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Jewish Capitalism Is A Failure

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Wade Hampton III

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Jewish Capitalism Is A Failure

PostMon Nov 05, 2018 4:34 pm

As the wealthy continue sucking the country dry, the question now isn’t
if the US will cease to provide a decent standard of living for its people.
Rather it is how many people will be sacrificed on the way down. In America,
the richest nation in the world when measured by raw GDP, children are
getting sick from living by open pools of raw sewage. The sewage-filled
yards were found in poor areas like Lowndes County, Alabama, where many
people cannot afford to install septic tanks, causing sewage to pool by
their homes. This untreated waste creates the potential for all kinds of
diseases. In Lowndes, it has led to the proliferation of hookworm, a
parasitic disease of the intestines commonly found in the world’s poorest
developing countries.
Open Septic Tank
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In America, the old devour the young. Young Americans are struggling under
the weight of $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. But don’t let that confuse
you about the state of America’s elderly. They too aren’t taken care of. In
many European countries people are entitled to pensions and they can retire
comfortably. In the US some have to work until they die as Social Security
isn’t enough to live on and Medicare doesn’t quite cover all of their medical
needs. As for healthcare, as many as 45,000 people a year die because they
cannot access it.
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Re: Jewish Capitalism Is A Failure

PostMon Nov 05, 2018 6:33 pm

What's a better choice, socialism?
Think we're taxed now, wait until we get true socialism. ... d-failing/
I guess either socialism or communism would be fantastic as long as you were part of the "in crowd".
I lived in West Virginia for 14 years and the problem there is the road system, it sucks so no industry or factories are going to locate there.
A quick trip on an interstate could get you from Elkins to Lewisburg BUT there is no interstate so it's a half day exhausting drive on switchback, winding mountain two lane roads.
West Virginia has logging, coal and cattle - at least where I was at - or Lowes, Walmart, convenience store, some sort of government and if you're really lucky, getting maybe UPS, FedEx or utility company job.
I saw first hand "what" Obama's war on coal did there.
The no septic tanks - that's local government's fault.
It's not diversity, it's displacement.

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