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Post by PhuBai68 » Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:42 pm

I've noticed on our local weather forecasts the mention of tropical depressions, storms and possible hurricanes.
On the latest weather broadcast was mentioned a couple depressions that could turn into storms - one possibly hitting Bermuda and the other staying to the east of it - which made me curious about Bermuda.

Though typically referred to in the singular, Bermuda has 181 islands; the largest of these being Main Island.
Bermuda had no indigenous population when it was discovered, nor during initial British settlement a century later.[15] It was mentioned in Legatio Babylonica, published in 1511 by historian Pedro Mártir de Anglería, and was included on Spanish charts of that year.[16] Both Spanish and Portuguese ships used the islands as a replenishment spot to take on fresh meat and water.
Imagine that, 181 unpopulated islands just waiting for white settlers to live in paradise!
No so fast Phu!
You know there's going to be a SNAFU!

In 1615, the colony, which had been renamed the Somers Isles in commemoration of Sir George Somers, was passed on to a new company, the Somers Isles Company.[26][27] As Bermudians settled the Carolina Colony and contributed to establishing other English colonies in the Americas, several other locations were named after the archipelago. During this period the first enslaved people were held and trafficked to the islands. These were a mixture of enslaved native Africans who were trafficked to the Americas via the African slave trade and Native Americans who were enslaved from the Thirteen Colonies.
And there it is!
The SNAFU that ruined what could've been a white man's paradise.

So I learned a little about Bermuda today and what I learned saddened me.
It's not diversity, it's displacement.

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Re: Bermuda

Post by C.E. Whiteoak » Fri Aug 27, 2021 7:25 pm

Makes me sad too, PB68. :( Yet another beautiful place forever ruined by dumping it full of negroes.

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