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Latest Bulletin

PostSat Jul 07, 2018 12:43 pm

I just received June's Bulletin and of course eagerly read it.
What struck is was on page 7 left hand column last paragraph and "how" it seems so close to the FBI with their trumped up (no pun intended) "Russian investigation".

It amazes me just how corrupt and rotten the government had become, was it always that bad or did it become that way under the magical mulatto's realm?
It started with the New Black Panthers NOT being prosecuted by Holder (another magical mulatto) for intimidating White voters, one can only imagine if it were skinheads threatening black voters with ball bats the outcome.
Using various government alphabet agencies to go after Republican donors, conservative and religious groups, the Clinton Foundation shaking down other governments for donations, Hillary using a non-secure, non-government server (obviously to hide corrupt & illegal activity), the Benghazi folly blamed on some never viewed video (told by Susan Rice another magical mulatto), the Loretta Lynch (yet another magical mulatto) tarmac meeting with Slick Willie ••• sorry, going off the rails here, anyway what that paragraph says kind of happened with the FBI going after the president.

Thanks for the extra bulletins Will, I now have every one since the first - this move was crazy, still trying to find things.

Side note: Can anyone ever remember a former president actively attempting to disrupt, damage and ruin the accomplishments of a sitting president?
It's not diversity, it's displacement.
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Re: Latest Bulletin

PostSun Jul 08, 2018 6:03 pm

PhuBai68 wrote:[i]I just received June's Bulletin and of course eagerly read it.

I as well. Actually I didn't get it 'till yesterday, but read it just now. The image of
WLP on page two was an excellent reminder of how The Founder was a giant among men.
Seeing him at the age of 36 when I was only 20 was an excellent reminder of how
separated in time - but not in ideas - were the two of us. Contrary to certain members
of "The Religious Right" (whom in the name of 'counter-productiveness') that I shall not
name here, hopefully the love of "Jee-zus" will not diminish what WLP set out to do.

My best to Captain Williams, Kevin Strom, and to all working for the cause. Although
all may have their shortcomings, we are Caucasians - and I certainly would not want
on my shoulders - the awesome responsibility they assumed!


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Re: Latest Bulletin

PostTue Jul 10, 2018 2:51 am

The section of the member's handbook was a welcome sight, I hope members and supporters continue to help build our strength to where the handbook can once again be printed and distributed to members.

One thing I look for but hardly ever see is member after action reports (or their summaries) in the Bulletin. I believe seeing this would be encouraging to others to step up their efforts.

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