Testosterone: The Source of the White People's Racial Supremacy

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Testosterone: The Source of the White People's Racial Supremacy

Post by N567 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:05 am

Ever notice by observation that many Whites, male and female, have larger jaws which widen either horizontally or vertically?

This physical trait, which is prevalent mostly in Whites, is caused by elevated testosterone levels, and this in turn is the cause of the White people's supremacy over other races.

In a previous thread about the totalitarianism of Arabs and Jews which is caused by the prevalence of the 5-HTTLPR gene, also known as the serotonin transporter, in their races,

Source: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4186

I discussed why this gene makes Arabs and Jews racially inferior because of how it causes them to be totalitarian, collectivist, and fanatical of superstition, religion, politics, and any other ideology that suppresses reason and logic and encourages absolute conformity. But another harmful effect that this gene has is that it lowers testosterone levels.

Because this gene transports serotonin, which is the precursor to cortisol, it elevates cortisol. Since cortisol is an antagonist of testosterone, elevated levels of cortisol would lower testosterone levels, and also damage the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and cerebellum, which would in turn lower neuroplasticity, individualism, concentration, decision-making, intelligence, memory, learning, creativity, discipline, sensory acuity, motor skills, speed, and physical strength.

Elevated testosterone levels have the following benefits:

Increased Muscle Mass
Increased Muscle Flexibility
Increased Bone Density
Faster Reflexes
Faster Regeneration
Faster Wound Healing
Faster Metabolism
Decreased Inflammation
Stronger Immune System
Lower Blood Pressure
Increased Blood Flow
Stronger Cardiovascular System
Increased Longevity

Increased Neuroplasticity
Improved Visual Spatial Intelligence
Improved Motor Skills
Improved Bargaining Skills
Improved Attention Span
Improved Concentration
Improved Decision Making Skills
Improved Learning
Improved Working Memory
Improved Creativity
Improved Impulse Control
Improved Pain Regulation
Reduced Stress Response
Increased Endorphin Production
Increased Blood Flow to the Brain

This other thread discusses how to avoid testosterone reducing Jewish anti-androgens in order to keep our testosterone levels elevated. It also discusses the benefits of having elevated testosterone levels:


This article from the National Alliance, discusses how Jews have a brain and body structure that is mentally and physically inferior to other races:
Sheldon’s research was also able to throw some light on the Jewish problem. Jews generally present a coarse texture (low “secondary testosterone-component”) with significant flaring or hamming of the hips and thighs among males. In Brooklyn he found a physique so massive it fell outside the somatotype triangle (and a temperament so aggressive and buoyant, or manic, as to fall outside ordinary human experience).
The low muscle mass, thin bone structure, especially obvious in the narrow collar and pelvic bones of Jews, and high body fat found in Jews along with their inability to control their emotions and their stupidity, is evidence of the Jews' lack of testosterone which is caused by their racially inferior 5-HTTLPR gene.

This is in contrast to the high muscle mass, wide bone structure, especially obvious in the wide collar and pelvic bones of Whites, and low body fat found in Whites along with their increased ability to control their emotions and use reason and logic, which is evidence of the White people's elevated testosterone levels and is caused by the absence of the racially inferior 5-HTTLPR gene in Whites.

Source: https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/03/wh ... m-sheldon/

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Re: Testosterone: The Source of the White People's Racial Supremacy

Post by N567 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:13 am

The SJW US Government's support for Israel has allowed the cortisol driven LGBT faggotry to run rampant in Israel, especially in the capital, Tel-Aviv:

https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/03/pe ... -on-earth/

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