Stay positive! We are winning!

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Thomas Cole
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Stay positive! We are winning!

Post by Thomas Cole » Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:15 pm

Breaking News: Whites are doing quite alright!

It’s a great time to be alive. No, I mean it. It truly is. Especially if you are White and racially conscious things are awesome!

Sure, from time to time I run into a defeatist who swallowed a black pill too much and, listening to his naïve fears and apocalyptic visions of impending doom, I get doubtful. Who wouldn’t? But then I force myself to look at the facts, at how things really are going for us, and I feel pretty confident again.

So confident in fact, that, if I could choose a historical period to be born in, I would pick the 21st century. The century when the once great Western civilization most likely will collapse and succumb to its enemies – foreign and domestic. Yes, I admit, I want to be born on the day when the White race is physically, morally, and spiritually devastated and hits rock bottom, because this will be the day when our New Golden Age will dawn. And I want to be there when it starts!

Well, all that being said, you might think I lost my marbles. Maybe some kind of “extinction-stress” got to me. Or I took one too many of those black pills myself. Or maybe I’m trying to save my ass from the almighty Jew and his scary pawns by publicly waving the White, I mean white flag. Or maybe I started to “follow the science”, took the Jab and now an enormous blood clot is forming in my brain rendering me an imbecile.

No, nothing like that. I feel quite alright. Actually, I feel very good, not only about me but about my People. And I have very good reasons to do so.

Let me elaborate...

The Failing Jewish Power Structure

The Jewish Power Structure, the primary tool of Jewish survival and the blade that hangs over our heads, is a curious thing. It reminds me of a notorious hustler cheating at a poker game in some 60's Western. He starts out stealing a few small pots here and there, sometimes even willingly loosing a hand or two for appearances. But after a while his greed gets the better of him, he gets bolder and more careless, and the pots get bigger and bigger. Eventually he has most of the chips in front of him. Now, he could get up and leave a winner. But here lies his problem. He can’t stop. He just can’t. At one point the other players get suspicious. They needle him a little. “Man, your luck is incredible, almost unreal...” But still our hustler needs to keep going. He can’t help himself. First he finds excuses for his never ending winning streak. Then he gets defensive. Then he gets aggressive and even starts to blame the others. He screams and raves, but he still can’t get up, he needs to play another round. Finally he gets caught red handed. The other players stare at our hustler. Their eyes are full of hatred and disgust. And then… Y’all know what happens to the hustler in the Western movies.

The Jewish Power Structure that is cheating us out of our wealth, our traditional living spaces and our existence, rests on the three pillars of democracy, media and money. These pillars are now visibly deteriorating. The veil of lies the Jew has cast over our eyes for decades has finally been lifted. More and more people see our eternal nemesis as what he truly is. And their eyes are filled with hatred and disgust. But instead of cutting their losses and getting out while still ahead, the Sons of Abraham just keep on going and going and going until…, well, until the deceiver meets his just fate and truth and purity once more prevail.

Let’s take a look at the collapsing pillars of our enslavement.


Like almost all things, democracy was invented by Whites, in this case our Greek ancestors. And it was quickly abandoned since it proved to be a source of constant internal quarreling within the Greek city-states and among them. This weakened the communities to the point where foreign powers (Macedonia, Rome) easily could take over.

In its core democracy is the political institutionalization of a perennial civil war in order to reduce actual violence. As a method to govern a society it has proven to be extremely ineffective. It leads to widespread corruption, poor decision making, it favors aggressive minorities (political, ethnic or racial), devalues the importance of individual virtue and causes social instability and chaos. No wonder the Jews love it: a divided nation is easily controlled. In a perfect democracy – perfect in a Jewish sense – all the different racial, ethnic, religious, political and what not groups are in a state of permanent in-fighting. The Jew constantly promotes more discord by introducing new populations (migration) and new ideologies (academic -isms) while simultaneously fighting traditional social, ethnic or racial values that have a stabilizing and unifying effect. The aim is the “Perfect Democracy,” made up of a mass of soulless individuals completely stripped of any true identity in a constant struggle against each other.

The USA is pretty close to this dystopian perfection, loved by none, hated by all and run by Jewish interest groups.

And that exactly is a good thing. Because a divided nation, that is hated by basically all its inhabitants for either what it once was, what it now is, or what it might become, will eventually break apart, creating a power vacuum that can and will be swiftly filled by the particular interest-groups. This means there will be a White America again, but it won’t cover the entire territory, nor the population of the present USA – at least for a time.

The way to a new White living space leads over the corpse of a democracy that has "succeeded" and thereby killed itself. There a dozens of historical examples that prove this point. The fall of the Weimarer Republic that opened the path for a National Socialist take over can be named as one of the most if not the most prominent ones.


The Jew controls democracies through media and money. Both, by the way, areas of business that have traditionally been despised by all higher developed cultures as “necessary but filthy” – for good reasons one might add.

The current state of the Jewish run main stream media is abysmal. It has already lost most of its influence. Really, the only thing that keeps outlets like the New York Times or CNN in business is the current lack of alternatives. But those alternatives are already forming and they are forming fast. But let’s take a step back and analyze on one example the downfall of the Jewish media machine.

For decades we were persuaded to accept the fact that our declining democracies are somehow the pinnacle of political evolution and we need to protect them by voting “responsibly.” Making us vote "responsibly" is the goal of the media. It achieves its goal by promoting "competing" candidates that are in-line with Jewish interests and establishing meaningless talking points like taxes or healthcare. Then we get to witness a bizarre political drama that pretty much plays out like any WWF show match. In the end we are so exhausted that we cast our vote for either of the offered alternatives without even thinking.
If a population votes “wrong,” meaning a non-establishment candidate or party somehow manages to gain political power, the media has failed. And how it has failed, indeed! Let’s look at some of the more recent blunders.

Despite massive propaganda campaigns the people of the Eastern European nations of Poland and Hungary for example have managed to “hijack” their political apparatus and dared to vote nationalist or nationalist-leaning governments into power, thereby stopping the 3rd world invasion and renewing their national identity and traditions. Since Macron, a creature conceived and nourished by the Jewish media, has declared to rule over France like Zeus, the country of baguettes and wine has been plagued by non-stop violent protests mostly attended by the disgruntled White working class – this despite the fact that the French media is constantly vilifying these protesters as extremists or even terrorists. The country is now on the brink of civil war and a take over of the nationalist-leaning Front National seems inevitable.

In Italy far-right groups have also gained ground – again despite the non-stop propaganda efforts of the Jewish media apparatus – and the bureaucracy in Brussels has to spend a fortune to keep the lit on this boiling pot of nationalist pasta. And even here, in the Jew’s most favorite colony, Trump, who is actually pro-Jew but also accidentally pro-’merica, somehow “happened.” For four years the media apparatus literally tore itself apart to get rid of him, causing immense damage in the process.

The direct result of the spectacular blunders of the Jewish controlled media is a widespread loss of “confidence.” Confidence is the currency in which the media deals. It constitutes its power. If people stop believing the prophets in the telly the veil of Jewish lies quickly falls.

Most Whites today see the news as what they are – gossip and propaganda that occasionally hovers around a core of valid information.

The harsh reaction of the Jewish media apparatus to this loss of credibility was to suppress the alt-media competition, that naturally filled the vacuum, through censorship, banning and de-platforming. But those desperate measures also backfired. Especially the systemic censorship of social media platforms sparked the creation of hundreds of alternative platforms that steadily attract more and more users, despite, again, continuous Jewish efforts to silence, buy out or hijack their opposition.

We now have more options to conveniently spread our message then we had five years ago and we reach more people! If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.


The same decline of the Jewish power structure can be observed in the financial sector. Since the manufactured collapse of 2008, that allowed Jewish controlled entities to buy huge chunks of the Western economy for pennies on the dollar – all in plain sight of the public –, it is pretty much common knowledge that the monetary systems in place are corrupt, unfair and pose a very real threat for any economic stability. As a reaction countless small investors, fed up with being robbed blind whenever a Wall-Street hustler decided he needed a new mansion, started to search for alternatives. First, traditional assets like precious metals and real estate were the choice for many to gain at least some independence from the rigged system. But soon it turned out that those markets also were a playground for Jewish manipulation. Things looked hopeless until something wonderful happened: Cryptocurrencies.

These digital currencies operate outside the traditional financial framework and legal regulation. Since there is no issuing institution or government that can be bought or blackmailed, there is no or at least very little chance of Jewish manipulation.

As the Jew continues to erode the traditional financial sector by inflating the West’s worthless fiat currencies and manipulating the stock exchange, Crypto alternatives have led to the creation of a free, deregulated and rapidly growing financial sphere that will in time serve as foundation for a new and free economy – “free” meaning free of Jewish influence.

And again, things are looking quite promising, if you ask me!

The end of the hustler

So, after all, I feel pretty damn good about the future of my race. The Jewish Power Structure, relying on trickery, deception, and manipulation, is failing. The aggressive behavior the System is displaying towards White dissidents – a behavior that leads so many of our people to believe, we are doomed – is in fact nothing but the violent convulsions of a dying beast. The hustler has finally been caught and now he is raving and screaming and spitting and kicking as he is being dragged to the gallows to meet his end. He just couldn't stop cheating.

Gold in the Furnace

To sum it up: Despite the non-stop onslaught our race is exposed to, White’s are doing alright. The healthy, sane portion of the White population that is. The in-sane portion that cheers its own destruction (see ... -shrinking) – well, I don’t mind the temporary reduction of our numbers if quantity is replaced by quality. And that’s what’s happening right now. It’s a little bit like loosing weight and gaining muscle. Our over-civilized ways have made us weak, dumb and lazy anyways.

And it’s delightful to see our enemies cheer as they think they destroy us when all they do is make us stronger by getting rid of the meek and weak among us. The mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will survive and more, they will gain strength and resilience.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will rise victorious from the ruins of our civilization, as surely as the sun rises after a long, dark night. And we will be stronger then ever before for we will have been purified in the fires of destruction and struggle. We will be a New People and we will build a New World that will be unlike anything ever seen before.

Join the winning team!

I encourage you to join our cause at the National Alliance and take an active part in shaping the future of our People. I hope I managed to convince you that you would be betting on the winning team.

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Re: Stay positive! We are winning!

Post by Creedofiron » Fri Aug 27, 2021 8:27 pm

Excellent post.

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C.E. Whiteoak
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Re: Stay positive! We are winning!

Post by C.E. Whiteoak » Sat Aug 28, 2021 1:10 pm

Thank you, Mr. Cole. That was both refreshing and encouraging. Your insight and your excellent ability to express it are both invaluable assets to the advancement of the White race.

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Will Williams
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Re: Stay positive! We are winning!

Post by Will Williams » Tue Aug 31, 2021 7:15 pm

Very good, Thomas. Keeping a positive attitude is so important, especially through a period of what seems like overwhelming gloom. I recommend this video by Dr. Pierce when this feeling comes over one of ours, to help keep things in perspective:

And it’s delightful to see our enemies cheer as they think they destroy us when all they do is make us stronger by getting rid of the meek and weak among us. The mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will survive and more, they will gain strength and resilience.

That's right, and when speaking of keeping things in perspective, consider this pattern of our history with the parasitic race:
​If jews had been exiled, expelled, or otherwise done away with by one or two countries, then you could possibly make a case for this fable called “anti-semitism” or argue that maybe just certain people had a problem with the Jews. However, when it gets to the point that you have a list of 109 different exiles from 84 different places, with some of them having to do so repeatedly, one is forced to start looking at the Jew it’s self as the problem, and not those attempting to free themselves from the grasp of these parasites. ... lled-from/
Some say the overconfident Jew is "whistling past the graveyard." I recall Dr. Pierce saying, "They smell blood. Unfortunately for them it is their own." :lol: It is we that should be confident that the history of Jew expulsions will be repeated, once again and for all time.

The Jewish Power Structure that is cheating us out of our wealth, our traditional living spaces and our existence, rests on the three pillars of democracy, media and money. These pillars are now visibly deteriorating...

A fourth pillar is religion. Influence of the Semitic creed of Christianity, for the goyim, is deteriorating rapidly also, and we've seen fit to supplant it with the more sensible, Nature-based Cosmotheism that better suits the character of our European race. It's just a matter of time before the Mid-Eastern, Abrahamic belief system is history.

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