You Are Kidding, Right???

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Re: You Are Kidding, Right???

Post by Will Williams » Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:44 am

Wade, you opened this topic in Humor with some freak wearing a diaper, sucking on a pacifier. Ha, ha! It's too bad we don't have a section named Sick where that could have been posted. Next thing you know your posting phyllis66's crap here in Humor. I understand: you can't help yourself.

I don't put NA policy statements in WB Humor, Wade, I put them in the National Alliance BULLETIN. The May issue was mailed Friday, 29 May, to our members and to supporters like you, so you should have received it by now. The very fact that I was able to publish it -- our 65th edition in as many months -- have it and the flier and sticker that were inserted printed, inserted then mailed ahead of schedule should have shown you that it's business as usual, despite the ridiculous "lockdown" you and others have been living under.

Neither I nor my wife have worn a silly mask in 2020. Alliance policy is to build our organization in an area free from the pandemic, the near police state lockdown chaos and the marauding Negroes and Antifa arsonists and looters. That's our "policy" on the pandemic; that's what we're doing. You were acknowledged in this BULLETIN for making a generous donation that helps us with Alliance-building. That''s what you do to help and it's greatly appreciated.

Challenging me here in Humor to satisfy your curiosity about NA policy is not helpful. I've asked you several times nicely to quit putting NTS commentary here at WB and you have ignored me. Would you rather I make that request Alliance "policy?" Really? How 'bout just making my job easier by doing as I ask. Cease!

I have a dozen things to do today and here I am, instead, clarifying Alliance "policy" on the phony pandemic for you. Go to and and see all the Alliance policy statements you can stand. If you want to discuss this further we can do it by telephone. I'm locking this topic.