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A simple strategy for disempowering jewish privilege is that of a general boycott on anything and everything jewish or that is essential to the jews’ maintenance of power in society and this through passive and active means.

Passively one should minimize all dealings with jews both socially and in business as much as possible and only when absolutely necessary so that it redounds to the greater good and the lesser evil of whites as a collective not merely swelling the coffers of particular whites or their families. This is of course difficult given the inordinate power and control of the jew and as such necessitates that all whites live as frugally and in as spartan a manner as possible when not directly funding or buying from which owned and manufactured goods and availing themselves of services from white service providers keeping in mind that things should be made as white as can be adhering to the creed of the army “be as white as you can be” which should be the general strategy supportive of the 14 words.

The book “White Law: a Guide to White Right Life” gives examples of various financial and materialistic strategies to employ in “living as white as can be”. Thus the jews’ ability to profit from you should be minimal giving them the least opportunity to enrich themselves at your expense. More positive or active strategies will be discussed in the foregoing of general recommendations. In all social commerce with jews one must shun or avoid contact with them as much as possible without appearing anti-social, maintaining the appearance of sociability as a general facade thereby increasing the probability of dealing with the enemy undetected, being superficially friendly when prudent. Minimize, as part of the passive strategy of boycotting jews, exposure to mainstream communications whether in the form of books, periodicals, news media, controlled opposition faux alternative media except as a socio-psychological study preferably through filters such as pro-white activists. This enables you to maintain a critical distance from the emotive nature of the propaganda and yet to understand what is being done and how through drawing inferences in the light of an understanding of the real agendas(eg. Kalergi and Steinlite plans, jewish supremacism, white genocide,etc.).

Sever to the extent possible all business and social ties on plausible pretexts if necessary or giving no reasons, possibly doing so at a pivotal moment that leads to the sabotage of the jews reputation or the failure of their business or government function. This leads into the active boycotting which would entail anything from smear campaigns or exposure of individuals or businesses preferably done anonymously that expose their corruption and ties to that which is socially taboo such as supporting the state of Israel or paedophilia or mass immigration. Dox those affiliated with vile activity and turn people in local communities against the jews who dwell there and represent themselves as ‘neighbours’,etc.

Specifically referring to them as jews only when their advocacy (eg. Supporting the state of Israel) makes it appear relevant or when done completely anonymously so that the community will have of jews and their neighbours associated in their mind such that they are revealed explicitly as jews which should carry a stigma amongst all of those not jew-worshipping zionuts. Given that the system(government; NGOs; United Nations) is properly called Z.O.G or J.O.G(zionist or jewish occupation government) it follows that in order to boycott jews one must boycott the system itself and this through every means that does not visit undue harm both to oneself and his fellow whites.

The question of what ‘undue’ means here can be answered by saying whatever exceeds the limits of the bare subsistence of an individual, eg. Food, shelter and maintenance of the necessary conditions thereto perhaps with the addition of a small quantity of financial resources necessary to maintain a basic level of operations(eg. Having a computer and internet access) and whatever is necessary for their business to procreate but only if that business is overall beneficial (more beneficial than harmful) to the white race as a collective, in terms of maintaining the basic state for all or as many useful whites as necessary.

Thus boycotting the system follows the above satyagrahaist methodology of severing contact with all superfluous services and consumeristic activity as well as contributing financially in any way to any but white people to the extent possible. In a more active way it consist of anti-system agitation and propaganda, spreading awareness of its corruption and ultimate cause, the jewish parasite. Reading out to those on the left who are reachable(if they exist) and raising awareness of the jewish problem so that they will be more effective on their specific activism, eg. Environmentalists, free speech activists, human right activists,etc.

Who will then understand that all of that which they agitate against is traceable to jews as cause and to eliminate the effect one must eliminate the cause, ie jewish power, through deportation or taking the leadership from power through eg. Police and military coups, etc. Boycotting jews would entail the undermining of various organizations and businesses through revealing the truth about them to their sources of funding, eg. Christians and sell out whites or those who are good intentioned and beguiled by their propaganda and lying claims of ‘humanitarianism’, ‘tolerance’,etc. Which are mere covers for censorship as a means of the facilitation of white genocide. Operating on a barter system and as locally and interpersonally as possible without the presence of a system middle man(government agency; regulatory body,etc.) or middle man of the private sector(eg. Monsanto)such as dealing with service providers paying them under the table or purchasing goods from the manufacturer or farmer and of course only those goods conducive to personal improvement as outlined in the book “White Law: a Guide to Right, White Life” .

Starving the parasite through a voluntary fast is necessary and no matter how unpleasant the healing crisis, it is infinitely better to endure momentary pain than to allow the parasite to starve and contaminate the host. They only way to expel the parasite is to starve it and that means in practical terms depriving it of all sources of food(eg. Money) given that the life’s blood of the jew is the money of the non-jew, a representation of their productive labour.

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MasterMensch wrote:BOYCOTT JEWS
A simple strategy for disempowering jewish privilege is that of a general boycott on anything and everything jewish or that is essential to the jews’ maintenance of power in society and this through passive and active means...
Thus boycotting the system follows the above satyagrahaist methodology...
"Satyagrahaist methodology"? Really?

Did you write this, Mensch? If not, credit who did please.

We have a section on who to boycott already, here:

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