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Jews Seek Nimrata Randhawa For Next USofA President!

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Jews Seek Nimrata Randhawa For Next USofA President!

PostFri Oct 12, 2018 2:40 am

NTS posted....

When that lunatic American Ambassador to the United Nations, Nimrata Randhawa
aka "Nikki Haley" was finally dismissed by US President Drumpf last week, I
honestly said "Good Riddance to bad rubbish"... That lunatic was nothing more
than a Jew **** ****** who absolutely went in front of the UN like a rabid dog
only to constantly do exactly what her Jewish masters demanded... She made herself
the laughing stock of the UN for her constant want for nothing more than more wars
for that psychotic state and should have rightfully been called the UN Ambassador
for Israel! Everyone was hoping that we would finally have seen the last of this
disgusting bitch... But apparently something more sinister may be on the horizon
for this mentally unbalanced lunatic!
The Eternal Jew
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Right now, I want to present the following article, that comes from the Canadian
Global Research website, at, where apparently there is a
very strong speculation that this raving lunatic, Nimrata Randhawa aka "Nikki
Haley" may now be the one that these Jewish monsters want as the next President
of the United States! Here is that article for all to see for themselves, and
I have my own thoughts and comments to follow: ... te-of.html

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