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Negro Louisville Councilman runs for office in Nigeria

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White Man 1

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Negro Louisville Councilman runs for office in Nigeria

PostWed Oct 03, 2018 6:40 pm

Vitalis Lanshima, the guy picked to replace the serial pants-dropper Dan Johnson on the Louisville Metro Council, has gone missing.

Lanshima is not returning phone calls; he’s not answering texts.

Seems he’s too freakin’ busy to do his job because he’s running for another office.

In Nigeria.

That’s 6,065 miles away. In Africa.

Meanwhile, he’s still collecting his $48,000-a-year paycheck, and the poor folks of Louisville’s 21st District are stuck yet again — just as they were when the pants-dropping Johnson was banned from City Hall — not getting the representation they pay for or deserve.

Jim Mathias

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Re: Negro Louisville Councilman runs for office in Nigeria

PostThu Oct 04, 2018 1:59 am

Scamming Americans is a huge Nigerian industry, this one just found a different way of doing it. At least he's not involved with mobs of blacks who have been known to roam downtown Louisville looking to riot, assault passers by and anyone else who present themselves as targets of convenience, or engage in other mob actions. Having traveled through that town using the local interstate highways (mostly I-65) several times in the past, I'm glad there aren't too many open, unfenced overpasses for them to use to attack using thrown/dropped objects. It's hard to defend against that sort of thing.

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