Putin worries about an idea he can't crush

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Jim Mathias
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Putin worries about an idea he can't crush

Post by Jim Mathias » Sun May 09, 2021 7:42 am

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/pu ... li=BBnb7Kz
Putin tells Red Square parade that Nazi ideas persist
1 hr ago {9May 2021}

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin marked the anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe with a speech warning that Nazi beliefs remain strong.

Speaking to the annual military parade on Moscow's Red Square, Putin on Sunday decried “attempts to rewrite history, to justify traitors and criminals, on whose hands lies the blood of hundreds of thousands of peaceful people.”

“Unfortunately, many of the ideologies of the Nazis, those who were obsessed with the delusional theory of their exclusiveness, are again trying to be put into service,” he said, without citing specifics.

The parade, whose format varies little from year to year, included more than 190 military vehicles traversing the square, ranging from the renowned WWII-era T-34 tank to the hulking eight-axle Yars mobile ICBM launchers.

The anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat, which Russia calls Victory Day, is the country's most significant secular holiday. commemorating the Red Army's military feats and the vast suffering of civilians. About 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians are estimated to have died in the war.

Feeling helpless before the power of an idea that no amount of tanks, troops, and missiles can crush, Vlad? Why is this idea so persistent that it just will not go away? Is your fear springing from the the fact you cannot completely control the thoughts of men? Or is it due to the power of truth and that you may be living a lie?
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Wolf Stoner
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Re: Putin worries about an idea he can't crush

Post by Wolf Stoner » Thu May 13, 2021 7:42 am

Thank you very much for this comment. I fully support your vision. Since about 2005 Kremlin started to revive the Stalinist version of WW2. From then onward the level of insanity in Russia in regard to WW2 has grown exponentially. The whole state propaganda apparatus, huge amount of money is employed in brainwashing population and instilling in their minds the most incongruous and grotesque anti-reality about WW2. The Russian mainstream buffoons really believe that Hitler was a mad maniac that wanted to conquer the whole world and to kill all people except Germans. Germans burned innocent people in ovens alive, shot children for fun, raped women and plundered everything of value. They burned all Russian villages and towns for mere malice. In short, Germans are the incarnation of all evils that ever existed in the world. All Russians must believe this nonsense, and many really believe it. The level of collective insanity among Russians has reached such a point when it is useless to try to cure them. 50 to 80% of Russians are beyond repair; their minds are too derailed to be able to perceive reality as it is; they live in their own imaginary world that was created for them by the Kremlin manipulators. This insanity is fueled by huge amounts of consumed alcohol; the system actively encourages alcoholism among Russians, because it is one of the most reliable tools of keeping population docile and in mental darkness. 9th of may is one of the most alcoholic days of the year. According to public belief, everyone in this day must drink a glass of vodka to commemorate “our great victory against fascism”. The streets of Russian cities are swarming with drunken men and even women who are barely able to stand on their feet. And in this subhuman condition, unable even to say something intelligible, they cry victory slogans and curse “fascists”. Exceptionally disgusting picture. Looking at this obnoxious theatre each year, I have a mixed feeling of contempt, vengefulness and satisfaction. Contempt, because these subhuman “victors” don’t deserve anything else; vengefulness, because they yet haven’t paid for the crimes of their “glorious” red rapist-robber army; satisfaction, because they are now in such a position that their very cries about victory sound like a bad joke. There are literally examples of drunken vagabonds lying in stinking puddles along roads, unable to rise, but crying something about victory and “we can repeat”. Yes, this slogan “we can repeat” was intentionally introduced by Kremlin’s political technologists about 2014; they intended it to be a thinly vailed threat against Ukraine and Baltic states. I can write much more about this insanity, but all words are powerless to relate the actual reality; you really need to be present to feel this sheer madness. There is nothing more awful than a dying society that cries about its imaginary greatness.

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