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Jew-S-A : Dead Man Walking

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Wade Hampton III

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Jew-S-A : Dead Man Walking

PostTue Sep 18, 2018 9:39 pm

NTS posted...

I decided, for a change, to take the time earlier today to look at what
the Jew spew media has been selling to the American sheep with their
ludicrous reports on their so called networks such as "CNN" and "MSNBC"
... And what I saw was most revolting... Absolutely NO reports at all
on what has been happening in Syria and how the psychos in Israel recently
launched another of their patented "missile strikes" to try to escalate
the conflict... Instead I saw nothing but pure garbage about that "Kavanaugh
hearings", and of course the bull**** "Emmy Awards" that are there to fill
gullible and stupid American minds with more fluff and distractions... To
me it is so disgusting to see how that once great nation has fallen and how
the psychotic Jews now in control are leading the entire American nation
into disaster...
Top Jew Bolshevik
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Jim Mathias

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Re: Jew-S-A : Dead Man Walking

PostWed Sep 19, 2018 2:01 am

And when the time comes that their (Jews') paper dollars become worthless and/or not welcome anywhere; or when some other part of this giant's feet of clay gives out beneath it and brings about the end of the panem et circenses that keep most so distracted, will the light of reality then shine in those deluded skulls? Probably not, and what follows likely won't be pretty.

But it will be necessary. After all, haven't we grown too fat and happy? Hasn't the lowest, the meanest, the least among us been allowed to breed prolifically for too long? Hasn't their presence along with their very natural appetites for the low, the mean, and the worst brought us all into disrepute with them by the simple tie of blood? We need a good housecleaning, and it appears that we're heading for one. We're not in control of that from what I can see.

It's not too late to forestall that sort of event outside our control until a day arrives when we once again have our destiny fully under our control and the housecleaning can be done in an orderly and beneficial way with the least harm to the best of our people. Time is short, though, and we haven't willed ourselves to the power we want as yet--we're not even close. There's a lot to do, mostly reaching out to, bringing into our fold, and inspiring them to use their will to power to aid us in a race-wide effort at regaining that control of destiny--towards the Creator's purpose. The consequences of our failure to do so you already know.

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