Holy Warrior

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Holy Warrior

Post by Ray W » Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:22 pm

In honor of Corneliu Codreanu:

World War jew, the sequel, hit Romania heavy and hard,
halfhearted hammer blows of dull Bolshevik steel
lulling those weak and weary to seek commie appeal--
Red fear only cleared by a fearless Iron Guard.

In the Dobrina forest, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu took an oath
at the tender age of eighteen, along with youthful others
to defend root soil and soul, sisters and brothers
and end jewish terror by life or death--or both.

The Captain said a nation's purpose is not to merely exist
but to live free--onward and upward--aware of one's identity
protected by folk and faith and if necessary
by a well-aimed, blood-flamed iron fist.

Like Romania, America faces pure evil--jews, by name
and if eyes and stomach survive the prized White Race alone
graces clean soil, ocean depth and yearning heights unknown
with righteous deeds that even deities will echo our fame.

With the same piety a trough receives from squealing pig brood,
so does Nature desire to see Aryans kneel in yid servitude.
Unity of Race imbued with truthful action, as Codreanu taught
will bury jews beneath ferric feet--if we fight as He fought.

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