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Do You Understand?

Post by Richart » Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:04 am

Do You Understand?

When will I be free
from these chains that bind me?

Could you understand

if I told you
that my love was built on sand
and now it’s



How can I explain
that my tears are



like the gentle rain?
But you still don’t hear my call
because I’m trapped within these walls
made by my own hands.

Can you yet understand

that I can’t go on living like this anymore?



but I can’t find the door.
It’s lonely and I am lost,
why must I pay such a high cost?

Do you yet understand

why I reach out to you
with open pleading hands?
For it is only you that can break this chain
and take away this love-starved pain.
But I guess I’ll remain in this dark desolate land
until one day you finally

do understand.

Written by Richart

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Don't Leave Me This Choice

Post by Richart » Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:51 pm

Don't Leave Me This Choice

Something's wrong I can see it in your eyes;
your warmthness turns cold right where we lie.
You don't smile at me like you use to do,
is it over honey, are we finally through?

What you want I can't give,
you chose the lies, I chose to live.
I still love you as my wife,
but without racial identity there is no life.

Don't leave me this choice
it's tearing up my heart,
can you see the pain I'm in?
My mind's torn apart.
I'm pleading with you
with all the love from my voice,
don't put me through this
don't leave me this choice.

Back in the bedroom I pack my things,
gonna give you the house, here's my wedding ring.
This was the hardest choice I ever had to make,
is this a dream, will I soon awake?

I kiss my kids and hug them tight,
knowing that this would be my very last night.
I know you’re afraid and this I understand
for fear of the Jew has taken hold of our land.


Now it's been several years in this one bedroom flat,
our lives have gone on but where am I at?
For a short while I cursed at it all,
stayed to myself, built inside me a wall.

The pain, the confusion, a man who was lost,
never contemplated the sacrifice and what it would cost.
But one day I hope you will finally understand,
I can’t live as a coward and still be a white man.

(Chorus 2x)

Written by Richart

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Bed Of Clouds

Post by Richart » Wed Apr 07, 2021 1:07 am

Bed Of Clouds

Are you thinking of me,
in the silence of your home?
A bed made for two,
you lie there all alone.
But darling hear me now
and let it be known,
in the silence of this room
I too lie all alone.

So let our hearts be joined,
in soulful flight tonight.
I’ll meet you on the clouds,
beneath the starry light.
And there we’ll embrace
as soul mates are meant to be,
no more empty beds made for two
just a bed of clouds for you and me.

Then upon this heavenly bed
our souls will reunite,
lost in each other
until the dawns early light.
So darling just remember
whenever you’re feeling alone,
we’ll meet upon a bed of clouds
a metaphysical haven, our astral home.


No more empty beds made for two,
just a bed of clouds for me and you.

Written by Richart

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East Whispering Winds

Post by Richart » Wed Apr 07, 2021 1:14 am

East Whispering Winds

East whispering winds,
enlightenment encroaching
upon wintry nights.

Written by Richart

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Eins Werden

Post by Richart » Wed Apr 07, 2021 2:22 am

Eins Werden
(To Become One)

Moonlit sky
evening stroll
holding hands
kindred souls.

Hearts on fire
eyes ablaze
reaching out
airy glaze.

Gentle touch
sweet embrace
lips divine
fingers trace.

Song of love
words define
toward one another
you are mine.

To be complete together
the math must be done
as one and one meet
then the two must become one.

Written by Richart

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Post by Richart » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:54 am

(Norse Goddess of Mercy)

While visiting at the hospital
I was wandering down a hall,
looking for my friend that day
when suddenly I heard a call.

I stopped and peered into a room
from where I heard a hello,
there in bed laid a woman
someone I did not know.

Hello I said what’s your name
as she stared and smiled at me,
my name is Eir
as I walked in most curiously.

There was something special about her
for I felt it deep within,
as though I always had known her
as if she was my kin.

She gazed at me with warm eyes
and said it’s going to be all right,
don’t give in to your fears
your friend’s in good hands tonight.

Puzzled for a moment
for how would she even know,
why I happened to be here
and where I was to go.

But as I looked into her eyes again
all bewilderment disappeared,
a peace overcame me
replacing all my fears.

Speechless I just stood there
with no words I began to go,
but before I reached the doorway
from her lips these words did flow.

I’ve always been watching over you
I know your heart does seek,
the answers to life’s journey
and why the world looks bleak.

My body began to tremble
as my knees touched the floor,
those words just pierced right through me
words I could not ignore.

A passing nurse on her rounds
helped me to my feet,
asked me if I were okay
had me take a seat.

Who’s that woman in the room
I asked her most sincere,
upon her description, with shock in her eyes
the nurse responded in tears.

There is no woman in there
at least up until yesterday,
for this woman you describe
had peacefully passed away.

Written by Richart

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Post by Richart » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:10 pm


Upon my bosom
lay thy head,
with every heartbeat
your soul is fed.

Fingers trace
thy tender shore,
a wave of pleasure
thy body roars.

Embraced together
two lovers dine,
lost in each other
fruit of the vine.

Healing touch
a gentle sway,
two become one
where we lay.

Upon green meadows
a pasture, a bed,
illumined by the moon
two souls are wed.

For within the shadows
of the nightly cool air,
a moment of silence
an endearing stare.

Such a magical moment
to be here with thee,
I’m lost in thy love
so enchanting thou be.

Written by Richart

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Evening Surrender

Post by Richart » Fri Apr 09, 2021 3:09 am

Evening Surrender

Quietly I step into the night,
seeking refuge from day’s plight.
Stretching one’s mind to ever soar,
the evening sky at heaven’s door.
Reaching up to grasp a star,
in hopes to capture life’s glimmer from afar.
The silent whispers from the moon,
are needful reminders that not all is doomed.
But in loneliness I am ever lost in space,
not knowing which way I need to face.
If only I can see through cosmos tar,
I know somewhere out there lies my guiding star.

Written by Richart

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Ever So Softly

Post by Richart » Fri Apr 09, 2021 8:40 am

Ever So Softly

Pressed up against your body
filled with unbridled desire,
uncontrollable ecstasy
my love for you is on fire.

Gently I touch you
as our hearts beat as one,
passions burning through the night
until the rising of the sun.

So know in your soul
that my love for you will never die,
cause I promise to love you ever so softly
upon this sacred bed we lie.

Written by Richart

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Every Second, Every Minute

Post by Richart » Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:49 am

Every Second, Every Minute

You already know how I feel about you,
there’s nothing more that you can ever say or do.
You’ve touched my heart and renewed my mind,
a girl like you is so hard to find.

Wherever you went I was always near,
fighting your demons, giving chase to your fears.
Every second, every minute you were safe in my arms,
nobody was gonna hurt you or bring you any harm.

There are times when I want to hold you tight,
the feelings are so strong, I can't sleep through the night.
I toss and turn in this big empty bed,
wishing you were here but only my dreams get fed.


The sun cracks through the blinds so silently cold,
I reach out for you but nobody to hold.
No longer dreaming so I crawl out of bed,
holding your pillow where my tears had shed.


Written by Richart

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