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Rolling Stone mentions the NA, Turner Diaries

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Rolling Stone mentions the NA, Turner Diaries

PostMon Apr 22, 2019 12:19 am ... ky-822598/

.....Vanquishing the ZOG is a central theme in the seminal The Turner Diaries, a 1978 novel by William Luther Pierce, founder of the National Alliance, a white supremacist group. It centers on the Order, a cell of brave white men who orchestrate a violent guerilla war against the System, a Jewish-controlled government that has snatched everyone’s guns and made it a hate crime for white people to defend themselves against the savage hordes. Taking its name from The Turner Diaries, an actual group called the Order also borrowed its most gruesome tactics, assassinating a Jewish radio host named Alan Berg in 1984 for the crime of mocking them on-air. Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was also a big fan of the book; he justified his attack by calling it a counterstrike in a war against an oppressive government system. Photocopies of pages from The Turner Diaries were found in the car driven by McVeigh just after the attack. ....
The author admits being a Jew (at Rolling Stone this is no surprise as its founder is from the same tribe as well.) Read the article at your own risk, this particular Sheeny knows how to smear -- paragraph after paragraph after paragraph... and it's full of the usual anti-White tropes. :roll:

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