Staying on the Path 10/03/20

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Staying on the Path 10/03/20

Post by Grimork » Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:32 pm ... -the-path/

THE MAIN VENUE for American Dissident Voices is the Web site where this program first appears, Many of my listeners may not know that has a heritage that goes back to 1969, when the National Youth Alliance first published its tabloid newspaper, Attack! — around the same time Revilo P. Oliver made his now-classic film promoting the Alliance, After Fifty Years. Dr. William Pierce soon took over editorship of the paper, which was renamed National Vanguard in 1978 and became a magazine in 1982 and a Web-based online magazine in 2003.

When we were only a print publication, we peaked at a few thousand subscribers. Even if every single copy of the paper or magazine managed to be read by a couple or a few people on average, that’s still just 10,000 people or so being reached in a year’s time. Translated to today’s Internet metric of “page views,” I’d say we had a couple issues a year on average, and seven or eight stories and editorials in each issue that could be called “pages” in the modern sense, so 160,000 page views per year seems about right. When we launched National Vanguard as an online magazine, we were delighted when we finally achieved 160,000 page views per month — not per year, but per month! That was really something! Twelve times our former readership and no printing bills.

By 2016, we were hitting some million-page-view months. In 2020, which is already our biggest year ever even though it’s far from over, we are regularly exceeding four million page views per month.

One of the things this means is that most of the hundreds of thousands of readers reading those four million pages are new people. While that’s exactly what we want and need, there are some things many of these new readers don’t understand.

We respect the fact that those readers are on an intellectual and spiritual journey. We all have been there. We’re here to give you a hand, a lift upward. We’re here to educate you. We’re here to prevent you from going down tempting, but false and downward paths. We’re here to help you avoid “shortcuts” that lead nowhere. We can boost you up several steps at a time, saving you years of wasted effort. Just like today’s scientists and engineers stand on the shoulders of men like Newton, Faraday, and Maxwell who made all subsequent advances possible, we in the National Alliance stand on the shoulders of giants like Lincoln Rockwell, Revilo Oliver, and William Pierce, who cut away the weeds of Jewish/Christian lies and hewed an upward path for us. We can now see the mountain peak ahead of us, the summit we must ascend if our race is to survive, and we see the path we must take to reach that summit.

Some of our readers mistakenly assume that we’re in the early stages of discovery ourselves, and wonder why we don’t listen when they urge us to promote “Christian Identity” beliefs, for example — the idea behind which is that the “Bible is still true but we Whites are the real Hebrews and modern Jews are imposters.” Sorry, but we’ve all studied that belief system and long ago found it factually untrue in every essential particular, with a thousand time bombs and trap doors embedded in it making it unacceptable as a long-term creed for our people. It’s basically a way for well-meaning Whites to fight their Jewish executioners (and bravo to that) while still keeping the Bible that Mommy and Daddy taught them was the source of all truth. And we know that leading our people away from the path of death they’re on now absolutely requires a new, explicitly racial, rational, science-based, and totally non-Abrahamic creed for our leaders and for the best of our Folk. We have that now in Cosmotheism.

Some who write in to us urge us to take a “big tent” approach and stop promoting Cosmotheism, and instead, at least occasionally, promote conservative Catholicism or Christian Orthodoxy.

One such writer is the commentator calling himself “Jack” in our comments section on National Vanguard. Now I like Jack in many ways, even though I often disagree with him. He’s bright. He thinks Whites need Whites-only societies. He celebrates some eastern European countries that still come close to that ideal. He’s religious in the good sense, I think, and the best religious people tend to be people who have evolved beyond crude selfishness and embrace dedication to great, impersonal values and ideals — and I like that, and we as a people need that. He’s a natural writer and expresses himself vigorously and clearly, even though some mistakes indicate he was never trained as one. His passion comes through. I’ve let Jack have his say on numerous issues, even occasionally his pro-Christian say, right here on the pages of National Vanguard. Dr. Pierce did the same thing with intelligently-written letters to the editor in our print days, and even with occasional articles by non-Cosmotheist Christians or atheists if they had something to say that he deemed worth reading by our audience. That’s a tradition I’ve continued.

But Jack is rather upset with me because of the “censorship” of our National Vanguard moderation team. Jack thinks that he can put extensive anti-Cosmotheist or pro-Christian comments, comments that “call us out” for the “terrible mistake” of criticizing Christianity, under every single article on the subject of religion that we publish. I can tell you right now: That’s not going to happen.

What Jack and some other new folks need to understand is that National Vanguard is not a free speech forum. National Vanguard is an online magazine explicitly supporting the agenda and program of the National Alliance. National Vanguard is not a place where your pet theory can be published at great length under every relevant article. Often I’ll let those in opposition have their say, for any number of reasons including 1) so we can see what we’re up against, 2) provide an important refutation of a common misconception, 3) let our readers have a laugh, 4) let our readers, and members, and leaders, see things from a new perspective that might help us evolve our tactics, strategy, and even in rare cases philosophy, or 5) just to be kind to new people and let them know they’re welcome even if they’re not exactly on the same point on the path as we.

But National Vanguard is laser-focused on that upward path — the path shown to us by Dr. Pierce and the other intellectual giants on whose shoulders we stand. Like Jack, we want a White world. But unlike Jack, we know that the philosophies and religions and value systems and governmental structures of the past will not do. As good as they were at their best moments — and in a few places their best moments seem to be lingering — they failed. The belief systems of the past failed in ways that make restoration impossible, under their own terms.

Limited-government libertarianism and “free-market” US-constitutionalism (another two things that Jack and some other commenters are in love with) had certain practical advantages and served our people well in some ways. But, just like socialism, they work best in a virtually all-White society. In Liberia or Somalia, not so much. Just as a more socialist arrangement works relatively well in virtually all-White Scandinavia and eastern Europe. In Zimbabwe, not so much. In the multiracial American feeding and breeding zone, not so much.

But Scandinavian and eastern European socialism, and American limited-government constitutionalism were only all-White by accident and happenstance, not because of anything inherent in semi-libertarian free market ideas or in the US Constitution, and not because of anything in socialist economic doctrine or the constitutions of Sweden or Russia. The same is true of the Catholic, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox societies of Europe and its colonies. They were great because they were White, not because of any Abrahamic doctrine. More importantly, they too were basically all-White by accident and happenstance, not because of anything in their creeds that required that.

Accident and happenstance aren’t good enough. We need a government that is answerable to our people alone — and answerable to our people alone not just because a certain country “happened to have” a nearly all-White population, but because the very basis of the country, and its government, and its future should be explicitly and unchangeably and absolutely White.

The same is true of the spiritual side of our society, its religious institutions. Having a Christian country that “just happens” to have a nearly all-White population and a religion that “just happens to be” mostly White is not good enough. It’s already failed, as Christianity is already going non-White and was explicitly multiracialist, even anti-racial, from its very foundation. Even in countries where it seems not to have failed yet, the belief system contains, like its Christian Identity variant but to an even greater extent, so many trap doors and time bombs that it is bound to be harnessed by our enemies to destroy us in the few cases where it hasn’t been already.

No, we need a creed and a path toward the divine that explicitly affirms the uniqueness of our kind — the European race — and a creed with the explicit purpose of upward evolutionary development and purification of our kind so we can become that new people we speak of in our motto: Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People.

Those things are decided, unchangeable, here on our site and in our growing community of Alliance members and supporters.

We’re not going to allow repeated attacks against our sacred goals here. Reasonable discussion from people willing to learn and grow; yes. Reasonable discussion from people who see our vision of the future and want to make it better with their help; yes. But endlessly repeated slurs and denigration and demoralization posted under nearly every essay of ours on a given topic — no, and not sorry.

And when we, with your needed help, graduate from planning our new society, from working to build a society within a society, to actually running a new society, we are also not going to allow denigration or subversion or destruction of our values and institutions. Tolerating different religions and philosophies that don’t harm our institutions or undermine our goals and values, yes. (You can’t force Aryans to spiritually evolve — that’s impossible — you can only educate and help and encourage them.)

In fact, we’re going to give our people more freedom than they’ve ever experienced before, more real, meaningful freedom than any society has ever seen, because that is the kind of freedom that can blossom under the natural, race-based order that we will bring. But tolerating those who would destroy that freedom, destroy that Nature-based Order? Not for a millisecond.

As we at National Vanguard have pointed out numerous times, the more extreme the culture distortion imposed by the regime in Washington and the money-men who own it, the more polarization there will be — and polarization, which creates a larger and larger number of White Americans who no longer regard the Washington regime as their government, is a prerequisite for the radical changes we need. The basically conservative Trumpian resistance to the Jewish culture distorters will probably be defeated by the edict of some federal judge, which will cause even more polarization. We’re probably going to see the full homosexualization and transgenderization of the regime at every level soon. We’re going to see open calls for White genocide. Things which seemed impossible until this year — things like, oh, say, the replacement of the Washington monument with a 500-foot-high statue of Winnie Mandela holding aloft the corpse of a White child — or the criminalization of “too many” White neighborhoods — or the criminalization of “too many” opposite-sex, same-race marriages — or the criminalization of White parents who refuse to send their toddlers to a “Drag Queen Story Time” where he or she would be fondled by a leering, obese pervert in a nightie and a thong who, as one observer put it, looks like he’d like nothing better than to rape and eat your child — or a thousand other outrages that would make even yesterday’s liberals vomit — now do literally seem possible. There are advantages to this wave of true extremism from our enemies. These ever-increasing outrages all are 1) true reflections of the agenda of the real owners of the current regime, and 2) are much-needed wake-up calls for the healthy Whites who still remain. They sow a hundred thousand seeds of healthy radicalization every hour.

We, who want a society in which our race and its precious posterity, our children, are protected — we who want to see our people rise to meet their destiny and continue to exist over uncounted generations — we who want our intelligence and hard work to lead to our advancement and security as a race — we are not the “extremists.” It is those who want to kill us and end our genetic and cultural heritage forever who are “extreme” in the bad sense of the word.

We at the National Alliance see the way out of the nightmare. We see the path and we see the summit where we will one day stand.

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