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The Case For Trump

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Will Williams

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The Case For Trump

PostMon Apr 01, 2019 11:03 am

Watched an interesting interview with Victor David Hanson on C-SPAN's BOOKTV this weekend. He's a conservative academic and author, writes for The Washington Times and National Review, and occasionally contributes on FOX News.

Hardback available on Amazon for $18. Here's the blurb at Amazon:
In The Case for Trump, award-winning historian and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson explains how a celebrity businessman with no political or military experience triumphed over sixteen well-qualified Republican rivals, a Democrat with a quarter-billion-dollar war chest, and a hostile media and Washington establishment to become president of the United States -- and an extremely successful president.

Trump alone saw a political opportunity in defending the working people of America's interior whom the coastal elite of both parties had come to scorn, Hanson argues. And Trump alone had the instincts and energy to pursue this opening to victory, dismantle a corrupt old order, and bring long-overdue policy changes at home and abroad. We could not survive a series of presidencies as volatile as Trump's. But after decades of drift, America needs the outsider Trump to do what normal politicians would not and could not do.


The interview was insightful and informative. It went well until I heard the defeatist Hanson say, "The term White is no longer valid because everybody's family is intermarried [racially-mixed] now."

Speak for yourself, Hanson.

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Jim Mathias

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Re: The Case For Trump

PostMon Apr 01, 2019 10:51 pm

Ecch....conservatives. What losers! This guy Hanson benefits from his White ancestry yet pisses it away writing such garbage. The essay (and one-time pamphlet the NA used to distribute) "Why Conservatives Can't Win" explained these people so well. To sum up, they crave "respectability" by nosing up to Jewish sphincters hoping the smell left on them will make them acceptable to sick/degenerate/defective liberals--which never happens anyway. Conservative activities are a heat sink for the softer version of White characters/intellects to waste their energies upon.

How nice would it be to have the aforementioned pamphlet and "The Roots of Civilization" back again. Those were great for aiming at a more intelligent audience.
Contact me via PM to obtain quantities of the "Send Them Back" stickers.

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