The Reason Why Asians & Africans Are So Obsessed W/ Romance

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The Reason Why Asians & Africans Are So Obsessed W/ Romance

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Asians, because they are collectivist, are extremely obsessed with romantic relationships to the point that they would get overly clingy, attached, emotional and hysterical when a bad thing happens such as cheating, a break up, or the death of their partner. For example, a Chinese woman bit a man's arm and tore her clothes off in a subway train over marriage problems, a Chinese man lies on top of his mistress in the street to shield her as his raging wife and her friends kick them and tear strips off the woman's clothes while a crowd watches, an Indonesian man hangs himself just because his girlfriend breaks up with him, a Malaysian woman vandalizes a man's house because he cheated on her, and an Indian man burns his wife alive because her family refused to pay the dowry. This type of behavior is also shown in the entertainment produced by the media of Asian countries. The Asian love stories are corny, cheesy, sappy and melodramatic and there are scenes where characters would blush before entering a relationship and then cry, scream, or shout hysterically when something bad happens.

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The word romantic, which used to refer to imaginative fantasy and science-fiction stories that included horror elements was co-opted by the leftists to refer to relationships with the opposite sex based on intense emotions and lust. Romantic love and egalitarian sexual degeneracy in the western world, begins when the Jew, Karl Marx, publishes the Communist Manifesto in 1848. The style of art which was popular from the 1800's to the 1850's was Romanticist art and music, with its themes of the fear of nature, industrialization, mad scientists and horror, and this was intellectually sophisticated, but all this changed from the 1850's to the present, when Romanticist art was replaced with Sentimental and Realist art. Sentimental art, with all its sappy, corny, hammy, cheesy messages about idealized love, relationships and marriages based on intense emotions as opposed to practical and logical concerns, peace, altruism, self-sacrifice, white knighting, placing women on a pedestal, and the stupid delusion of empowering women, making them equal, if not, superior to men, and Realist art which promotes the idea of placing the working class on a pedestal, equality, and the reverence for the mundane, average, mediocre and ordinary both had their roots in leftist ideology. The Communists deliberately promoted these ideas to reduce people's intelligence and make them emotional and irrational so that they would not question Communist ideology, such propaganda is termed Anti-Intellectualism.

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Africans are also extremely obsessed with romance and have developed plenty of superstitions revolving around love spells, love potions, love powders, love-objects, and superstitious voodoo love rituals that involve making another person love them by performing a ritual on a supposedly enchanted doll. Parents of young Negro mental patients having a psychosis often contend that all that is wrong is that he or she is suffering from a “spell” placed on them by a jealous or disappointed lover. Negros have a tendency to fall into a catatonic state from the depression or anxiety caused by the trauma of failed relationships, they also have plenty of other stupid superstitions, and their overly emotional attitude towards relationships is also depicted in the entertainment that they produce. This is why modern music is full of corny, cheesy, and sappy love songs: the style originated from Africans who were then given record deals by Jewish recording studios to broadcast and distribute the music so that Caucasians will be brainwashed into being obsessed with romance and have their sexual urges excited so that their testosterone levels will decrease and they will get STD's.

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Caucasians, because they are individualistic, have a calmer and more laid back approach to relationships. If 2 people do not like each other, they just calmly explain that they are not right for each other and walk away in a civil and rational manner.

The reason why Caucasians are more logical is because of a lack of the 5HTTLPR gene that causes a collectivist and fanatical attitude. Fanaticism for superstition, religion, and politics, has negative effects on cognitive function such making the fanatic angry at unbelievers. When the fanatic becomes hysterically angry, their cortisol levels increase as part of the fight or flight response and this causes brain damage in the pre-frontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and cerebellum, the parts of the brain responsible for decision-making, concentration, learning, memory, impulse control, and motor skills, and this in turn causes cognitive impairment. This is why superstitious or religious 3rd world countries and communist countries produce no inventions because they are full of retarded people who have the 5HTTLPR gene.

The collectivist attitude of Africans and Asians is also what makes them superstitious and fanatical of religion and politics, while the Jews have the additional irrational attitude of indulging vices like sex addiction, substance abuse, gambling, and impulse buying. Here is a list of belief systems by various groups, read it to find out that it is the Caucasians that have factual, scientific belief systems:

1.) Africans - introduced superstitions such as magic, paganism, occultism, shamanism, and animism.

2.) Asians - introduced absolute monarchy, religions such as Shenism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Jainism, and the Jews especially, introduced leftist ideologies such as Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, and Social Justice Warriorism and the ideology of Commercialism which is the belief that any addiction like sex addiction, substance abuse, gambling, and impulse buying can be indulged without regard for the negative effects that vices have on health and finances.

3.) Caucasians - introduced capitalism, the break up of religious unity, secularism, democracy, Darwinism, Fascism, National Socialism, Libertarianism, Rationalism, Realism, Empiricism, Pragmatism, Scientism, and Environmentalism. All belief systems that use the scientific method and have propelled the Caucasian people to greatness.

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