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The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostSun Nov 17, 2019 9:15 pm

Will Williams wrote:Forget "leftism" as the cause of descendency among White inventors. Substitute anti-White for each time you use the word leftist. Serious White racial loyalty is what's needed, not "rightism." Make America White again!

Mother Nature doesn't give a hoot which of her unique creatures is the most inventive, the smartest, the prettiest, or anything else. What Nature cares about is who is left standing when the struggle among sub-species comes to an end. Whites need to embrace this truth and act collectively to reverse it mass suicide. If White people do not adopt the position of separating from the non-White sub-species geographically without apology, and fast, and cease feeding and medicating and educating and arming its racial rivals for living space that list of White inventions will become null and void.

That is true because the Jews are the ones responsible for the leftist movement.

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