Anti-Whites eat their own, New Mexico edition

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Anti-Whites eat their own, New Mexico edition

Post by Jim Mathias » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:53 pm ... story.html
New Mexico cafe and hotel being mistaken for nearby store with racist signs
Brian Niemietz
By Brian Niemietz
New York Daily News |
Aug 11, 2019 | 7:17 PM

It’s another sign of the times.

Operators at New Mexico’s Mayhill Cafe & Hotel say they’re being wrongly targeted by protesters who are upset about bigoted signage displayed by the nearby Mayhill Convenience Store.
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The mix-up came to a head last week when when the store posted anti-immigrant rhetoric on its window. Social media ran amok and the roadside inn in Mayhill got caught in the crossfire, according to Alamogordo Daily News.

“This needs to stop,” Mayhill Cafe & Hotel manager Tammy Varbel said.

Varbel’s neighbors on Highway 82 first drew attention three years ago for flaunting their right wing politics with signs on the market’s windows stating that President Obama and Muslims were not welcome there, according to station KRQE in New Mexico. Another sign reportedly called for “Bullets not Ballots."

Mayhill is located roughly 100 miles northeast of El Paso, Texas, where an anti-immigrant gunman killed 22 shoppers in a Walmart a week ago.

“Where is the KKK when you need them?” asked one homemade poster on the mini-market’s window in 2017.

Those signs have since come down, but the mini-market, which has no connection to Mayhill Cafe & Hotel, is back in the news over a posting on its door stating, “Illegal Immigrants Not Welcome Here.”

Varbel concedes there’s nothing she can do to drag her neighbor out of the stone age, but she’s tired of paying the price for that operator’s actions. Those consequences have reportedly included bad publicity and threats of violence against the hotel.

“I don’t care what he does over there, that’s his deal, but confusing the two is really upsetting because it affects our business, it affects what people think about us,” according to Varbel.

One user on the travel review website TripAdvisor seems to have mistaken the two businesses.

“It was racist to my people, service is terrible,” that commentor warned. “You should not have to deal with people who are not educated.”

A fan of the Mayhill Cafe & Hotel claiming to be from Texas logged-on in defense of the wrongly ID’d hotel.

“Great place — Not the Racist Store!” wrote KyleBMan. “The hotel and cafe is NOT the business in Mayhill with the racist signs. That is at a separate business next door that is not affiliated in any way with the cafe. The hotel and cafe is run by great folks and has outstanding food.”

More than a dozen Yelp reviewers also attacked the the hotel on Yelp, giving it a one-star rating and urging people not to patronize the operation.

“Don’t go here,” wrote one Yelp user. “Owner must be a Bigot with that Sign on the Door. Terrible to see this nonsense in New Mexico.”

Cooler {and more intelligent} heads on that social media platform also called for angry reviewers to differentiate between the hotel and its racist neighbor.

“This is NOT the business with all the racist signs,” wrote a user named Pastor K, claiming he’s from New Mexico. “That is a separate business next door that is not affiliated in ANY way with the hotel and cafe.”

Varbel told Alamo Gordon News that she too has tried using social media to set the record straight, but with little success.

“I’ve said you’ve got the two places confused but people won’t listen, I had to shut it down,” she said. { :lol: }

An “Unusual Activity Alert” was added to the Yelp page for Mayhill Convenience Store, stating that recent headlines have brought high traffic to the store, which has a one star review overall. Facebook users signed on to Mayhill Convenience Store to call its owner “disgusting” and suggested shoppers go “anywhere else.” The store’s phone line has been disconnected.
Seems the level of intelligence exercised here by the anti-Whites is pretty low to mistake one store for another---and really mess with a "politically correct" business. The "stone age" comment gave Varbel up for the PC bigot she is, my thanks to the Jewish scribbler of this screed for exposing her. Call it schadenfreude, but it's rather entertaining to see Varbel's business feel the pain come from one of their own that was intended for another.
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