A Higher Stage

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A Higher Stage

Post by Ray W » Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:17 pm

Richard Wagner was an artist from the Nineteenth Century
who was also an author and scholar of racial truth;
the multi-talented musical master of Bayreuth
struck rue chords with jews as Aryans renewed in symphony.

Wagner created art for the living heart
even in prose, the depth of feeling rooted whole or part
in actual being, attracting those
opposed to sketchy ghosts, feeding what breathes and grows:

The Ring of the Nibelungs sings to the soaring soul;
heartstrings gently tremble with Tristan and Isolde;
Lohengrin laments divine love unfulfilled;
Wieland the Smith forged wings to reach heavenly Schwanhilde--

Could any of these immortals have sprung from a jewish stem?
Aryans relate to hero and maiden because we look like them.
Strength and beauty remind us of who we are and might be
as only in our kind does lightning thought thunder deed.

Wagner merged music, dance, drama and saga into one
and urged kinfolk to assist in this aesthetic revolution
until art and reality share the same bright-beaming face:
dreamy blood-being worth sightseeing in a united White Race.

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