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American Bolsheviks Taste Their Own Blood

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Wade Hampton III

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American Bolsheviks Taste Their Own Blood

PostMon Sep 10, 2018 2:02 am Chris Morton.

Antifa never really believed that conservative Americans might actually
answer violent attacks…with violence. It’s one thing for bullies to
intimidate through force of numbers. It’s another when bullies see and
taste their own blood. This past summer, the right has organized and
successfully pushed back against masked troublemakers. In most cases,
it hasn’t gone well for the true fascists. Masked toughs don’t respond
well when their intended victims don’t run, but fight back instead. In
fact, masked tough guys tend to break and run pretty quickly when faced
with violent resistance. Take Mr. Masked Antifa, who tried to wield an
expandable baton in Oregon earlier this summer. One punch and he was
down for the count. Here’s the video:
Top Bolshevist
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Jim Mathias

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Re: American Bolsheviks Taste Their Own Blood

PostTue Sep 11, 2018 1:27 am

The street action and accompanying violence is great if you're into adrenaline rushes and spending nights in a hospital or jail, but the productive revolutionary activity for Whites is in building up media and educational institutional power for purposes of capturing governments-- as our people don't have control of these institutions as yet.

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