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Ageing On Terra Is Rapid

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Wade Hampton III

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Ageing On Terra Is Rapid

PostFri Aug 10, 2018 11:16 pm

Thomas E S Thomas, Exploring and geology posted...

Why Ageing On Terra Is Rapid...

One of the reasons we age so rapidly and get muscle spasms and
have a slew of joint and bone related issues is that Mother Earth
has really, really strong gravity. This is why the largest animals
on our planet lived in the ocean, or looked like this:
56589.jpg (73.39 KiB) Viewed 520 times

African Elephants have some of the biggest calf muscles of any
animal in history. Millions of years earlier other species
developed the same system:
56590.jpg (25.24 KiB) Viewed 520 times

Extinction followed for The Brachiosaur. Earth may not actually
be well-suited for large animals, including Caucasians. We live
here because we were bred here, but that does not make our planet
perfect. If we were to find a smaller life class planet or a dry
class planet like Mars (or Luna) and build a colony there, our
Caucasians living on that base might live three or four times
the average humanod lifespan on Earth.

Unfortunately, any child born in that low gravity environment
would suffer terribly coming to Earth. Their bones would not
be suited for Terran gravity. Were we to visit a planet with higher
gravity than Earth, we too would suffer from low bone density.
So what scientists are looking for before they make a generation
ship as a planet with gravity similar to Earth. That way there
an be mutual transit between both worlds. So far they have
found what they call Super Earth’s, or Hot Earth’s, planets
that are larger than Earth. Soon enough however we will find
suitable planets our size.

Jim Mathias

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Re: Ageing On Terra Is Rapid

PostSat Aug 11, 2018 12:24 am

Interesting material here. I'm grateful to have lived this far, and given the chance it appears I'll live for quite awhile longer. There have been numerous times I was very near to death, and medical science has pulled my fat out of the fire a few of those times. Our pre-historic ancestors didn't have the collected body of knowledge we have to help keep them around so long, living much shorter lives.

As a personal observation, it does seem that taller people (than me and I'm 5'7", that is) have more leg, hip, and joint issues as time goes on generally. Is gravity is pulling them down towards the eternal dirt nap faster?? If so, perhaps being at my height is a survival advantage after all. :D

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