FBI Document: Donald Trump is an Israeli Agent

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FBI Document: Donald Trump is an Israeli Agent

Post by Patricia » Wed May 06, 2020 12:14 pm

FBI Document: Donald Trump is an Israeli Agent
Posted by Nikipedia
by Arnold Wheeler

In the midst of the worldwide obsession with the novel and/or ancient “Crown Virus,” a most miniscule droplet of highly-revelatory, tantalizing truth leaked out from the depths of ZOG’s archives of national betrayal. What our healthy intuition has been telling us all along, time and again, has recently been confirmed in the most conclusive manner; a nuclear truth-bomb has exploded, and its radioactive rain doesn’t bode well for the survival of our race. Were it not for the media-orchestrated campaign to sow hysteria about the so-called zoonotic disease, many an astute observer’s attention would be directed at the zionist plague. But alas! As Rahm Israel Emanuel would have it,

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that – it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Say it ain’t so. But fooling all of the people, all of the time, is an unwise tactic; glitches in the matrix are bound to make themselves evident sooner or later. And it is precisely such a glitch that now, at long last, the public can be made privy to. The rodent-faced predators have grown so brazen as to disregard all sense of reason, to say nothing of diplomacy. No. All that has flown out of the window. The jew, in his excited rush to occupy all territories, both literal (incessant, war-criminal land grabs) and metaphorical (the psychologically-tortured realm that is our consciousness, via psyops), has now officially jumped the shark so high that that there’s now a fish somewhere on the moon. Which, by the way, would be the first time a terrestrial entity has made its way all over there.

Gee, I wonder: Who might be planning such plots, hmm?

Just how stupid do they believe we are? Are they really convinced that we haven’t caught e.g. Vlad Jewtin’s blood-dripping hand deep inside the cookie jar? But that’s yesterday’s news. Today, it is “the head of the snake,” the final boss, the vermin consuming us from the inside out, that receives its much-needed spotlight. It’s happening. The Heeb program doth malfunction; oops!

Let’s review some of the reports, shall we?

Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of President Donald Trump who was convicted last year in Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, was in contact with one or more apparently well-connected Israelis at the height of the 2016 US presidential campaign, one of whom warned Stone that Trump was “going to be defeated unless we intervene” and promised “we have critical intell[sic].”

While the jew-run media in White countries has been relentlessly putting all of us into an infinite coma of obliviousness to nefarious yiddish actions, the jew-on-jew press has been rather more candid, going so far as to reveal that Trump received critical intelligence from well-connected Israelis! And we are just supposed to stare for half a second at this nightmarish, infernal beast right over here, say “Oh it must be an innocent illusion,” and gives ourselves a powerful self-knockout back into a coma!? Nope, not gonna fly this this. Everything will be exposed; the k-words won’t get away with their schemes this time around.

It continues:

The FBI material, which is heavily redacted, includes one explicit reference to Israel and one to Jerusalem, and a series of references to a minister, a cabinet minister, a “minister without portfolio in the cabinet dealing with issues concerning defense and foreign affairs,” the PM, and the Prime Minister. In all these references the names and countries of the minister and prime minister are redacted.

No one could ever have possibly predicted any of that, right? That Netanyahu’s Band of Bloodthirsty Bolsheviks would pull-off a massive, audacious, grandiose, complex psychological operation against American citizens to install an Israeli agent right in the Anti-White House, surrounded by fellow assets and spooks – sounds preposterous, right? And yet, there it is and here we are; the bottomless pit, the abyss of Tartarus, gazes straight into your soul, shrieking: “Look at me!” To look away would be singularly irresponsible; but dare to glance back and you may well irrevocably imperils your own sanity. We are dealing with a vast web of manipulators working their darkly-acquired blackmail charms within the halls of power – FACT.

And that’s merely the tip of the kosher iceberg:

Benjamin Netanyahu was Israel’s prime minister in 2016, and the Israeli government included a minister without portfolio, Tzachi Hanegbi, appointed in May with responsibility for defense and foreign affairs. One reference to the unnamed PM in the material reads as follows: “On or about June 28, 2016, [NAME REDACTED] messaged STONE, “RETURNING TO DC AFTER URGENT CONSULTATIONS WITH PM IN ROME.MUST MEET WITH YOU WED. EVE AND WITH DJ TRUMP THURSDAY IN NYC.” Netanyahu made a state visit to Italy at the end of June 2016.

The jew website implausibly implies here that Netanyahu’s visit to Italy at the time may just have been a “pure coincidence.” Yeah, right. Only a clinical and criminal nutcase would be able to witness this sheer madness of Israel deliberately disrupting the American political landscape and somehow end up with the far-fetched conclusion, “Oh well, it’s really weird indeed, but perhaps, like maybe, there is a non-sinister explanation to all of it, somehow.” It defies credulity that such a position is even contemplated by the last remnants among the non-woke sheeple.

Who rules the USA? The Israeli agent, the emotionally-incontinent, cognitively-impaired, orange-skinned Zealous Zombie of ZOG, is doing the bid of another “world leader,” it has been shown. Scratch the eerie colors off the Trumpenstein, and the devilish charlatan Netanyahu is revealed, derisively and demonically laughing at the gullibility of the goy. The maniac behind the scenes is Big Brother Bibi.

We’re just getting started:

The explicit reference to Israel appears early in the text of a May 2018 affidavit by an FBI agent in support of an application for a search warrant, and relates to communication between Stone and Jerome Corsi, an American author, commentator and conspiracy theorist. “On August 20, 2016, CORSI told STONE that they needed to meet with [NAME REDACTED] to determine “what if anything Israel plans to do in Oct,” the affidavit states.

The explicit reference to Jerusalem appears later in the same document, in the context of communication between Stone and his unnamed contact in the Israeli capital. “On or about August 12, 2016, [NAME REDACTED] messaged STONE, “Roger, hello from Jerusalem. Any progress? He is going to be defeated unless we intervene. We have critical intell. The key is in your hands! Back in the US next week. How is your Pneumonia? Thank you. STONE replied, “I am well. Matters complicated. Pondering. R” The “he” is an apparent reference to Trump.

The key to the Gates of Hell is indeed in your hands, jews. Time and again, we look in amazement and disbelief at the plots concocted by the eternal parasite; yet each and every time, the merchants of madness seem to dredge up some excuse or another as to why “it is not what it looks like.” But of course, it’s exactly what it looks like: a jewish coup, wrapped in “critical intelligence” (acquired through the Epstein network, one can safely assume), designed to put a servant of the YIKES atop the apex of the hierarchy of the Gentile world. The facts are solid, well-documented and easily-observed by everyone and anyone in possession of an eye or two; unfortunately, we’re living in a world of extremely myopic, brainless automatons, ‘non-player characters’ who never seem to realize that the matrix has a metastasizing black hole inside of it, swallowing as it is all who happen to pass in its vicinity.

From another source:

The newly revealed messages often raise more questions than answers. They show Stone in touch with seemingly high-ranking Israeli officials attempting to arrange meetings with Trump during the heat of the 2016 campaign. They also provide clues about an attempt to procure some kind of “October surprise” involving damaging information held by the Turkish government.

Yep, the jews are a Pandora’s Box absolutely full of just such happy little “surprises.” The dual Israeli-Russian asset Jewlian Assange is all into the scheme, which really says it all. And these are but the non-redacted parts; presumably, the content hidden from public view paints a picture so vile, dark, and grim that one is better off not even attempting to ponder the utterly hopeless depths of its depravity. Though the jews had desperately attempted to keep it all under wraps, the shtick has run its course, and will soon yield ever-diminishing returns; hence the switch to overt manipulation of the American public, in broad daylight.

Knowing that sans Likud’s intervention, Trump simply wouldn’t be where he is (as his string-pullers explicitly admitted among themselves), is a sobering realization. It’s all part of the plan:

References to some sort of Israeli involvement in Trump’s 2016 campaign cropped up during Robert Mueller’s official investigation of the so-called Russia collusion affair, but were thoroughly redacted. A disproportionately large number of people investigated or questioned in the Mueller probe – oligarchs, advisers and cyber specialists – also had ties to the Israeli establishment. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that both Stone and convicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort were close collaborators with Netanyahu’s legendary strategist and world-class dirty campaigner, the late Arthur Finkelstein. They and others were known as “Arthur’s boys.”

Mossad is so all-over-the-place here, it’s not even funny anymore. America has been hijacked by literal Mossad operatives and assets, literally working directly for the Israeli government. The depressing truth is akin to a horribly bitter pill, painful to swallow; but otherwise, we’re left lost in the horrid, arid, eternal darkness foisted on us by the serpentine leeches of doom. There are no “ifs” and no “buts” in this matter; the Mossad is in control of the US government. It’s as obvious as the hawk-nose on the impudent face of every shekel-shielded shill who’d show up here to deny it. There are no coincidences; only cohen-occurrences. The jews have collectively grabbed us by the leash.

Wake up!

The jews can’t make us un-see the evidence we’ve already seen. The writer at Haaretz doesn’t shy away from spelling out what should have been obvious from the get-go.

Shamelessness is a core characteristic of this nomadic, slithery, desert-spawned race of scoundrels.

He notes:

By 2016, the time period discussed in the FBI files, Trump and Netanyahu had already established what would evolve into a mutual intervention society on each other’s behalf. The first move was made by Trump, who sent Netanyahu a bizarre video endorsement in the 2013 elections. Mocked at the time, the video was made, by some accounts, a short time after Trump had made up his mind to run for president. “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days,” as Ecclesiastes noted, and in this case, in the summer of 2016.

Trump needs the assistance of the Israeli Mossad in order to stay in power; he is completely helpless without it, which is why he is beholden to Mossad’s interests, being fed on a daily basis the deadly agency’s disinformation. If Trump were to deviate from the program outlined to him by the newborn-circumcising spooks, he’d probably face an instant unsurvivable encounter with Mossad’s Kidon Department. The influence campaign goes all the way to the top, from the run-of-the-mill Mossad blackmailer up to Netanyahu. They’re all in (and all-in) on it. The “smoking gun” is in fact lying on the table in plain sight; multiple Israeli officials and operatives have been — and blatantly, boastfully still are — involved in the sordid affair; yet that won’t dissuade the Trump-TARDs from breathlessly clamoring for “4 more years” of judeo-occupation.

We’ve been lied to through and through; ah, but the crowds are heavily addiction to this escalating avalanche of lies, issued by shifty jews and the treasonous con-men who collaborate with them in perpetrating ZOG-rule over America.

Here is the frantically-redacted document. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov ... 9.29.7.pdf

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