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Beautiful And White

Post by Richart » Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:23 am

Beautiful And White

Beautiful and white
heart like gold,
a vision so enchanting
their courage is bold.

Daughters of our race
pure as the driven snow,
there is no one much lovelier
from whence thy beauty doth flow.

For us Aryan men
have vowed with our hearts,
to protect our women
till death do us part.

Our commitment is very true
not false in any way;
we sincerely owe thee this great honor
for thy love thou showeth us each day.

Written by Richart

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Post by Richart » Fri Feb 26, 2021 6:24 am


Beyond imaginable limits
lies the substance of my dreams,
as I wander upon
heartfelt desires
from the sacred chalice
of thy soul.

Beyond the ageless wisdom,
before the dawn
of ethereal existence
I’m taken
to heights unknown,
within the glow
of thy sunlit

Beyond the unquestionable,
locked within visionary splendor
I’m absorbed
in the embryonic fluid
of cosmic resurrection,
into the galactic sea of
starlight magic,
wrapped within
the astral tunic of thy love.

Beyond all else…

there is only you.

Written by Richart

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Be Still

Post by Richart » Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:58 am

Be Still

In the event of imperil disturbances
I am reminded to be still
and allow my emotional sea
to be calm upon a vast ocean of distresses,
that my ship may float serenely
upon the unrippled waters of my soul,
as a tideless display of tranquility
is pressed against worldly vibratory undercurrents,
challenging my inner-life sails
to billow before the backdrop
of a splendid blue drapery,
poised by triumphant clouds grandeur
as golden rays prance upon my bow
and the winds of destiny blow gently
against the weather-beaten stern of my heart.

Be still O western man and know
that in the face of much calamity all is well.
For all workers of righteousness shall prevail,
while those that sow evil shall diminish
from the works of their own hands.

Be still and be full of courage,
their days have been numbered.
For the time has now come
for everyone of us to stand firm
upon the foundations our white ancestors set before us,
to secure a brighter future for our children,
freeing them from the shackles of world Jewry.

Written by Richart

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A White Family

Post by Richart » Mon Mar 01, 2021 12:44 pm

A White Family

A man on his own
living quite free,
seeks to be completed
to live more perfectly.

It’s not gold he seeks
nor things so vain,
just a woman who knows
to be a family is gain.

She’ll be the strength of his sinews
a helpmeet in life,
who will always be there
his friend, his wife.

Together they’ll journey
in life forevermore,
as two hearts become one
then the two become four.

Never to be forsaken
to each other they are bound,
never to mongrelize
a race pure and sound.

So this man and woman
living quite free,
are now completed together
for more white babies to be.

Written by Richart

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Birth Of A Cosmotheist

Post by Richart » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:27 pm

Birth Of A Cosmotheist

Inspirational chords
vibratory light,
a starlit sky
guides my pen tonight.
A glittery blanket
of celestial dreams,
galactic passions
dance upon moonlight beams.
That lifts my soul
to greater heights,
orbital euphoria
in Cosmotheism delight.
So wonderful it is
to be on the upward path,
in the placenta of our solar system
birthed in a cosmic evolutionary bath.

Written by Richart

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Blood And Tears

Post by Richart » Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:01 am

Blood And Tears

I'm tired of living in a world of lies and deceit.
There seems to be no escape from this madness.
It's a world of traitors, opportunists and self-seekers.

Tonight I say to hell with you all.
I will no longer be your puppet,
to be pulled by the strings
as you push forward in your onslaught of
global Jewish domination.

The world you wish to create
is unnatural by all means,
contrary to the very laws of nature herself.
Just look around and see for yourselves
the degradation and filth that covers the streets
of our white communities;
drug addicts, sexual perverts, murderers and miscegenation.
Western civilization has become a cesspool
of every degenerate on two legs,
fast becoming once again
a low thinking mentality beast
from whence we first evolved from.

And now through the power of poetry
I will express my feelings fully
because it is the embodiment of vernacular light.
We poets are the lanterns set in a dismal dark world.
Our truth-burning wicks
devour the heartless lies that are embedded
within the shadows of our time.
We are the balances in this deceitful world.
We will not allow our light
to be quenched of its illuminating flame,
so that we may expose the enemy
of their murderous plans of white annihilation.
For they know that just one lit candle
can drive back the shadows to the far corners,
like a roach that scurries to darkened crevices
as the light of day is shone upon it,
brings hope to a discouraged dying people.

No longer will my thoughts be subjugated to your evil designs.
For a mind that is not at liberty to think freely,
imprisons the heart of its benefactor.

We poets are the candlesticks to our race struggle
as we painfully pen from the ink well of
blood and tears.

Written by Richart

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Broken Cistern

Post by Richart » Fri Mar 05, 2021 6:41 am

Broken Cistern

Restless heart,
beating against the silhouette of loneliness.
My mind sinks deep into the well of my soul,
where living waters once flowed.
Now only a parched bottom,
sidewalls dry and crumbling
as the falling pieces of my past
send waves of hollow echoes
rippling up along the jagged edges
of this decaying hole,
revealing the emptiness
from this darkened cylindrical chamber
that once knew life.
I thirst for the sweet waters again,
hoping that the rains from tomorrow’s dreams
will bring resurgence
back into the murky depths of sunken regrets.

Written by Richart

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Bruder Schweigen (In Their Shadow)

Post by Richart » Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:11 pm

Bruder Schweigen
(In Their Shadow)

It has been a long battle my dear
and this is not easy for me to write,
knowing that this may be my last words to you
has brought sorrow to my tender soul tonight.
I have enjoyed a full life with you
for together we had cried,
together we had laughed
and together we had sighed.
Together we had talked
as we consoled each other's fears,
together we were there
to wipe away each other's tears.
But now it is time
that I must say goodbye,
the sacrifice that I make today
is so that no others have to die.
Our race has struggled long enough
now it’s time to make a stand,
against this evil called Zionism
and remove them from our land.
Their hatred for the white man
has been ageless before time,
bent on our destruction
they commit the most hideous crime.
Protected by governments
the media and schools,
the masses are lied to
for lies are for fools.
Who cannot think for themselves
brainless without a clue,
just sitting there cheering on their sport team
with a joint and a brew.
What waste of mankind
cowards for sure,
who pretend to know nothing
but definitely know more.
For they live in fear
and choose not to hear,
so they go on singing “La, La, La”
with their fingers in their ears.
So now I make that sacrifice
where the many dare not,
and in the shadow of the Silent Brotherhood
I shall be remembered and not forgot.

Written by Richart

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Candlelight Song

Post by Richart » Sat Mar 06, 2021 10:17 pm

Candlelight Song

Candlelight song
so pure and bright,
take this wish
on soulful flight.

Carry thy flame
far and wide,
across the kingdom
to her side.

Let her feel
my presence nearby,
comforting her
where she lies.

For I’ll be there no doubt
with my thoughts in thy heart,
rest now milady
for the night will soon part.

When thou wake up
all will be done,
the battle will be over
the victory won.

For you’ll know in thy soul
I was always there,
embraced in my arms
to show thee I care.

Then back I will travel
a journey not long,
riding the flame
on thy candlelight song.

Written by Richart

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Cerebral Enema

Post by Richart » Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:08 am

Cerebral Enema

I sat here today
tried to write,
but the words would not come
so I continued to fight.

I thought real hard
I thought real deep,
but nothing from my pen
onto my paper would leap.

The strain was unbearable
the pain untold,
my brain went into cramps
still no words would unfold.

I pushed and I squeezed
until my nose started to bleed,
I definitely had blockage
for there was still nothing to read.

I started to panic
so I tried to calm down,
by taking a deep breath in
not making a sound.

Then all of a sudden
the words began to fall,
out from my darkened crevice
onto my paper stall.

The ink made a splash
as the words stuck as glue,
for no writing is ever completed
until all the paperwork is through.

Written by Richart

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