March of the Mud-Monkeys

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Ray W
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March of the Mud-Monkeys

Post by Ray W » Sat Aug 08, 2020 4:47 pm

As if poof-parades of butt-truffling fags aren't bad enough,
now black-ass spooks want to strut they stuff
even though simian niggers have achieved nothing of note
from the moment jew sewer-rats kicked them off rickety boats

into cotton fields where not even loyal whips and chains
could yield an honest day's toil or motivate booze-brains
to do anything besides sleep or masturbate--and these slaves
aim to claim Aryan land of the free in the home of the brave!

Dimwit kikes afflicted with death-wish have switched priorities
to ensnare White America to only care about zoo minorities.
Goals and gods don't matter--worship rap, homos and basketball;
in the church of diversity, faithful don't see paleface at all.

Movies and TV reflect setting West and inflated East
replacing White best-of-the-best with lowest and least,
superior Aryan characters reduced to fake reality ho
so black fruits and freaks can naturally steal the show.

Euro babes in rigged beauty pageants are con-spic-uously judged
at lesser value than turd-faced gibbons ribbons begrudged
by fudge-pack faggettes of gasian or blahtino descent
who themselves are little more than aborted kin of excrement.

History as well is no longer based on sensible looks--
niggers invent past greatness condensed in comic books
taken for granted as fact, kingdoms spring from inky desert sand
invisible to human eyes, unaccustomed to Rorschach's hand.

Charcoal chimps fling buffalo chips sea to shining sea
so brutha bootlip feel loved pimping murder, rape and robbery:
the Holy Trinity of africa, heart and soul of voodoodoo sons
tracking mud in blue-blood veins until we be White watermelons.

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