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dealing with AT&T•DirecTV

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dealing with AT&T•DirecTV

PostThu May 10, 2018 9:02 am

With this move not only has DirecTV lost a customer but so did their parent AT&T with which we were going to go with since that's what the prior owners of the South Carolina house had.
Trying to get the service turned on down there my wife was told that she needed to do a four call •her, the realtor, the former owners & AT&T/DirecTV• which really set her off since they saw the old account still open.
"Effe'em! They lost my business! We're going with Spectrum!"

So last night she calls DirecTV to get our service here turned off and ask what to do with the box and equipment, her Facebook rant on THAT conversation •••
I thought I was done RANTING but....Had to call Directv back and make sure that the order was cancelled totally and service turned off. So dreading this call, I inadvertently get Laquisha Shaniqua. After verifying it was in fact ME calling I tell her why I am calling and ask where to send back the box and other equipment. Silence. Then...we don't have the address. You have to take the box to either UPS or FEDEX and they will send it back to us no charge. I tell her there is no UPS or FEDEX 'close' to me and that I have no time to do that. The movers are coming tomorrow, blah blah blah. Silence. Then...well we don't know the um we outta options. I say but how do I get service turned off? She says "well we outta options on dis so I am gonna transfer you to that department". Before I could ask you're transferring me to the we outta options dept. she was gone. Then Ramone came on and after I ranted about the ignornace and incompetence of AT&T in general he very nicely told me that they send out a box with a return label and the Directv service will be terminated on Saturday. He does NOT work in the we outta options dept. (I don't believe for a second that this will work anyway but I made the call.)

It turns out we figured out "why" AT&T/DirecTV still has the account open - the former owners never mailed back the satellite box.
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