Southern Caucasians & Negro Ownership

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Wade Hampton III
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Southern Caucasians & Negro Ownership

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:36 am

1. Most White people in America
did not own Negro slaves. Only a
small percentage of Whites owned
them. Slaves were very expensive.
So, with slavery reparations (cash
payouts will happen at some point
in time), most White taxpayers
will be punished for something
that they, and their ancestors,
didn’t even do.

2. Contrary to popular belief,
American slave-traders didn’t
capture their Negro slaves by
chasing them through the African
jungles. Instead, Negro tribal
chiefs in Africa sold Negroes
into slavery to the Jew slave
- traders — often very cheaply,
e.g., trading two chickens for
one Negro. (Then, as now, Negroes
cared little about their fellow

3. If Negros are given reparations,
will they stop murdering, robbing,
raping, assaulting, stealing and
drug - dealing? (Betcha not).

4. Who will decide who gets
reparations and who doesn’t? If
you’re half-Negro, will you get
reparations? What about if
you’re 1/4 Negro? And, who
will get 'reparations' next?
“Native Americans”? Homosexuals?
Homosexual Jews? Mexicans?
Goy females? (I’m guessing ALL
of them).

5. Negros have already gotten
lots of 'reparations' from Whites.
For example: food stamps, six
different kinds of federal and
state welfare payments, rent -
subsidized housing, Affirmative
Action, free Obamacare health
care, free (pro bono) legal
aid from liberal and “civil
rights” groups, etc. Whitey
has bent over backwards to
help Negros — you’d think that
Negros were really, really
important people!

6. Slavery in America ended
154 years ago. Let’s move on,
okay? (But yet, slavery is
still practiced in Africa today!
There’s some serious irony
there! [1]). ... n-a-decade

[1] “Slavery has never been
eradicated in Africa, and it
commonly appears in African
states(?), such as Chad,
Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and
Sudan…” — Wikipedia.
AOC To The Rescue! Sarcasm Intended!
AOC To The Rescue! Sarcasm Intended!
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Jim Mathias
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Re: Southern Caucasians & Negro Ownership

Post by Jim Mathias » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:12 am

Reparations? Sure, an excellent idea so long as it's an uneventful boat ride to Africa. Sans "citizenship." No exceptions for those with any Negroid DNA. And while we're at it, mestizos, mongrels, Mongoloids, and other non-Whites can get their fair share of reparations too, in kind.

Sounds like a great deal for non-Whites to escape "White supremacy," doesn't it?

Sorry folks, I'm feeling rather generous with idle rhetoric on this topic of questionable value today. Those of us who want to comply with the program of the National Alliance should know that I too am in favor of building a revolutionary infrastructure towards the day we dictate any and all terms in regards to who is and who isn't among us.
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