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Will Williams

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Re: Latest Bulletin

PostSat Nov 09, 2019 7:43 pm

October BULLETIN will be mailed late. With the post office closed at noon on Saturday, closed on Sunday for the churchgoers and on Monday for the veterans, it will go out on Tuesday, 12 November. Sorry, folks.

A preview of one feature in this issue that is time sensitive is below:


Lots to be Auctioned
Near NA Headquarters

A very lovely, well-developed, restricted subdivision with 35 lots will be auctioned on site Saturday, November 16. This will be an excellent opportunity for Alliance members to purchase a lot that is located on the scenic bypass around Mountain City, just 3.5 miles from the entrance to the National Alliance's lush, 50-acre. property. Become a part of our community! This is short notice, but we only learned about this auction a few days before this issue of the BULLETIN went to press -- a little late this month due to pressing deadlines that had to be met. Ron Ramsey, former Republican Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee, who lives nearby is the auctioneer, and has teamed up with the local trio of outstanding businessmen who developed these beautiful Laurelwood Estates. For GPS purposes use '900 Laurelwood Lane, Mountain City, TN'. More details about the terms of this opportune auction and a copy of the impressive restrictive covenants can be found at -- telephone: (423) 323-8700.


Building a National Alliance/Cosmotheist community requires that our people live in or in close proximity to that community. Laurelwood Estates is the classiest residential development near our Laurel Bloomery headquarters and should attract those serious members and supporters with the means to purchase a lot located so near our venture to build their homes on later.

* * * * * * *

The landmark in the background of the photo image is called "twin fodder" by locals here, and can be seen from our new NA property in Laurel Bloomery. Short notice on this auction, but perhaps some Alliance supporters will be interested in locating here in this outstanding development. It's doubtful all 35 lots will be sold next Saturday.

Fodder stacks
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Wade Hampton III

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Re: Latest Bulletin

PostSun Nov 10, 2019 7:35 pm

What is going to happen to the property in WVA?
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Will Williams

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Re: Latest Bulletin

PostMon Nov 11, 2019 10:46 am

Wade Hampton III wrote:What is going to happen to the property in WVA?

We don't discuss these things on our public fora, Wade. Our members and financial supporters will read a little about what's going on with our WV property when they receive their internal NA BULLETINs later this week.
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Re: Latest Bulletin

PostThu Nov 14, 2019 2:38 pm

Got mine today.
Very interesting read.
I'm wondering if Donny and Barb will last on "the land" with that horrible road in and so far off the beaten path. It's like a half of day shot just running down to Lewisburg to hit the Super Wallyworld for supplies (like diapers for the little guy) and back since the IGA in Marlinton is rather pricey I'd imagine.
Also a hike to Robert C Byrd Clinic.
Hopefully being young they can handle the hardships.

I guess two West Virginia winters were enough for Jay, I can't blame him for booking, fourteen of them done me in.
I'll enclose a photo from the winter of '09-'10 when twice I had to be dug out, my plow truck could not get through the drifts, I had to snowshoe my way out to get the mail a few times.
You want to see if your heart is okay, put on snowshoes and go up those West Virginia hills.

On Richard, I see there's a Facebook page ••• ••• either by him or for him.
If he has access to the page it'd be a nice way to communicate and give him moral support.
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