Life Triumphant

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Life Triumphant

Post by Ray W » Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:09 pm

This morning I witnessed a glorious sight--odd for modern day
yet necessary and even critical, some dare say:
a Straight Pride parade.

In the vanguard, a hardy warrior German-made--
burning blue eyes, well-earned muscles, true moon-tan--
walking with thoughtful purpose and hand-in-hand

with an Irish siren smiling after having played
a violin solo for wee folk Sieg-Heiling behind,
kith and kin Euro children marching three to a line

in measured tread with banners overhead, each from a wise clan
advised to camp, fish, hunt, hike and trap
instead of digesting kike holocaust baloney and toilet rap

that poison White brains by anti-goy design.
These fair-skinned girls, boys, women and men
rallied in support of the Aryan family--I'll say it again:

unusual to see among daily commie crap
but done and happily; minding pet flies and goblin face
our kind was gracious enough to grant squatting space

for crumb-bum minorities (Where else?) in the rear-end:
a mocked-up litter-box for colorful perverts to spit and curse
mostly on and to themselves, normal people having dispersed

back to earthy forms of work as befits a higher Race
leaving a crowd of one--a fat rabbi in whore heels,
see-through mini and cheap lipstick--matching his ideals.

Frustrated, the adl's best cried and clutched its purse;
adjusting pantyhose, he-she pranced back to temple-sewer
to pray with lady-boy rats and bathe in sacred manure.

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