Thinking about voting White people?

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Thinking about voting White people?

Post by Grimork » Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:34 am

If those who are displacing you are allowed to hold the balance of power in your elections, you are not free. White people, stop living in the past; stop pretending that it’s still the 80s, that Trump like Reagan means everything’s more or less okay. You need to get this and get it good: Under the government that still calls itself the “United States of America,” you will never again be allowed to choose a leader that favors your interests. Never. Therefore, we must envision and develop and implement solutions that do not depend on the continued existence of the regime in Washington and its rigged, dirty, and contemptible “elections.”

If the aliens and the invaders who are replacing you are given an ever-increasing, always-ratcheting-upward say in the making of the laws, you are not free. And you’d better be damned sure that the law is never going to help you if you’re White. There’s no hope from that direction, pal. Stop dreaming. It’s not happening. You’d better stop wasting your lives looking for a ballot-box solution. That will not be allowed. It’s been legally impossible for the last thirty years. They just “forgot” to tell you.
-Kevin A. Strom ... te-people/

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