Loving our family pets

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Re: Loving our family pets

Post by Will Williams » Thu Nov 17, 2022 1:56 pm

White_Vengeance wrote:
Thu Nov 17, 2022 7:34 am
FolkishFreya wrote:
Wed Nov 16, 2022 9:09 pm
White_Vengeance wrote:
Wed Nov 16, 2022 8:40 pm
FolkishFreya wrote:
Wed Nov 16, 2022 7:30 pm
What a sweet picture of those two. I'm sure they have a bast playing together.
Not to sound like the stuffy, stern, pedantic old school marm, FolkishFreya, but I believe you meant to say "have a BLAST," and not "have a bast."
Yes, of course I meant to say "blast". :lol: You'll find that a good skimming through of what I write isn't of high caliber of what most write here. Regardless, I do my best to contribute and be apart of the conversation. I do my best to catch errors prior to posting but sometimes they get through. It happens. Also, I submit all of my comments through my phone and auto-correct does do some odd things from time to time...
I don't send many text messages. To the best of my ability, I shun text messaging as a subhuman negro shuns work, personal hygiene, education, responsibility, or a life without violent crime. One of the biggest reasons that I have an aversion to text messaging is the auto-correct feature; after composing a text message I find myself correcting many of the so-called "mistakes" that auto-correct took upon itself to correct. It's not only a bit of an annoyance but time-consuming. I'd much rather do the courteous, respectable thing and call the person; if he/she does not answer then I leave a short voicemail message.

In today's overly-aggressive world of technology some people want to engage in a non-stop, back-and-forth conversation through text messaging. Invariably, what ends up wasting 25-30 minutes with a back-and-forth flurry of text messages can easily be accomplished in about 2-3 minutes with an informal phone conversation.
Freya does just fine, considering she types with her thumbs on a device shee keep in her pocker, or wherever. I type on a keyboard, laying on my back with the screen 15 feet away, constantly switching back and forth between my glasses and my binoculars t see both, and you can see in the previous sentence that there are uncorrected "finger errors" that I usually go back and correct before hitting "SEND." I'm still recovering from a bad case of the Chinese virus.

We just got our new phone book which gets thinner each year since most of my neighbors gave up landlines for cell phones that don't make it into the phone book. I'm in the phone book again because I do not have a cell phone. I've never seen a text message or sent one since I don't use a cell phone. I trade off convenience for security. I've seen enough cop shows to know how every second of one's life is tracked by "pings" off towers and how law enforcement has a record of every text sent or received, etc. I don't do anything illegal, but I don't like the idea of being tracked. When my landline rings, I pick up and say hello. If I'm not in the caller can leave a message. I don't screen calls like cell phone users do, and it's commont that they have either not set up their voice mail, or if they have their voicemail box is full. I believe they can see I've called,, even if they won't let me leave a message -- so I'm not inclined to chase them down to tell them what I wanted to tell them.

Back on topic: I'm a dog person but don't have one currently. We have two lovely cats that have never ben in the house and they do fine outdoors, year round.

Please pardon my misspellings.
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