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Ray W
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Post by Ray W » Fri Sep 17, 2021 6:20 pm

The pact between Nature and man was never broken
nor in fact can it ever be.
Like whispering streams dreaming through land to sea,
we may be dammed by sleep or memory debris
but core beliefs can always be awoken.
Both seeker and sought
bleed roaming thought
feeding and fed by loam living and dead
in a never-ending root-veined riverbed.
The beaming smile of a rising Sun
or becoming guile of a witchfire Moon
give whys to years, leaf limbs where none
but dim uncertainty seemed clear, yet soon
feelsensing minds urged like stirring stars hearsee
purpose in life-pearled stone, flower, dirt, tree:
All breathe, think, seek, believe
by silent drive and instinct, stoked to achieve
like those cloaked in flesh and blood, each as its own
part of the Whole reaching for natural truth now known:
finite hearts pine for the infinite Creator, the divine birth
when Self-realization reveals to homesick heavens an ideal earth.

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Re: Cosmotheist

Post by JDS92 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:22 pm

This is so moving.
The poetry and beauty of our people can be lost in the fight for survival. But we must never forget why we want to survive. We are the world's poets, painters, architects, and sculptors. We are touched by the divine prividence of the universe to create and celebrate beauty. Our gut reaction when we see the filth of the inner city, or the desecration of natural spaces, hurts the Aryan heart because we can feel beauty in our vein. We don't want an ugly dystopia. The Feur understood this perfectly. He saw Germany as a living testimony to man's willingness to create beauty out of ash and rubble. He saw that images and symbols could communicate more to the masses than a thousand publications ever could.

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