evolution. They will help the White man discover himself. These future priests will underpin the goals of the Europid and urge him onwards to both racial and individual self-realisation. Race and Individual – an indissoluble bond.

A race-mind; a race-consciousness gripping the volk; the Europids – linking them to a distant past and an ever-present, all-encompassing Aryan identity. …A religious caste that will rekindle the embers left after that epic, but premature struggle of a half-century ago — undertaken by that great political genius and leader: The Hero.

It is high time to adopt this new belief in the Sacred Gene Pool. A belief that the Universe is evolving as a Conscious Whole. That the Universe has a consciousness, a will of its own — a Divine Consciousness. That We must become the conscious manifestation of the Universal Will. …In short: a Cosmotheist belief.

When Norman Lowell of Malta wrote those words in his book Credo, he stood one in spirit with William Luther Pierce of West Virginia. I said to myself: Many of these good folk at this festival are just a step or two away from awareness of who they really are, and the plight of their people. Along with the many facts of which the Alliance can make them aware, the spiritual awakening Mr. Lowell and Dr. Pierce wrote of is the main missing ingredient needed to save them.

These ideas flooded my consciousness.

There I stood at the festival. In the path of the bullets fired by the Blacks at each other just a few days ago. I acted. I planted seeds. I made mention of the National Alliance. I placed the words of William Pierce into some worthy hands.

Today and tomorrow are the final days of our William Pierce Memorial Literature Distribution, centered around Dr. Pierce’s birthday last Sunday. Please print out some of Dr. Pierce’s works, available at, and distribute them in your White community; let other White people know they are not alone — let other White people know that there is hope — let other White people know that others feel in their hearts just as they do — let other White people know that there is a rising White community, a National Alliance community, a Cosmotheist community, rising in the mountains now; that marriages are being made; that families are being founded; that children are being born; that a new church is bringing solace and hope and a new sense of the sacred, and a new determination — and all of this is happening right now, right here in America, in 2022. All of this is happening almost a generation after our founder Dr. Pierce’s passing — proving that we can, with enough help from you, make this community a multi-generational one, one that spans the centuries, one that never gives up, one that strives forever, one in which new hands take up the sacred task when others fall away, one that both embodies and empowers the immortality of our creative and beautiful race.

Believe in yourself. Believe, too, in your people of which you are a part. Believe in our holy mission in this Universe. Join the National Alliance.

* * *

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