Vincit Omnia Veritas

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Vincit Omnia Veritas

Post by Ray W » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:33 pm

Francis Parker Yockey was an American male
who leaned to the Left when young and dumb;
after growing a brain and throwing away things old and stale
his right-thinking mind envisioned a mighty kingdom to come:

a true European union, an Aryan world empire
to replace outdated warmongering and jewish hate
of free people healthy and beautiful, aspiring to be great
inspiring love of blood, soil, light and life striving higher.

In 1947 in Ireland Yockey put his thoughts to print
having witnessed hebes cripple Europe after an Army stint,
then again in England in 1948--Ulick Varange the unique pen name
connoting a stranger in a strange land, like Ulysses of fame.

Imperium correctly called jew vultures culture distorters
(they're more like rabid cancer supporters)
and predicted America's fate if tricked into schlock democracy:
a country populated by liberal idiots yearning for mediocrity.

In 1960 domestic terrorists and semitic muscle the f.b.i.
hustled the truth-telling F.P.Y. to jail,
set a figure ten times higher than normal for bail
and eleven days later informed us he had died--from cyanide!

Yockey survives through his martyred pages;
their clarion call sparks any and all future Golden Ages:
Unite the White Race--to infinity we'll go if we dare;
divided we die: no one will know truth from lie, or even care.

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