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Jew Media Whores At Work

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Jew Media Whores At Work

PostSun Sep 16, 2018 8:40 pm

NTS posted...

Yes, there was a "hurricane" in the Carolina's in the United States last week,
named "Florence", but in my honest opinion, that turned out to be a spectacular
dud... Every Jew spew media outlet across America was putting out their
propaganda bull**** that Hurricane Florence was going to be a "1 in 1000
year disaster" and yet by the time that "hurricane actually made landfall
in South Carolina it was nothing more than a large tropical storm.... And
you really have to laugh on how the liars in the Jew spew media changed
their tune and rather than admit that they were wrong all along about this
storm's intensity, suddenly called it a severe tropical storm that was going
to inundate the Carolina's with "never been seen before" rainfall and flooding!
I truly had to do a face palm as I watched these morons in the so called media
continue to put out report after report about how "devastating" this storm
was, when alternative media reports claimed that yes there was some flooding
and damage, but NOT even close to the "severity" that the Jew spew media was
concocting... And the real laughter was when we saw the news report where a
reporter was standing in the wake of the storm, leaning a bit sideways to
try to make it look that he was being bombarded by high winds, while onlookers
went calmly walking by behind him not the "worse for wear" from this supposed
super intense storm!... That alone showed how the liars in the media were
indeed concocting lies about this "Hurricane Florence" and were selling
viewers on their lies..... Yes, Hurricane Florence did some damage, but
absolutely NOT to the extent that the propagandists tried to state... It
basically was not this "storm of the century" and turned out to be nothing
more than pure bull**** and propaganda to once again fill American minds
with crap and pure fluff... A diversion to keep Americans away from important
news elsewhere? That also did cross my mind....
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