Hail Victory!

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Hail Victory!

Post by NwwAL30 » Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:09 pm

My Fellow Anglo-Saxons,

I appreciate the add to this forum. My name is Nick and I am 30 years old located in rural Alabama. I look forward to joining the National Alliance and being able to call you my brothers and sisters In this our struggle for our race. I have been around a lot of organizations and people who claim to want to “ do something “ but most have been nothing but talk. I have decided to join the National Alliance because I believe they are truly dedicated and dug in so to speak for the long journey that lays ahead of all of us. I believe we will be persecuted worse than ever and I believe our race is in immediate imminent danger. The public school indoctrination of our children and the forced Indoctrination of grown men and women at their work place. I look forward to working along side you all and standing shoulder to shoulder In this our valiant cause.

Hail Victory!
Nick W.

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Jim Mathias
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Re: Hail Victory!

Post by Jim Mathias » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:18 pm

Hello Nick, welcome to WB and glad to have you seeking to join the National Alliance. Please read our forum rules, and remember that what you write here can be seen by the public.

As you mentioned, we Whites are facing tough challenges in the years ahead and our tasks to be accomplished great. But as Kevin Strom has said, and I paraphrase, "By ourselves we can't do it all, but together we can."
Activism materials available! ===> Contact me via PM to obtain quantities of the "Send Them Back", "NA Health Warning #1 +#2+#3" stickers, and any fliers listed in the Alliance website's flier webpage.

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Re: Hail Victory!

Post by Richart » Fri Feb 26, 2021 11:48 am

Welcome Nick, glad to see someone who shares my same sentiments. I spent many years studying with different Christian Identity groups as well as other WN organizations. The time spent was all part of my personal development and met many sincere brothers who believed that they were where they needed to be for their own personal reasons. I have known the National Alliance since 1992 and had even been a member a long time ago and they have stood the test of time since then. The past four years of chaos in this country shook me awake and the National Alliance was still out there strong with a message of hope to all of us. Thank you Kevin Strom for your weekly ADV programs. They had a big part to my decision in sending an application in myself. Mr. Williams dedication to our struggle has been a pivotal point for all of us here. Together we stand strong. Welcome again.

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Re: Hail Victory!

Post by A_whytt_mann » Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:48 pm

Welcome sir,

I too am in the process to join the NA. This struggle that we as a race face is something more than just a material struggle it is the most emotional spiritual struggle the white race has ever faced in its glorious existence. Even in my young age I feel that I have given alot to preserve, I have lost friends given up a long time girlfriend who I was dating before I became racially conscious. She was not of fully European decent she her father was hispanic. I became discussed at the thought of betraying my race betraying everything that I was coming to know as true. We split up and it was difficult. I know every single person here in some way has fought an emotional battle and lost something along the way. But I never doubt even for a second that I was doing the right thing. Welcome brother! Hail victory!

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