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Lady Michelle Facing Arrest

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Lady Michelle Facing Arrest

PostWed Jul 04, 2018 10:28 pm

NTS posted...

I want to continue with updates on the "trial" that is going on
right now in Germany, where of course the innocent Alfred Schaefer
is of course facing off with the criminal brainwashed and Jewish
controlled "Judges" in what is supposed to be a "court of law",
but is in fact almost as bad as the Spanish Inquisition....
Says Relocate Jews
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Lady Michele Renouf is attending this "trial" in Munich Germany,
and is well aware of the risks that she has for just being in
attendance... There is indeed a risk that she could be "arrested"
for her own efforts in exposing the Jewish crimes against humanity,
and I must applaud her efforts in getting these emails out... Here
in fact is her latest email concerning the rest of day 1 of that
farcical trial of Alfred Schaefer here: ... fer_4.html

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