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Hello from Europe

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Hello from Europe

PostSun Sep 23, 2018 5:20 am

Hi White brothers,

I'm writing to you from Russia today, although I'm originally from a Germanic Flemish family.
I was brought up in the contemporary "equality" doctrine in school, but as I studied in university and watched the mayhem caused by other races in our European cities, I grew closer and closer to the idea of White biocentrism.

I don't really follow any nationalist movement in Belgium since they're either petty nationalists who would prefer a Flemish-speaking Arab to a French-speaking White, and the other, more white-centered movements are often full of uncultured, inbred skinheads with no knowledge of political theory. However, I've had the luck to come accross your forum a couple weeks ago, started reading it, and was fascinated.

Now, I'd like to document myself more and exchange with fellow White nationalists here, in order to promote later on in Belgium and everywhere else in Europe the idea of a common White community that has to be united against race mixing.

Have a nice day!
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Re: Hello from Europe

PostSun Sep 23, 2018 2:11 pm

Welcome! We're glad to have you, and look forward to seeing your future posts. Please take a moment to look over our forum rules here,
and our statement of purpose here

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Re: Hello from Europe

PostMon Sep 24, 2018 1:54 am

Welcome, Mr. Sturmvogel_792. We here at White biocentrism are adherents and practitioners of the life-philosophy Cosmotheism and hope you'll check this out to assist you in understanding our perspective while you're here. While we too want all-White communities in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and wherever there are Whites around the planet, we have goals both long and short term to get us to where we want to go. How we'll do it is described here:

Incidentally, this tract has been produced in booklet form and can be ordered through the website, though the rules/laws for your country will have to be observed when it comes to receiving/possessing it.

As Whiteman1 said, check out our forum rules but help yourself to as much of our archived content as you like! It's great to have you here and feel free to post questions and thoughts as many of us love to converse about many topics that are important to our race and its future.

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